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James Tailer ~ Doctor remembered for his self-sacrifice in remaining in NY in 1795 and 1798 to help victims of yellow fever.1

John Robinson Tait ~  b. 1834 ~ artist and author, son of a native of Edinburgh, has written much on art subjects.17

Peter Guthrie Tait ~ 1831-1901 ~ He laid the foundation of the kinetic theory of gasses.14

Maria Tallchief ~ of American-Indian and Scotch-Irish heritage, she was a prime soloist with the New York City Ballet.14

John Tate ~ Settled in Savanna, GA 1774. He was 25, a Carpenter and sailed on the Marlborough with wife & 4 children.10

William Tate ~ Died September 3, 1909; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander Taylor ~ b. 1821 ~ Born in Leith, Scotland, he was founder of the firm of Alexander Taylor's Sons (in New York?).17

David Taylor ~ Became a prominent settler in the area which became Columbus, Ohio.14

E. Winthrop Taylor ~ Child Samuel Gale/Anna Taylor.11

Elizabeth Taylor ~ b. 1932 ~ She is of partly Scotch-Irish descent and won Academy Awards as best actress in both Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ~ (1966).14

Florence J. Taylor ~ Child Samuel Gale/Anna Taylor.11

Francis Winthrop Taylor ~ Son of Samuel Gale Taylor. Member of the firm of Aldis & Co., prominent real estate dealers of Chicago. He was a member of the city council for 4 years and acted as Chairman of the commission which tore down the old city hall and erected the new structure. He was chairman of the high-pressure water commission and mill commission and he is now private secretary to Franklin MacVeagh, secretary of the treasury at Washington D.C. He married Miss Winifred Barrett, a daughter of S. E. and Alice (Brush) Barrett, of Chicago.12

George Taylor ~ 1716-81 ~ described as the son of a clergyman and "born in Ireland," was most probably an Ulster Scot. He was a member of the Provincial Assembly of Pennsylvania from 1764 to 1770 and again in 1775. Signer of the Declaration of Independence 17

Sir George Taylor ~ Born in Edinburgh, he was director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in the middle of this century.14

Henry J. Taylor ~ Syndicated columnist in American papers and a winner of the Wallace Award of the American Scottish Foundation.14

James Taylor ~ Date of death not recorded; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Taylor ~ Singer of the Declaration of Independence and Scot.14

James Ridley Taylor ~ 1821-1895 ~ who entered the medical profession after middle life, at the end of a long career passed as a mechanical engineer, and achieved success and fame in his profession, was born in Ayr, Scotland. He probably inherited his mechanical skill from his uncle, John Taylor of Dalswinton, who constructed the steam engine along with Symington.17

John R. Taylor ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Stronsay, Scotland

Margaret Jane Taylor ~ 1830-1896 ~ Wife of Thomas Graham.4

Marian W. Taylor ~ Child Samuel Gale/Anna Taylor.11

Mary A. Taylor ~ Died October 22, 1883; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Mary Taylor ~ Wife of John McEachron. Daughter of Duncan and Mary (Gillis) Taylor. This family changed the name to McCarter and settled in New York City.4

Mary Stuart Taylor ~ Wife of Albert C. French.4

Dr. Richard E. Taylor ~ A Canadian of Scottish ancestry who shared the Nobel Prize for physics in 1990 with Dr. Henry W. Kendall, an American-Scot and one other. They received their awards for their work in confirming the reality of quarks.14

Robert Taylor ~ b. 1847 ~ He immigrated in 1865 at 18 from Hawick in Roxburghshire to Pennsylvania. He made his way to California with his worldly goods in a belt around his waist. After sheering sheep for a living, Robert bought 600 sheep and the following decade headed for Wyoming. He finally settled in 1890 near Grand Island, Nebraska. By 1913, he owned nearly 75,000 acres and had sheep, steers, cows and horses. He also had breeding stock of Aberdeen Angus cows and Shire and Clydesdale horses.1

Samuel Gale Taylor, Jr. ~ 1870- ~ Chain mfr. Born Chicago; son Samuel G. and Marian J. (Winthrop) Taylor; ed Pub. grammar schools, Chicago and Racine, Wis Coll Grammar School; married Anna J. Mead of Chicago 1893; 4 children: E. Winthrop, Florence J., Marian W., and Samuel G. III. Began in his father's chain factory 1888 becoming mem. firm of S. G. Taylor & Son 1891, continuing until 1904 when corp of S. G. Taylor Chain Co. was founded of which has since been pres. and treas.; the factory is located at Hammond Ind. Republican. Episcopalian. Club: Berrien County (Mich) Country. Recreation: Farming. Residence 561 Stratford Pl. Office 315-319 W. Indiana St..11

Samuel Gale Taylor ~ 1829-1901 ~ Father Samuel Gale Taylor, Jr.; He moved to Chicago in 1854 and later became a prominent factor in industrial circles, founding the Chicago Chain Works in 1873. Born Philipsburg, Canada; son of James and Mary (Townsend) Taylor, the former a prominent citizen of his day. On the maternal side, he was descended from an old and distinguished New England family. His grandfather, Mica Townsend having been the first secretary of state of Vermont, a position which he creditably filled for 8 years. Alex Taylor, the paternal grandfather, a native of Scotland, was an early colonial settler in New York. At the outbreak of the Revolution, he was identified as a "V.E. Loyalist, who favored a united government and therefore took up his abode in Philipsburg, Canada. Samuel Wells, the maternal great-grandfather was an early settler in Canada, receiving a grant of land from the king for remaining loyal. In 1854, he crossed the border and settled in Chicago securing employment as bookkeeper for Stiles Burton, merchant. He became a member of the firm of Corbett & Sackett who were engaged in the steel and iron business. In 1859 the name was changed to Hale, Ayre & Co. and he worked there for 12 years, retiring for a few years before the Chicago fire. In 1873, he founded the Chicago Chain Works at 98-100 Indiana Street of which he was head until his demise. Married Marian J. Winthrop, daughter of Rev. Edward and Marian (Penney) Winthrop. She is a direct descendant of John Winthrop of colonial fame who came to America from England in 1630, locating in MA and becoming the first colonial governor of the MA Bay Colony. His son, John Winthrop Jr., was the first governor of CT. Maj. Theodore Winthrop, who was an uncle of Mrs. Taylor, was the first officer to fall in battle during the Civil War. Children: Samuel Gale Taylor, Jr. (now president of the S.G. Taylor Chain Co.), Francis Winthrop (member of the firm of Aldis & Co., prominent real estate dealers of Chicago). Republican. St. James Episcopal church; Clubs: Marquette. He died at Pass Christian, Mississippi.2,11,12

Samuel Gale Taylor III ~ Child Samuel Gale/Anna Taylor.11

Thomas Taylor ~ b. 1820 ~ inventor of electric appliances for exploding powder in mining, blasting, etc. Chief of the division of Microscopy (1871-95), was born in Perth, Scotland.17

William Kerr Taylor ~ Died May 3, 1892; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Baron A. W. Tedder ~ Air Marshal who commanded all of the allied forces in the Middle East in 1941 and played a large part in the Normandy invasion. He was born in Glenguin, Scotland.14

Edward Telfair ~ born in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright in 1735 and died at Savannah in 1807, was Governor of Georgia When the revolutionary troubles commenced he earnestly espoused the side of the colonies, and became known locally as an ardent advocate of liberty. He was regarded as the foremost citizen of his adopted state, and his death was deeply mourned throughout the state.17

Francis Telford ~ 1809-1887 ~ Husband of Ann Dobbin. He was the son of Elizabeth (McAuley) and James Telford and died in Mason City, Iowa.4

John Telford ~ Settled in Virginia 1774 to seek employment. He was 16, a husbandman, and sailed on the Ann.10

Thomas Telford or Telfer ~ 1757_1834 ~ Civil engineer, the 'Colossus of Roads'. The son of a shepherd who went on to become the most eminent British engineer of his day and founder of the Institute of Civil Engineers. He built numerous canals, bridges, harbors, churches and manses. Some of his most notable works are the Caledonian Canal (1803_23), the Dean Bridge in Edinburgh (1832), the Menai Suspension Bridge in North Wales (1825) and the 920 miles of roads and 120 bridges which he built in the northern counties of Scotland as part of a Government-funded scheme. He engineered the construction of the G?a Canal, which allows passage through Sweden from the North Sea to the Baltic. The canal, opened in 1832, links G?eborg with Stockholm and brought important economic activity of Sweden. He also wrote poetry and contributed to Ruddiman's 'Edinburgh Magazine'. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Baptized Westerkirk 9-Aug-1757.14,18

William Teller ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Cornelia Temple ~ Wife of Thomas R. Fleming.11

Hugh Templeton ~ a baker and one of the founders of the Jefferson Park Presbyterian church.6

John M. Templeton ~ He sold his mutual funds in 1992 for $913 million, the largest ever paid for such a business. In 1972 this devout Presbyterian founded the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion with the goal that it would be more valuable than the Nobel Prize. The annual winner receives more than $1 million. Sir John was born in the United States and is based in the Bahamas, but all four of his grandparents came from Scotland.14

Thomas Templeton ~ d.1919 ~ Was prominently connected with the Marshall Field Company and left about a million dollars for denominational and charitable purposes. Member of the Old School Church in Chicago. Lived in Evanston and deceased in 1919.6

Thomson & Templeton ~ bakers, stores and homes, $40,000 on Randolph street; lost in the Chicago fire.

William Templeton ~ b. 1854 ~ Lumber. b. Glasgow, Scotland. Son of William T. and Annie (Newland) Templeton; family came to US in 1866; ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Fanny Cleary of Chicago 1881; five children: Frank, Stuart, William, Fanny and Mary. Began as clerk for Board of Trade firm 1868; in freight dept P.F.W.&C.Ry 1869-74; identified with lumber interests since 1874, first with Thompson Bros. and Lowe and later with Kelley, Lowe & Co., and their successor firm in 1888; also pres. Peshtigo Lumber Co.; sec. Miss. Lumber Co. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Yacht, Westward Ho. Recreation: golf. Residence: 6641 Washington Blvd., Oak Park, IL. Office 1603 Railway Exchange.11

David Tenler ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Charles Tennant ~ 1768-1838 ~ In 1798 this chemist of Ayr helped the Scottish and world textile industry tremendously when he made the first cheap bleach from a chloride of lime.14

Robert Gray Tennant ~ Father William Gray Tenant.11

William Gray Tennant ~ b. 1877 ~ Pres Tennant Motor/Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Glasgow, Scotland; son Robert Gray and Mary M. (Gardner) Tennant; came to US with parents 1885; ed pub. schools, Chicago and Evanston; unmarried. Learned trade of hog, beef and sheeppacking 1893; insurance broker 1899-1904; in sales dept. Winton Motor Carriage Co. 1904-5; Western mgr. Mercedes Import co. 1905-6; V.P. and dir Northern Motor car co. 1906-8; pres. and dir. Tennant Motor Limited, selling the Peerless and Marmon motor cars since 1908; also mem firm of Robert G. Tennant & co. Independent Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile, South Shore Country, Chicago Motor, St. Andrew's soc. Recreations: music, outdoor sports. Residence 6131 Winthrop Av. Office: 2500 Michigan Av.11

William Tennent ~ A graduate of Edinburgh Univ and Ulster Scot (Armagh) arrived in Pennsylvania and was given 50 acres of land. He erected a log school to educate young men for the ministry. Tennent was an exceptional scholar. The school lasted until 1742 but it had a profound effect on the American educational system. Tuition fees came from the graduates. Eminent ministers such as Samuel and John Blair, Samuel Finley, Charles Beatty and John Rowland as well as his four sons all studied at Neshaminy College.1 the college was later moved east becoming first the College of New Jersey and finally Princeton University. Originally a Presbyterian seminary, Princeton was supported by the Church of Scotland. The General Assembly passed a resolution requesting every congregation to make a contribution to the building of the college's famed Nassau Hall. In 1754, 3200 pounds were collected for this purpose in Scotland.14

Benjamin Thackrah ~ Medal of Honor Recipient in the Civil War. Rank and organization: Private, Company H, 115th New York Infantry. Place and date: Near Fort Gates, Fla., 1 April 1864. Entered service at: Johnsonville, N.Y. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 2 May 1890. Citation: Was a volunteer in the surprise and capture of the enemy's picket. Internet

William Thom ~ b. 1834) Born in Aberdeen, he married Elizabeth Mitchell, also of Aberdeen, who had crossed to America on the same ship and They settled in Nobles County, Minnesota. They had 11 children.1

Mary Thomas ~ Married Hiram Kirkpatrick.4

Sarah Jane Thomas ~ Wife of Alexander Hugh Ferguson.11

Alice Florence Thompson ~ 1st Wife Milton W. Kirk.11

Alice Thompson ~ Died May 11, 1899; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Archibald Thompson ~ Died November 2, 1906; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Arthur James Thompson ~ b. 1873 ~ Merchant. Born Chicago; son George and Rebecca (Heath) Thompson; ed. pub. schools of Evanston and a 2 years' business course in the Chicago Manual Training School; married Virginia O'Bannon of Chicago 1893; 1 daughter: Margaret Nancy. On leaving training school engaged for 18 months in raising thoroughbred stock on Shadeland farm, near Lafayette, Ind. as he was always fond of animals and agriculture; came to Chicago and was office boy for Corbin, May & Co., then salesman for Ariel Meinrath; later with Beach, Wells and co., and L. R. Wing & Co., establishing for himself 1897, under the name of Arthur J. Thompson & co., handling carload lots of beans, peas and dried fruit, and in 1909, incorporating as the Arthur J. Thompson co. of which is Pres. Wholesale handlers of dried beans, peas and apples, with branches at St. Louis, Mo, Kansas city, Mo., Rochester, NY and Flint and Charlotte, Michigan., Rochester, NY. Democrat. St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Clubs: Evanston Golf. Wilmette Men's. Recreation: Golf. Residence: Wilmette, Il. Office 316 N. Michigan av.11,2,12

David P. Thompson ~ ninth Governor of Idaho (1874-76), also of Ulster Scot descent, built the first railroad in Oregon, and was twice Mayor of Portland.17

Eliza Thompson ~ Child of Margaret Stott/Joseph A. Married Alexander French in 1850.4

Frank Thompson ~ sixth Vice-President of the Pennsylvania railroad system.17

George Thompson ~ Father Arthur James Thompson.11

Hannah Thompson ~ Wife of Robert Blair, Jr. Native of Ireland.12

Hugh Miller Thompson ~ 1830-1902 ~ second Bishop of Mississippi, was an Ulster Scot, born in Londonderry.17

James Thompson ~ Indentured servant 7 years 1699. Sent to New England in the Virginia. He was 19.10

James Thompson ~ Died May 9, 1897; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Thompson ~ Settled in NY 1774. He was 25, listed as a gentleman, who sailed on the Earl Dunmore.10

James Thompson ~ Died April 16, 1881; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Thompson ~ Died February 2, 1890; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Janet Thompson ~ 1766-1808 ~ Wife of William McClellan. Daughter of James Thompson of Salem, NY.4

Jean Thompson ~ 1833-1858 ~ Wife of James McCleery. She was born in Strauraer, Scotland and died in Victor township, De Kalb Co. IL., and is buried in Oak Mound. She was the daughter of Hugh and Ann (Melvin) Thomson. Ann Melvin was the daughter of James Melvin and Jean Paul. Jean Paul Melvin was a sister of John Paul, better known as John Paul Jones, one of America's great naval heroes in the War of the American Revolution, who was thus Mrs. James McCleery's great uncle.4

John Thompson ~ Indian War Period Awarded Medal of Honor. Rank and organization: Sergeant, Company G, 1st U.S. Cavalry. Place and date: At Chiricahua Mountains, Ariz., 20 October 1869. Entered service at: New York, N.Y. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 14 February 1870. Citation: Bravery in action with Indians. Internet

John Thompson ~ Married Mary Belle McAllister.4

John Edgar Thompson ~ third President of the Pennsylvania railroad system.17

Joseph A. Thompson ~ Immigrated to Somonauk, IL in 1849. He had been a ruling elder in the Putnam Associate Church in Washington Co. and united with the Somonauk church on his arrival. He was elected ruling elder in 1850 and the same year went east where he married Miss Margaret Stott of Argyle, NY. He purchased from the government a piece of prairie land, the southwest quarter of Section 2 in Victor township, surveyed in 1853. There he spent the rest of his life. He is remembered as a quiet, rather stern man, but of a tender heart and a good neighbor. He was unswerving in his convictions of the right. Buried at Oak Mound. (the Thompson and More records were destroyed by fire).

Margaret Nancy Thompson ~ Child Arthur J./Virgin Thompson.11

Marie P. Thompson ~ 1820-1906 ~ Child of Margaret Stott/Joseph A. Died near Viola KS. Married James More b. 1815).4

Mary Thompson ~ 1768- ~ Wife of Robert McClellan b.1766). Daughter of William and Sarah (Rowen) Thompson who were members of Dr. Clark's party which migrated from Ireland in 1764 and settled in Salem, Washington Co. NY.4

Peter Thompson ~ Indian War Period Awarded Medal of Honor. Rank and organization: Private, Company C, 7th U.S. Cavalry. Place and date: At Little Big Horn, Mont., 25 June 1876. Entered service at: Pittsburgh, Pa. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 5 October 1878. Citation: After having voluntarily brought water to the wounded, in which effort he was shot through the head, he made two successful trips for the same purpose, notwithstanding remonstrances of his sergeant. Internet

Robert Means Thompson ~ b. 1849 ~ of Scottish ancestry, he was President of the Orford Copper Company, one of the largest producers of nickel in the world.17

Sarah Thompson ~ Circa 1760's ~ Wife of John McClellan.4

Sarah I. Thompson ~ Died September 16, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Thomas Thompson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 29, a laborer.10

John Thompsone ~ Deported from Scotland in 1685 to work in the plantations of New England. He took part in the uprising against King James II & VII.10

A. M. Thomson ~ Chosen to be on the sub-committee for the design of the Burns Memorial, he gave $100 donation. He lost his Western Coffee and Spice Mills on South Water Street worth $40,000 in the Chicago fire.1

Adam Thomson ~ First physician in America to practice inoculation for the prevention of smallpox.

Agnes Thomson ~ Mother Alex. Dunlop MacGill.11

Charles L. Thomson ~ Manager, Lexington Hotel; b. Ardrossan, Scotland, Oct. 4, 1872; s. James Jardine and Christine M. (Fraser) Thomson; ed. public schools of Toronto, Can., and at Upper Canada College, Toronto, Can. First employment was with the Thomson-Houston Electric Co., Boston, Mass., 1890-1; clerk at Windsor Hotel, Montreal, 1892-4; clerk Brunswick Hotel, New York, 1895-6; after the closing of the Brunswick was with the Hoffman House, 1896-7; clerk at Hotel Hollenbeck, Los Angeles, California, 1897; at breaking out of Spanish-Am. War became first sergeant of the 1st Calif. U. S. Vols., serving 14 months in Philippines; came to Chicago, 1899, and later was room clerk for the Lexington Hotel; became chief clerk in 1904 and was later appointed to his present position of mgr. Republican. Mem. Army and Navy Club and Albany Club of Toronto, Can. Address: Lexington Hotel.20

Charles Thomson ~ Ulster Scot who wrote the Declaration of Independence in his own hand; was secretary of the Congress for all of its 15 years.14

David Thomson ~ appointed the first acting governor of New England and in 1623 became New Hampshire's first settler.14

Donald Thomson ~ Deported from Scotland in 1685 to work in the plantations of New England. He took part in the uprising against King James II and VII. Of Jarbert, aged 15.10

Elihu Thomson ~ Invented electric welding in 1877, an American of Scottish ancestry who was born in Manchester, England. Thomson, S.A., a European company, produces, among many other things, more television sets than any company in the world including those in Japan. Founded by Elihu, an inventor who held more than 700 patents.14

George Thomson ~ George Thomson & Son built the foundation for the Burns Monument.

Sir George P. Thomson ~ 1892-1975 ~ A British physicist of Scottish descent, his father was Joseph J. Thomson, headed the wartime committee which reported to the Allies that it was possible to build the bomb, thus shortening WWII and saving tens of thousands of lives. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1937 for his work on the diffraction of electrons in crystals.14

James Thomson ~ nine houses and furniture, on Wells and Dearborn streets lost in the Chicago fire.

Joseph Thomson ~ 1858-1895 ~ explored unknown territory between Lake Nyasa and Lake Tanganyika in 1879. He was 21. On another trip, he discovered Thomson's Falls, in what is now Kenya.14

Sir Joseph J. Thomson ~ (1856-1940) Received the 1906 Nobel Prize for his investigations on how gasses conduct electricity. Sir Joseph, born in England of Scottish ancestry, discovered electrons and has been called the father of modern physics. He also trained nine Nobel Prize winners, thirty-two fellows of Britain's Royal Society, and 83 professors of physics.14

Kenneth Thomson ~ Son of Roy Thomson (Lord Thomson of Fleet) he presides over an empire that includes oil and gas properties and the Hudson Bay company.14

Peter Thomson ~ an Australian golfer of Scottish descent, he won the British Open five times and was second three times.14

Robert (Bobby) Brown Thomson ~ On October 3, 1951, New York's Bobby Thomson hit a three-run homer off Ralph Branca of the Brooklyn Dodgers with one out in the bottom of the ninth to give the Giants a dramatic 5-4 playoff victory and the National League pennant. Born in Glasgow Scotland. Address (1995) 122 Sunlit Drive, Watchung, NJ 07060. Gordon Crombie (708-455-4993) had autographed picture and further information. He is one of only nine players born in Scotland (doesn't say as of when).14

Robert Thomson ~ 1822-1873 ~ of Scotland, patented the principal of the double tube pneumatic tire in 1845. See Dunlop.14

Roy Thomson ~ (Lord Thomson of Fleet) Born in Toronto, the son of a Scottish barber, he ended up owning some 150 newspapers, more than anyone else in the world. His son, Kenneth now presides over an empire that includes oil and gas properties and the Hudson's Bay company.14

T. Kennard Thomson ~ born in 1864, is prominent as a bridge builder, designer of pneumatic caissons, etc. His father came from Stranraer in 1834.17

Thomas Thomson ~ 1773-1852 ~ He was the first professor of chemistry at Glasgow University and wrote the first systematic book on the subject, using letters to symbolize the elements.14

Virgil Thomson ~ 1896-1989 ~ He was probably America's best-known composer in the twilight of the 20th century and was of Scottish ancestry. He was best known for his opera Four Saints in Three Acts (1934) written to Gertrude Stein's libretto.14

Grant Thorburn ~ 1773-1861 ~ who was born in Dalkeith and left his native country for political reasons in 1794. After trying a number of occupations he finally established himself as a seed merchant in New York, and the business is still carried on under his name. Under the pen name of "Lawrie Todd" he contributed to the Knickerbocker Magazine and other New York periodicals, and supplied John Galt, the novelist, with much of the information incorporated in his "Lawrie Todd; or, Settlers in the New World." Thorburn also published two volumes of reminiscences, "Forty Years' Residence in America," and "Fifty Years' Reminiscences of New York."17

Margaret Thornberg ~ 1831-1888 ~ Wife of David Smith Mercer. born in Beaver Co. PA.4

Matthew Thornton ~ 1714-1803 ~ the distinguished New Hampshire statesman and physician, was brought to this country from the north of Ireland by his father when about three years of age. He accompanied the expedition against Louisburg in 1745, was President of the Provincial Convention in 1775 and Speaker in January, 1776. In September, 1776, he was elected to Congress, and in November following signed the Declaration of Independence, although he had not been one of the framers.17

Evan Tiler ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Eugia Timms ~ Married Authur K. Owens.4

Elizabeth Tinkley ~ 1st Wife of Philip McEachron. Daughter of Henry Tinkley, Jr.4

Alexander Robertus Todd ~ b. 1907 ~ (Baron Todd of Trumpington) He received the 1957 Nobel Prize for chemistry for his work on coenzymes. He also synthesized Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E, and elucidated the structure of Vitamin B12. His work on DNA and RNA cleared the path for later discoveries of the structure of DNA.14

F. Dundas Todd ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Springfield, Fife, Scotland

James Todd Sr. ~ b. 1866 ~ Lawyer/Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Franklin, La; son James and Feliciana H. (Trinble) Todd; A.B. Hanover Coll 1887 (A.M. 1898); LL.B. Chicago Coll of Law 1890. Married Chicago 1894 Helen Mitchell; children: James Jr., Mitchell. Began as Pullman Car conductor 1887-8; later entered law office of Bisbee, Ahrens & Decker, as clerk and student; admitted to Il bar 1890 and with George W. Ross established firm of Ross & Todd which continued 10 years; since then in practice alone. Served 4 years as Asst. State's atty. of Cook Co.; was nominee for atty. gen. of Il. 1900; atty for the Sanitary District of Chicago 1900-5; gen. Counsel United Boxboard Co. since 1907. Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Calumet, University, South Shore Country; also New York Club, Nantucket athletic club. Residence 417 E. 48th St. Chicago. Offices 108 S. LaSalle St., Chicago and 200 5th Av., NY.11

James Todd ~ Father James Todd, Sr.11

Mary Todd ~ Mother of Robert Todd Lincoln.11 See October 1996 History Newsletter, Page 3

Phoebe (Strane) Todd ~ Wife of Andrew Randles.4

Robert Smith Todd - See October 1996 History Newsletter, Page 3

Thomas Todd ~ 1765-1826 ~ Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1807-26). The first Chief Justice of Delaware.17

Frederick Toenniges ~ Husband of Martha Rush Watson. He was a musician of Detroit, Michigan.4

Alexander Tompson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Alester Tooth ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

David Torrance ~ 1840-1906 ~ Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, was born in Edinburgh.17

Donald Torrey ~ Son of George Torrey.1

George Torrey ~ In 1805, just after the US bought Louisiana, four Scots families went from North Carolina to Tennessee and after a year moved into Mississippi. They started farming in Jefferson County in 1806.1

Helen Tough ~ 1816-1907 ~ Mother John Joseph Badenoch. Buried Rosehill (cemetery records) Chicago, IL.11

Patricke Tower ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Mary Tragar ~ Wife of Oliver Walker.4

William Traill ~ another Scot, Moderator of the Presbytery of Laggan, was sent over shortly before Makemie but he confined his work to preaching.17

P. L. Travers ~ 1899-1996 ~ She was born in Australia of Scottish and Irish ancestry as Helen Lyndon Goff and was the creator of Mary Poppins.

William Trent ~ Scottish-American who Dinwiddie sent to build a fort at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongehela and Ohio rivers, now Pittsburgh. The French easily captured the partly-built fort in April of 1754, finished it and named it Fort Duquesne. In May, Washington returned to the area and won a small skirmish with the French. The French and Indian war began15

Allen Trimble ~ 1783-1870 ~ Governor of Ohio (1826-30) was of Ulster Scot descent.17

Allen Trimble ~ 1783-1870 ~ Governor of Ohio (1826-30), was of Ulster Scot descent.17

Feliciana H. Trinble ~ Father James Todd, Sr.11

Emily M. Trotter ~ Wife of William H. Judson. native of NYC and child of George and Jane (Purvis) Trotter, both of whom were born in Scotland and became early residents of Chicago.12

George McIntosh Troup ~ 1780-1856 ~ the "Hercules of State Rights," fourteenth Governor of Georgia (1823-27), was of Scottish descent on both sides. He was one of Georgia's most illustrious Chief Magistrates. A county in the state is named after him.17

Jonathan Trumbull ~ 1769-1784 ~ His family (the Turnbulls) hailed from Philiphaugh near Selkirk. He was governor of Connecticut for 15 years and the descendant of New England settlers who arrived in 1638. George Washington considered him a staunch patriot. His son was also governor of Connecticut.1,14

Donald Trump ~ His mother, Mary MacLeod Trump, was born in Scotland, by 1987 Trump, then only 41 owned huge real estate projects in New York as well as casinos in Atlantic City and had bought the yacht Nabila, its original cost was $100 million from the Sultan of Brunei. He has acquired New York's landmark Plaza Hotel, but as real estate values have plummeted, his worth, once calculated as high as the billions has shrunk considerably (I think this was written before he made his comeback).14

Ann Eliza Tucker ~ 1815-1883 ~ Wife of Thomas White. Died at Somonauk, IL. Daughter of Nathan and Marcy (Clark) Tucker. Buried at Oak Mound.4

Alexander Tullin ~ Died June 28, 1934; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

G. Tulloch ~ Arrived in 1841 in Winnebago Co. IL.6

Alan Mathison Turing ~ A resident of England of Scottish ancestry built the Turing Machine in the 1930's, an early computer. A mathematical genius, he believed that all concrete mathematical calculations could be programmed on his machine, perhaps the most important idea leading to the computer revolution. During WWII he built a decoding machine that has been called the world's first electronic digital computer. He called it the Colossus Mark 1. His work was the subject of the 1987 play Breaking the Code staring Derek Jacobi.14

Frederick Turnbill ~ 1847-1909 ~ He introduced the art of Turkey-red dyeing into this country about 1850 and was born in Glasgow.17

Andrew Turnbull ~ A doctor, naturalist, and graduate of Edinburgh University, Turnbull won official backing for a Florida settlement. By 1766 he and his family were in florida where he selected a spot 75 miles north of St. Augustine on the east coast known as Mosquito Inlet. He set off for Europe to recruit workers and returned with 1500 people from Italy, Greece and Minorca, all escaping from disease, famine and politics. Ten percent died during the three month crossing, and upon arrival found their first task was to clear the snake-infested swampy lowlands alive with insects. Over 300 people died within the first three months and conditions were deplorable. Half of the population was lost within two years. Turnbull named the town New Smyrna. With the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the immigrants fled north. Turnbull retired north also to Charleston, S.C. and became a respected physician and founder of the state's medical society.1

Charles Smith Turnbull ~ b. 1847 ~ oculist and eminent specialist in diseases of the ear, was of Scottish parentage.17

Frederick Turnbull ~ 1847-1909 ~ who introduced the art of Turkey-red dyeing into this country about 1850, was born in Glasgow.17

James S. Turnbull ~ d. 1922 ~ Husband of Philomelia J. Henry. Minister.4

Mardalen W. Turnbull ~ Wife of William S. McClellan.4

Robert Turnbull ~ 1809-77 ~ Minister born at Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, edited the "Christian Review" for many years and was author of several works.17

William Paterson Turnbull ~ 1830-71 ~ ornithologist, author of the "Birds of East Pennsylvania and New Jersey," a model of patient and accurate research, was born at Fala, near Edinburgh.17

James Turner ~ s/o Neil and Janet (Culbertson) Turner b. Pennysaorach, parish of Southend, Scotland 22 Apr. 1833 or 26 Apr. 1834. M. Ann Greenlee in Winnebago Co., IL 6 Apr. 1861. They had nine children.19

Mark Twain ~ 1835-1910 ~ The author of the American masterpieces Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn, he was the great-grandson of Jane Montgomery, who, because of her surname and those of her neighbors on the frontier, Knox, Logan, Hays, Duncan, and so forth is presumed to have been of Scottish ancestry.14

William Tweeddale ~ b. 1823 ~ Born in Ayrshire, he rendered valuable engineering service in the Civil War, and was an authority on the sources and character of water supply.17

Alice 'Allie' Twist ~ came from a Scots family who settled in Wisconsin in the mid-1800's.1

James Tytler ~ 1747-1805 ~ Fled from Edinburgh amid accusations of sedition. He was an eccentric, making contributions to the second and third editions of Encyclopedia Britannica and made a pioneering flight in a gas balloon. Tytler lived out his live in Salem, MA.1


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