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Scott and Linton ~ In 1869, this Dumbarton firm contributed the magnificent record-breaking tea clipper Cutty Sark, perhaps the fastest sailing ship ever to sustain speed over long runs in all types of weather. The Cutty Sark sits proudly today at her berth in Greenwich, England

Alan B.Shepard Jr.,  ~  One of the seven original U.S. astronauts, walked on the moon. He also hit the first golf shot on the moon, a one-handed six iron that traveled over 200 yards.14

Donald Alexander Sage ~ b. 1857 ~ Coal/Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Ingersoll, Can; son William M. (Traffic mgr Rock Island System) and Annie (White) Sage; ed. pub schools, private school, business coll. and acad.; grad Chicago Business Law School; married Agnes Louise, daughter of A. W. Mitchell of Chicago, 1895. Employed by Richard, Shaw & Winslow, wholesale dry goods, 1871; W. W. Sturges, Board of Trade, 1873; C.R.I.&P. Ry. 1874-6; with Board of Trade firms of Pope & David 1876, Charles Ray & Co. 1877, Robert Warren & Co. 1880; broker in cash grain 1880 and mem. grain firm of E. P. Marsh & Co. until 1885; in oil and real estate business in Santa Paula, Ca. 1886-9; cribbed corn in Kan and Neb 1889-91; connected with C. B. Congdon & Co., Board of Trade until 1894; since 1894 in coal business as Pres of Sage & Co. Was Mem. Board of Trade, 1878-1902. Republican. Club: Chicago Yacht. Residence 1424 Pratt Blvd, Rogers Park. Office: 304 Ellsworth Bldg.11

William M. Sage ~ Father Donald Alexander Sage. Traffic Mgr. Rock Island System.11

J. D. Salinger ~ The reclusive author of the adolescent classic The Catcher in the Rye, he was born to a Jewish father and Scottish mother.14

Charles Salisbury ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 30, a Yeoman.10

Robert Salisbury ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Son of Charles, he was 11.10

Thomas Salisbury ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Son of Charles, he was 10.10

A. A. Samson ~ Husband of Mary Boyd McClellan. Reformed Presbyterian minister for 8 years in New Concord, Ohio; five years in Topeka, KS; 7 years in New York City and 2 years in Los Angeles, CA. He died as a result of an automobile accident in L.A.4

George Sandeman ~ Perth born producer of port from Portugal. The first historically accepted shipments of Sandeman were in 1790. The company was sold in 1979, but still run it. The head is also George Sandeman, the 7th generation of the family in the business.14

Robert Sandeman ~ 1718-71 ~ born in Perth, and died in Danbury, Connecticut, was principal founder of the Sandemanians or Glassites.17

George Sanders ~ Died June 20, 1870; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Henry W. Sanders ~ Died June 26, 1896; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Jane Sangster ~ Mother Charles Bruce Walls.11

Mrs. H. Edward Sauer ~ Child Walter S./Della E. Bogle.11

Kate Campbell Saunders ~ Elocutionist, read several poems by Robert Burns at the monument opening.

Lizzie Saunders ~ Wife William M. Johnston.11

Sarah Kathleen Saunders ~ Mother William Allan Cameron.11

William Saunders ~ 1822-1900 ~ born in St. Andrews, planted and laid out several large estates, beautified Fairmount and Hunting Parks in Philadelphia, and the park and garden system of Washington, D.C., the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, etc.17

William Scaife ~ IL Legislator, Grundy Co.6

Walter M. Schirra ~ Jr. One of the original seven U.S. astronauts.14

Winfield Schley ~ Commodore who was partly Scottish and commanded the "flying squadron," which blockaded the entrance to the harbor at Santiago, Cuba, during the Spanish-American War of 1898.14

Margaret Schlifflin ~ Child of William Ferguson. Married to Herman Schlifflin.11

Ronald MacKenzie (Sir) Scobie ~ Maj. Gen. Who became the liberator of Greece in 1944.14

William Scoon ~ b. 1776 ~ born near Dumfries and moved to America in 1812. He found a berth on an American vessel but was captured and pressed into British naval service. After two years service, he escaped concealed in a coil of rope at New York harbor. His wife in Scotland had given him up for dead and remarried. He married Nancy Pratt and settled in Washington County NY and had 10 children.1

Michael Scot ~ 1235 ~ He was a Scottish scholar known as the Wizard for his renown as an astrologer and alchemist. His most important work was done in Toledo, as one of the principal revivers of Greek knowledge in the West. He is best known for his translations of Aristotle from Hebrew and Arabic sources.14

Agnes Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Daughter of James & Margaret, age 4.10

Alfred B. Scott ~ He was the Scott of the wholesale drug firm of Scott and Browne and of Scottish descent.17

Blanche Stuart Scott - See April 1996 History Club Newsletter, page 2

Charles Scott ~ From Virginia, Caledonian, one of Washington's brigadier-generals.1

David R. Scott ~ U. S. Astronaut who walked on the moon.14

Eliza Scott ~ 1817-1903 ~ Wife of David Miller Dobbin. born in Argyle, Washington Co. NY, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hall) Scott. She died near Viola, Kansas.4

Elizabeth Scott ~ Mother David Hogg.11

Ella Scott ~ Wife of Duncan Lendrum McEachron. A superior woman, busy in church, school and social work, made a beautiful home as well.4

George Campbell Scott ~ b. 1927 ~ He has ben called America's most versatile actor and is of Scottish descent. He was awarded the 1970 Academy Award for best actor in Patton but refused it.14

Hugh McDonald Scott ~ Professor at Chicago Congregational Theology Seminary in Union Park, IL. He was killed in a street-car accident (prior to 1919).6

James Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 30, a Yeoman.10

James Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 25, a carpenter.10

Jane H. Scott ~ Wife of Wallace Gilchrist.4

John Edwin Scott ~ Father John William Scott.11

John M. Scott ~ 1824-1898 ~ Lawyer and jurist, born in St. Clair County, IL of Ulster-Scot ancestry. He was County School Commissioner, County Judge, Circuit Judge, Judge of the State Supreme Court. He died in Bloomington, IL. He wrote several papers on the Ulster-Scots and their services in Nation-building.6

John Morin Scott ~ 1730-84 ~ grandson of the second son of Sir John Scott of Ancrum was Brigadier-General of New York State troops at the Battle of Long Island and Member of Congress from 1779 to 1783.17

John Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Son of James & Margaret, age 10.10

John Scott ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John William Scott ~ b. March 24, 1870 ~ Dry goods Merchant. Born Ottawa, IL, son John Edwin and Harriet Emma (Hossack) Scott; ed. Ottawa High School and 1 year 1886-7, in Brown Univ.; married Troy, NY Oct. 3, 1899 Emilie Cluett. In 1889 entered the services of Carson Pirie Scott & Co. (established in Chicago 1864) wholesale, retail dry goods; was admitted to partnership in the firm Jan. 1, 1901. Vice-general chairman Nat. Assn. of Merchants and Travelers. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day (1905), City (1905), Glen View (1905), Skokie (1905) Commercial, University, Onwentsia, City, Saddle and Cycle. Recreation: Golf. Residence in 1905: Lakeside, Ill. Residence in 1911: Hubbard Woods, Il. Office: Adams and Franklin Sts.11

Joseph R. Scott ~ b. 1838 ~ born in Brantford, Canada, he was the youngest colonel in the Union Army. He died at Stone River. He was commander of the 19th Volunteer Infantry that included the Highland Guard from Chicago.

Margaret Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Daughter of James & Margaret, age 2.10

Margaret Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Wife of James, age 35.10

Mary Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Daughter of James and Margaret, age 8.10

Robert F. Scott ~ an Englishman of Scottish descent, rediscovered the South Pole in 1912, only a month after the Norwegian Amundsend's discovery. Compounding this heartbreaking defeat, Scott died, tragically, on the return trip. His ship, the Discovery, now lies in state in Dundee harbor. Although Antarctica has few place names of any kind, Scottish names on maps of the continent abound, from the Ross Sea to the Weddell Sea, bearing testimony to the extraordinary enterprise of Scottish Explorers.14

Robert Kingston Scott ~ 1826-1900 ~ forty-fifth Governor of South Carolina (1868-72), was the grandson or great-grandson of a refugee from Culloden.17

Robert S. Scott ~ Buried Section 103, Rosehill, Chicago, IL. Merchant (Carson, Pirie, Scott).

Thomas Alexander Scott ~ 1824-81 ~ Vice-President and President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Assistant Secretary of War (1861-62), and President of the Texas Pacific Railroad.17

Walter Scott ~ one of the founders of the Campbellites, was born in Moffat, Dumfriesshire.17

Walter Scott ~ managing Director of Butler Brothers in New York City, born in Canada, of Scottish parentage, is widely known as a liberal promoter of education, art, athletics, and patriotism.17

Sir Walter Scott ~ 1771-1832 ~ Great Scottish patriot, writer and poet. Educated at the Old High School in Edinburgh, he then studied Law at the University of Edinburgh and became an advocate. He was the creator of the historical novel. He began his career as a poet and wrote some of the best lines in the English language. His "The Lay of the Last Minstrel" (1805) and "The Lady of the Lake" (1810) to name just two, were enormously successful. Works such as these brought the romance of Scotland to the notice of the literate world and made Scott the most popular poet in Britain. As his fame waned, Scott quit poetry and became instead the best British novelist of the day. Even today, many Europeans consider Byron to have been England's greatest poet, Shakespeare included. Scott was the first British novelist to become a famous public figure and such works as Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, and The Bride of Lammermoor will live forever. In honor of his Waverly novels, devotees in New York successful petitioned the city to name a street Waverly Place. His birth is not recorded in the surviving old parochial registers. Died Melrose 21-Sep-1832 and was buried in the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey.14,18

William Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet. Son of James & Margaret, age 13.10

William Scott ~ Settled in Georgia 1774. He sailed on the Margaret & Mary at 21. He is shown as a Malster.10

William Berryman Scott ~ b. 1858 ~ distinguished geologist and paleontologist of Princeton University.17

William Henry Scott ~ b. 1840, third President of Ohio State University and Professor of Philosophy there, was of Scottish ancestry.17

Winfield Scott ~ 1786-1866 ~ American General whose grandfather settled in Virginia, grandson of a Scot who fought at Culloden. He was educated at William and Mary College, and studied law. In 1808, he was appointed captain of light artillery in General Wilkinson's division, stationed at Baton Rouge, LA; and at the commencement of the War of 1812 he was appointed lieutenant colonel. In 1841 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the US Army. He was largely responsible for securing the Niagara frontier. During the Mexican War, Scott won the battles of Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Jalapa, Perote, Puebla, Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Rey and Chapultepec, and captured Mexico City in Sept. 1847. The same year he was breveted lieutenant general. In 1852 Scott was the unsuccessful candidate of the Whig Party for the Presidency. Too old to fight actively in the Civil War he was Lincoln's chief military adviser.5,6,14,17

Scotts ~ Scotts of Greenock The oldest private shipbuilding firm in the world, founded in 1711.14

John Duns Scotus ~ c. 1265-1308 ~ By far the most important of all clerical Scots who went to Germany and British theologian of the Middle Ages. He is responsible for the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception and died in Cologne, where his monument states: Scotland bore me, England received me, Cologne holds me.14

J. D. Scouller ~ Native of Ayrshire and superintendent of the Reform School for boys at Pontiac, and founded the School for Boys in St. Charles.6

E. W. Scripps ~ The Scripps-Howard chain of American newspapers was first published by this man, memorialized in the Scottish-American Hall of Fame.14

William Winston Seaton ~ 1785-1866 ~ journalist of Washington, D.C., a Regent of the Smithsonian Institution.17

William Secular ~ 1814-72 ~ born in Kilbarchan, Editor of the Lowell "Courier" (1841-47), published the "History of Massachusetts in the Civil War" (1868-71).17

Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton ~ 1774-1821, was founder of the Roman Catholic Order of Sisters of Charity (1809), of which she was the first Mother Superior.17

Amelia Dean Seely ~ d. 1846 ~ Wife of George D. Graham.4

George Seiruin ~ Sailed on the Succes of Glasgow in April 1712. Listed as a youth for education.10

Alexander Selkirk ~ 1676-1721 ~ Seaman and Castaway. Born in the fishing village of Lower Largo in Fife. Selkirk was the model for Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" (published 1719), having lived for more than four years on the uninhabited island of Juan Fernandez.,14,18

George Alan Sellar ~ b. 1877 ~ Sec. & Mgr. Benjamin Sellar Mfg Co. Born aberdeen, Scotland; son George and Annie (Fraser) Sellar; ed. ub schools, Lewis Inst., and YMCA night school, Chicago; Married Minnie Louise carr of Bowmanville Ont. 1903. Began with C. B.&q.R.R. 1 year; with Aeromotor Co. 8 years, Am. Spiral Pipe Works 4 years and Mark Mfg. co. 4 years; V.P. and Mgr. Federal Steel Fixture Co. 1905-10; organized the Benjamin Sellar Mfg. Co. (tools and hardware specialties), of which is now sec. and mgr. republican. Baptist. Mem. board of Mgrs. West Side YMCA. Mem. Royal League. Recreations: golf, tennis, fishing. Residence: 3760 W. Harding Av. Office: 557 W. Quincy St.11

Tom Selleck ~ b. 1945 ~ Actor of Scottish ancestry.14

Water Morrison Sempill ~ druggist; b. Kinnesswood, Kinross-shire, Scotland, apr. 21, 1851; s. Hagart Sampill (surgeon) and Mary Morrison Sempill; ed. public schools in Scotland; m. 1886, Kate, eldest daughter of Dr. burgess; children: May L., Grace D., George B. On leaving school served an apprenticeship to William M. Dale, druggist, 1864-8; then took charge of Dr. Clarkson Cuthbert's drug store, Edinburgh; while there attended evening classes; offered a position in the laboratory of the Canadian Copper Pyrites Company near Montreal, but owing to complications in the management was soon, with others, thrown out of employment; worked for Evans, Mercer & co., wholesale druggists, Montreal, 9 months; came to Chicago, and in 1873, again entered employ of William M. Dale, who had established a drug store in this city; upon the death of Mr. Dale succeeded to the business, and later organized the Dale & Sempill Drug co., of which is sec. Mem. Chicago Retail Druggists' Assn., Am. Pharmaceutical Assn. Mason; Park Lodge. Office: 44 Madison St. Residence: 5822 Prairie Av.20

John (Jock) Duncan Semple ~ b. 1903 ~ A Glasgow athlete who began his career with the Clydesdale Harriers before immigrating to MA. in 1927 Was the moving force and "guardian" behind the Boston Marathon.1,14

William Semple ~ The Scots College in Madrid was founded in 1627 by him and in 1771 moved to Valladolid, where it still exists. In the past two centuries it has educated 300 priests for Scotland.14

Robert W. Service ~ Canadian-Alaskan "bard of the Yukon" and creator of Dangerous Dan McGrew, Sam McGee and the lady known as Lou. He was born in England of Scottish parents and educated in Glasgow. He is probably the most widely-rad poet of the 20th century, his works selling in the millions.14

Daniell Sessor ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Robert Seton ~ b. 1839 ~ a descendent of the Setons of Winton, was created Archbishop of Heliopolis in 1903.17

Ernest Evan Seton-Thompson ~ b. 1860 ~ artist, author, and naturalist, is of Scottish descent.17

Whitaker Shadforth ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 21, a watchmaker.10

James Shankland ~ Child of Jannet/John Shankland. a clergyman. Preached his trial sermon in the South Argyle church in about 1840.4

Jannet Shankland ~ 1783-1863 ~ Wife of John Shankland.4

John Shankland ~ 1774-1821 ~ Brother of James from Sangour, Scotland. Was dismissed from the congregation at Somonauk, IL in 1846. Died at South Argyle, NY; Married Jannet _____. Children: Elizabeth Shankland (d. 1852) and Moses Shankland.4

John Shankland ~ Child of Jannet/John Shankland. A physician. Charter member of the Somonauk United Presbyterian Church. The church records give his wife's name as Mrs. M. E. Shankland. They had three children, Nettie Shankland, Alice Shankland and Perry Shankland. He left Sandwich IL for Battle Creek, MI about 1860.4

M.E. Shankland ~ Wife of John Shankland.4

Margaret Shankland ~ Child of Jannet/John Shankland. Married Peter Mott of Albany, NY.4

Isabella Sharkey ~ Died May 6, 1901; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

John Sharp ~ b. 1820 ~ Clackmannanshire-born immigrant in 1848 who reached Salt Lake City taking the job as superintendent at the quarry where the massive granite blocks for the Mormon Temple were being excavated and cut. John eventually became a bishop in the church.1

Margaret Sharrar ~ Wife of Robert Stuart.11

Collin Shaw ~ Bladen Co., NC was a military chaplain with the Confederate Army and his exploits gained him the nickname of 'the Fighting Parson'. Shaw organized a 'home guard of old men and boys' to protect lives and property in the South River district from Sherman's marauders. Despite being injured, Shaw put the Yankees to flight. He subsequently led a raid in the vicinity of Burgaw NC where he cut communications on the Atlantic Coast Railroad in the rear of General Terry's Army. A 'dead or alive' order was issued against the minister but the Reverend escaped into the woods. When they forced his family out to torch the home, their 14 year old daughter refused to leave until she could play a song on the piano. She played "Dixie" and refused to leave until she was finished, finally being rescued from the flames through a window.1

Arch Wilkinson Shaw ~ b. Aug. 4, 1876 in Jackson, Mich. Information found in The National Encyclopedia in Wheaton Library. See personal files under Shaw.

George Bernard Shaw ~ 1856-1950 ~ He was an Irishman of Scottish ancestry, descended from a Scottish soldier who fought in the Battle of the Boyne and founded the Shaws of Ireland. He is said to have joined the clan MacPherson Association.14

Howard Van Doren Shaw ~ b. 5/7/1869. Architect. Father was Scottish. Mother was from Holland. See personal files, Notable Men. See October 1996 History Club Newsletter, page 3

Lachlan H. Shaw ~ Died March 1, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Robert Shaw ~ b. 1859 ~ Born in Delaware of Scottish parentage, he has made a reputation by his etchings of famous historical buildings. His etching, the "Old Barley Mill" ranks as one of the best etchings made in this country.17

Samuel Shaw ~ b. Oct. 2, 1754 died May 30, 1794. Revolutionary officer. See personal files of Notable men.

William Shaw ~ Died September 23, 1902; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William S. Shaw ~ Died August 19, 1894; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Moira Shearer ~ b. 1926 ~ Born in Dunfermline, she was the ballerina who played the lead in The Red Shoes, a film that has not lost its popularity since it was made in 1948.14

Lolita Sheldon ~ Wife Jonathan Ogden Armour.11

John Shenne ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Elizabeth Shepherd ~ d.1917 ~ 2nd Wife William Turner Moffett. Buried at Oak Mound.4

John Sheriff ~ Involved in lumber market when Chicago's lumber market was king.

John Sheriffs ~ Charter Member of the Illinois Saint Andrews Society.

Ezra L. Sherman ~ Father Grace Sherman. Prominent pioneer of 1835.11,12

William Tecumseh Sherman ~ Second most important General in the Union Army. He was of Scottish descent on his mother's side. Sherman is remembered for marching 60,000 men from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia, in 1864, leaving desolation in his wake. He is also famous as the man who said "War is Hell". Sherman became commanding general of the army in 1896.14

Grace Sherman ~ Wife Clarence L. Cross m. 1880. Daughter of Ezra L. Sherman of Chicago.11

Ansell Sherron ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

James Shields ~ first territorial Governor of Oregon (1848), was born in Dungannon, County Tyrone, of Ulster Scot parentage.17

Lucy Shipman ~ Wife William Ralph McClellan.4

Patrick Shireff ~ 1833 "The same year a prominent Scotch farmer, Patrick Shireff, saw the business potential of the frontier village, 'This is already a place of considerable trade,' he wrote, "and when connected with the navigable point of the river Illinois, by a canal or railway, cannot fail of rising to importance. Almost every person I met regarded Chicago as the germ of an immense city, and speculators have already bought up, at high prices all the building-ground in the neighborhood." Chicago, Growth of a Metropolis by Harold M. Mayer and Richard C. Wade. p. 14 ~ personal library.

Hugh Shirlaw ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Tarbolton, Scotland. Chosen to be on a committee on design of the Burns Memorial.

Walter Shirlaw ~ 1838-1911 ~ (Ref. #17 has his death as 1909) Paisley-born (Meldrum, Aberdeenshire), first president of the Society of American Artists is remembered as the first American artist to successfully paint a nude. His easel pictures "are marked by rich color and fine composition,. His water-colors and etchings have brought him high reputation in these forms of expression." In the late 1800's, he completed a series of drawings of the route for the Northern Pacific Railroad. He was a friend of John Muir and his best paintings are probably of the giant redwood trees. He died in Madrid, Spain.1,17

Walter Shirlaw ~ born in Paisley, Scotland, in 1838, died in Madrid, Spain, in 1909, was the first President of the Society of American Artists. His easel pictures "are marked by rich color and fine composition, and he is one of the few American artists who have successfully painted the nude. His water-colors and etchings have brought him high reputation in these forms of expression."17

James Shone ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

William Shorey ~ A Scottish immigrant who married Ghi-goo-ie, a Cherokee woman. Their daughter, Annie Shorey, married John McDonald of Inverness. Their daughter, Mollie McDonald, married Daniel Ross of Sutherland whose son was John S=Ross (1790-1866) Seven-eights Scottish, with blue eyes and blond hair (John Ross (Kooweskoowe) was the greatest Cherokee chief. He ruled for 38 years during which time they became the first Indians to receive formal education and the first to develop their own alphabet. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Ross a monument to his memory was erected at ?______(Line missing?) Almanac reported a definite tribal descent for 14 famous Americans. Eleven were Cherokees. And in 1994, the New York times reported that Bill Clinton had inherited Cherokee blood from his mother.14

James Short ~ 1710-1768 ~ The most celebrated telescope maker of the 18th century was this Scottish carpenter's son. Working in Edinburgh, he became the first person to accurately determine the difference in longitude between Greenwich and Paris, and was also the first person to deduce the solar parallax.14

Nettie Shuler ~ Scot and Suffragette.1

Dan Shuron ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Catherine Sibley ~ Wife of Robert Patten (b. 1820). Daughter of John and Lovica (Clinch) Sibley.4

Lydia (Huntley) Sigourney ~ 1791-1865 ~ poet and miscellaneous writer, was partly of Scots descent.17

Alastar Sim ~ 1900-1976 ~ Edinburgh-born actor. Particularly remembered for his comedy roles. He became perhaps the greatest Christmas Carol Scrooge. Born in Edinburgh, he is best remembered for his comedy in The Lavender Hill Mob, The Green Man and The Bells of St. Trinian's. He was also successful as a Shakespearean actor.14,18

Alexander Sim ~ 1857-1912 ~ He was born in Elgin, Scotland and came to the United States in 1887. His trade was that of a machinist. He became a member of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society on April 8, 1909 and was very active in the organization. He was an expert player of the bagpipes and was the official piper at their annual banquets. "Mr. Sim was a genuine type of the rugged, plain, honest, manly Scottish character, so admired by all the people, one whom it was a pleasure to meet, one whose friendship was as a band of steel, a man generous to a fault, and a friend to all who knew him. Thinking of him it may fittingly be said, 'To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'."

Robert Hepburn Sim ~ b. 1895 ~ in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In 1912, he joined the Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders and served in France 1914-1917. He was wounded at the Battle of Ypres and while recuperating he met Henry Forysthe, the King's piper. After the war he was invited to replace Henry Forysthe, but was unable to do so because of the depression. He came to the United States in 1920, settled in Chicago in 1921 and formed the British Legion Band which later became the Chicago Stockyards Kiltie Band. He was a great teacher of the pipes and there are several of his students in the Chicago area today. Will Norman was one of his students. He and his wife Margaret had no children. The Band was their family, and their home was always open to friends. Mr. Sim was a baker by trade in Scotland, but worked for Quaker Oats Company in the United States. Mr. Sim was a piper of great renown in the Chicago area. For 40 years he was the official piper at the Anniversary Dinner of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society. Mr. Sim died in 1968; his burial place is unknown.

Andrew Simpson ~ 1845-1908. ~ His parents were Robert and Rose Ann Simpson, natives of Edinburgh, and they immigrated to a farm five miles southwest of Waukegan where he was born. He worked on the farm as a child and took over the duties upon his father's death. In 1871 he leased the property and moved to Evanston, where he embarked in the meat business. Due to ill health, he then set up a successful real estate and insurance business. Married 1883 Virginia West, a daughter of William A. and Catherine Ann (McCleary) West. Republican. Mason (K.T., IOOF. First Methodist Episcopal Church.2,12

David Simpson ~ Jr. Rev/son of David emigrated Scot.10.

David Simpson ~ d. 1695 ~ Rev/immigrated to NJ

Elizabeth Simpson ~ Wife of Jacob McEachron Daughter of Alexander Simpson, Sr.4

James Simpson ~ b. 1874 ~ V.P. Marshall Field & Co. Born Glasgow, Scotland; son of William and Isabella (Brechin) Simpson; parents came to U.S. in 1880, settling at Chicago; ed. pub schools and business coll., Chicago; married Jessie McLaren (John McLaren's daughter) of Chicago 1903; 2 sons: James, Jr., John McLaren. Began business career with Marshall Field & Co. as clerk in cashier's office, 1891, becoming confidential clerk in Mr. Field's office in 1892, later serving in various other responsible capacities until the death of Mr. Field in 1906, when became 2d V.P. and Asst to the Pres. Dir. Rush Med. Coll.; treas. Chicago Fresh air Hosp.;Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, Onwentsia, Sadddle and Cyucle, Chiago Golf, Westward Ho Golf. Recreations: golf, tennis, outdoor diversions. Residence: 846 Buena Av. Office: Adams St. and 5th Av.11

James Young Simpson ~ 1811-1870 ~ Obstetrician, and son of a baker. Pioneer in the use of anaesthetics, particularly chloroform, developing its use in surgery and midwifery at the University of Edinburgh. He championed its use against medical and religious opposition. Queen Victoria used chloroform during child-birth, and this brought general acceptance. Also pioneered obstetric techniques and responsible for much reform of hospital practice. He was given a public funeral in Edinburgh and his bust was placed in Westminster Abbey. Baptized Bathgate 30-Jun-1811. Marriage to Janet Brindlay at St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh 26-Dec-1839. Died St. Andrew, Edinburgh, 6-May-1870.,14,18

Jerry 'Sockless' Simpson ~ Immigrant to Kansas, he was one of the most interesting and outrageous political figures in the late 1800's. Coming from Canada as a child, he gained his nickname when he was elected to congress in 1890. He accused his opponent of being filthy rich, his legs encased in 'fine silk hoisery' and showed his bare legs. Well-wishers sent him over 300 pairs of socks and he won the election. One sedate Washington hostess asked 'Mr. Simpson, would you mind showing me whether you really wear hosiery or not?' Simpson responded: ' Not in the least, madam, providing you will reciprocate.' He had been a skipper on the Great Lakes where he developed his physical and intellectual skills. Moving to Kansas in the early 1880's to take up ranching, he saw his daughter killed in a saw mill accident. By 1890 he was earning $40 a month as Medicine Lodge City Marshall, bringing in a few extra dollars by digging sewers. He led the farmers revolt against the money men back east after a series of disastrous droughts. By 1889, Kansas farmers found it more economical to burn corn as fuel rather than ship it. Thus Simpson's Kansas People's Party was born, set to 'raise less corn and more Hell!' Simpson became a Washington celebrity and one of the prominent wheelmen (Bicycler) of Pennsylvania Avenue. A non-conformist, he liked to act the hick and could be found whittling in the corridors of congress, and was often seen in congress in a yellow-striped suit. When the People's Party faded from prominence, he went back to farming.1

Jessie Simpson ~ Child John/Harriet McLaren. Married to James Simpson.11

Mildred Eaton Simpson ~ Wife of William Howard Patton.4

Peter Simpson ~ s/o Robert Simpson and Mrs. Mary (Knox) Laurie, was b. in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1812, d. suddenly 1 Dec. 1864; m. (1) in Scotland, Henrietta Currie; m. (2) 26 Feb. 1852 in Winnebago Co., IL Rebecca Drake. Peter Simpson studied medicine and practiced in Edinburgh. In 1833, he went to Yarmouth, Ontario, Canada. In 1839 he came to Winnebago Co., and settled in Rockford Twp. Where he was a successful farmer. He was a supporter of the Union cause in the Civil War and enlisted in Co. C. 15 Ill. Inf. Children by first wife: Children: Mary Ann, Mary Ann (2nd) Mary Jane, William and 2 others d. bef. 1850. Mary Ann d. 23 July 1845, Robert and Susan. Children by 2nd Wife, Charles K. and Clara C.19

Robert Simpson ~ s/o Peter Simpson and Henrietta Currie, b. 15 or 16 Mar. 1836 at Yarmouth, Canada, d. 1909. M. (1) 17 Apr. 1867 Eliza Davis; m. 2nd 26 Nov. 1873 Catherine Spottswood. He served in Co. C. 74th Ill. Inf. and was with Sherman on his March to the Sea.19

Robert Simpson ~ b. 1785 in Scotland, d. 28 July 1854 in Winnebago Co., IL. M. in Scotland Mrs. Mary (Knox) Laurie. Robert Simpson came to Yarmouth, Ontario, Canada in 1833 and to Rockford Twp. IL in 1839. He bought land in S6 and S18 in New Milford, IL. Children: Peter.19

Thomas Simpson ~ 1808-1840 ~ explorer born in Dingwall, made accurate maps of the Arctic and discovered the water route of the Northwest Passage in 1839. 15

William T. Simpson ~ Died April 6, 1883; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Sims ~ Lost saloon, Dearborn street in the Chicago fire.

William S. Sims ~ Admiral who improved naval gunnery, ship design and fleet tactics to the point that it is said he influenced the navy "more than any other man who ever wore the uniform." Sims was commander of U. S. Naval forces operating in European waters in World War I and was descended from John Simm, who came from Scotland to Pennsylvania in 1793.14

Alester Simson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Dan Simson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Daniell Simson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

David Simson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Sander Simson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Andrew Sinclair ~ 1555-1625 ~ Danish ambassador to what King James VI and I was calling Great Britain.14

Angus Sinclair ~ 1841-1919 ~ Born in Forfarshire, he was an engineer and author of several textbooks on engineering, and editor of the "Railway and Locomotive Engineering."17

Archibald Sinclair ~ Died February 2, 1877; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Clive Sinclair ~ An Englishman of Scottish descent, he produced the pocket calculator.14

Eliza Hutchinson Sinclair ~ 1803-1895 ~ a native of Scotland, she bought the island of Niihau in Hawaii. It is still privately owned by her descendants and is called the forbidden island. There are no telephones and only island-born people are permitted to live there. Those who marry non-Hawaiians are banished. The 200 residents still speak the Hawaiian language and practice native customs along with Christianity. Mrs. Sinclair's descendants are treated like gods.14

Gordon Sinclair ~ The late Sinclair was a Canadian television personality noted in particularly for his advocacy of harmonious relations between the U.S. and Canada.14

Henry Sinclair ~ b. c.1345- d. c.1400 ~ sea lord who commanded an expedition that reached North America almost a century before the first voyage of Columbus. He was earl of Orkney and the premier noble of Norway.14

Sir Hugh Sinclair ~ Admiral who served as chief of the famous MI-6 in Britain during WWII.14

John Sinclair ~ Mayor of Sacramento.14

John F. Sinclair ~ and James Bruce left in Aug 1882 to head south from Manitoba across the trackless prairie and the unguarded 49th parallel to the town of Bottineau ND.1

John Sutherland Sinclair ~ b. 1858 ~ Immigrated in 1875 at 17, inherited the title of Seventh Earl of Caithness in 1891. He had by then enormous acreage in North Dakota and ran a successful dairy. Few of his neighbors knew he had a castle and a seat in the House of Lords. He preferred to live near the source of his fortune and retired incognito to Los Angeles.1

NFN Sinclair ~ POW sent to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

Walker Sinclair ~ Died December 20, 1875; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Salamon Sinclare ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Alexander Sinkler ~ Indentured Servant 4 yrs 1698. He was from Aberdeen and sent to Mr. Browne in Virginia.10

Rose Sinty ~ Wife of Thomas Henry.4

George Sivewright ~ Born in Scotland. Came to U.S. in 1923. Worked for a short time at Marshall Fields. Died 11 months after arriving in U.S. Left wife and 6 children. Is buried in the ISAS "new" grounds of Rosehill. Father of Betty Priest a resident of Scottish Home in 1995.

Joseph Sivewright ~ Son of George Sivewright. Born in Glasgow. Came to U.S. in 1923 and attended Northwestern University. Started as a bellboy at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago. After 35 years was a senior vice president. Died in Naples, Florida. Buried in Naples Memorial Gardens Cemetery. See files for more information. Brother to Betty Priest.

Alexander Skene ~ He had previously held office in Barbadoes, he settled in North Carolina about 1696. In 1717 he was Member of Council and Assistant to the Judge of Admiralty to try a number of pirates. In 1719 he was elected Member of the New House of Assembly and became leader of the movement for the Proprietary Government. He was "looked upon as a man that understood public affairs very well."17

Alexander Johnson Chalmers Skene ~ 1837-1900 ~ Born in Aberdeen, he is probably America's most famous gynecologist. Skene was a founder of the American Gynecological Society and its president from 1886 to 1887.14

Sir Hans Sloane ~ 1660-1753 ~ The British Museum was founded with the government's 1753 purchase of the collection of this man who was born in the north of Ireland of Scottish parents.14

John Skene ~ Governor of New Jersey in 1685 and 1688-1690.14

Charles Skinner ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1774. He was 28, a husbandman and sailed on the Industry.10

Mary Ann Skinner ~ 1826-1907 ~ Wife of James W. French. She was the daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Skinner.4 -

Mary Slessor ~ 1848-1915 ~ Former Dundee mill girl famous for her work in the West African territory of Calabar (what is now known as Nigeria). Sent there on behalf of the United Presbyterian Church in 1876, she concentrated less on the conversion of natives to Christianity, and more on improving living conditions and education as well as stamping out the more extreme tribal practices, such as human sacrifice. She was called the "great Mother" by the Nigerians.13,18

John & William Sloane ~ Brothers who started New York's best furniture store. Their family emigrated from Edinburgh in 1834.14

Samuel Sloan ~ 1817-1907 ~ President of the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad (1867-99), was born in Lisburn of Ulster Scot ancestry.17

William Milligan Sloan ~ b. 1850 ~ author, educator, and Professor of History in Columbia University, is descended from William Sloane, a native of Ayr, who settled here in the beginning of the nineteenth century.17

William Sloane ~ d. 1879 ~ came to the United States in 1834 and established the great carpet firm of William Sloane and Sons. The development of the tobacco industry which so enriched Glasgow in the middle of the eighteenth century, drew large numbers of Scots to Virginia as merchants and manufacturers, and, says Slaughter, "it is worthy of note that Scotch families such as the Dunlops, Tennants, Magills, Camerons, etc., are to this day (1879) leaders of the tobacco trade of Petersburg, which has grown so great as to swallow up her sisters, Blandford and Pocahontas, which were merged in one corporation in 1784."17

James Small ~ In 1780, he gave farmers the first scientific plow, the improved swing plow by inventing the curved cash-iron mould board.14

William Small ~ Professor of Mathematics at William and Mary College who was professor to Thomas Jefferson.1 Jefferson said he "probably fixed the destinies of my life".14

William Smellie ~ 1740-1795 ~ Printer. Published the first edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica" (1768). This the world's greatest reference source, still displays its thistle emblem. He also published the Edinburgh edition of Robert Burns' Poems (1787). He also prepared the ground for the publication of the first Statistical Account of Scotland.14,18

William Smellie ~ 1697-1753 ~ He was born in Lanark and was known as the master of British midwifery. Smellie ended the female monopoly and brought physicians into the practice. He also invented the "long" obstetric forceps.14

John Smibert ~ c. 1684-1751 ~ born in Edinburgh, came to America in 1728 and settled in Boston, where he met success as a portrait painter. He was the first painter of merit in the colonies, and painted portraits of many of the eminent magistrates and divines of New England and New York between 1725 and 1751, the year of his death. His work had much influence on the American artist, John Singleton Copley.17

Albert Keith Smiley ~ 1828-1912 ~ educator and reformer, was born in Maine of Scottish ancestry.17

Elizabeth Smiley ~ 1826-1852 ~ Wife of James B. Harper. Daughter of James and Mary (Brown) Smiley. She was born in Lyon's Wayne Co., NY. Children: Margaret A. (b. 1865), Mary J. (b. 1864), Robert (b. 1862), William (b. 1857), Harper, Alice E. (b. 1855), Charles (b. 1867), James H. (b. 1854).4

Ruth Smiley ~ 1791-1879 ~ Married Jesse Kirkpatrick Born in Perry Co. PA, died in Waterman, IL. Their children were born in Pennsylvania.4

A. B. Smillie ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Shotts, Scotland

George Henry Smillie ~ b. 1840 ~ Brother of James David Smillie and son of James, he also was distinguished as a landscape painter. He made a sketching tour of the Rocky Mountains and the Yosemite Valley in 1871 and became a National Academican in 1882.17

James David Smillie ~ 1833-1909 ~ son of James Smillie, the Scottish engraver, during the Civil War made designs for government bonds and greenbacks. In 1864 he took up landscape painting and was one of the founders of the American Water Color Society (1867) and National Academican in 1876.17

James Smillie ~ 1807-85 ~ born in Edinburgh and died in New York, he was celebrated as an engraver of bank notes and an engraver of landscapes. Among his best works are cole's series "The Voyage of Life," and Bierstadt's "Rocky Mountains."17

Thomas Smillie ~ Father William Smillie.11 He produced good work.17

William Smillie ~ b. June 22, 1840 ~ State Grain Insp./Illinois St. Andrew Society Member 1910. Born Kilmarnock, Scotland; son Thomas and Sarah (Govan) Smillie; ed. Schools of Scotland; came to US 1860; married Chicago 1861, Elizabeth Oliver. Engaged in grain elevator business in Chicago in 1860 and since continuously identified with the grain business in Chicago; appointed 1882 supervising inspector of the State Grain Dept of Illinois. Republican. Residence in 1905: 713 Maple Boul. Oak Park, Ill. Residence in 1911: 3148 Warren Av. Office in 1905: 218 LaSalle St. Office in 1911: 206 S. LaSalle St.11,20

William Main Smillie ~ 1835-88 ~ son of James Smillie, Scottish engraver.17

Patricke Smison ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Adam Smith ~ Scottish philosopher urged Britain to release her American colonies, saying that Britain deserved "nothing but loss" from its restrictions against American businessmen".14

Alexander Smith ~ Date of death October 19, 1873; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander Smith ~ b. Sept. 11, 1865 ~ chemist/author//Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; son Alexander W. and Isabella (Carter) Smith; B.S, Univ of Edinburgh, 1886, Ph.D., Univ of Munich, 1889; married Sara Bowles Ludden of Memphis, Tenn Feb. 16, 1905. Asst in chemistry, Univ of Edinburgh 1889-90; prof chemistry and mineralogy, Wabash Coll. 1890-4; asst. prof. Chemistry 1894-8, assoc. prof. 1898-1903, prof and dir of gen and physical chemistry since 1903, dean Jr. Colls since 1900, Univ of Chicago. Club: University (1905), Quadrangle. Author of a number of books. For titles see Who's Who in America. Address: Univ of Chicago.11,20

Alexander W. Smith ~ Father Alexander Smith, the chemist.11

Alice Smith ~ Lived in Byron, IL; m. Thomas Ferguson.19

Anges Lammie Smith ~ In 1935, two ladies living at the Scottish Home in North Riverside, IL, developed a very close friendship. Agnes Lammie Smith was born in Curnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, October 24, 1853. Elizabeth Edwards was born in Kelso, Roxburgh, October 24, 1850. One day they spoke to Mr. John F. Holmes, who was serving as the Chairman of the cemetery grounds at Rosehill. They asked to be buried in the Society' plot, side by side, in recognition of their long friendship. Both ladies died on the same day, July 9, 1935 from influenza. A double funeral service was conducted by Abram & Sons. They were buried side by side. Today, more than 200 men, women, and children are buried in the two plots.

Barbara Smith ~ w/o Charles Greenlee who d. 21 June 1862. No children.19

Byron Laflin Smith ~ Banker Pres. Northern Trust Co. Born Saugerties, NY; son Solomon Albert and Maria (Laflin) Smith; ed. Univ of Chicago 1874; married Carrie Cornelia Stone of Chicago 1876. Began in banking business in Chicago 1871; pres. Northern Trust Co. since 1889; lst V.P. Chicago Telephone Co.; dir. A.T.&S.F. Ry co., C.&N.W. Ry Co., C.,St.P.,M.&O.R.R., South Side Elevated Ry Co. Assoc Mem. Chicago Real Estate Board; mem. Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Stock Exchange, Independent Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Commercial, University, Chicago Athletic, Bankers', Caxton, Quadrangle, Onwentsia, Chicago Golf, Mid-Day, Saddle and Cycle, Glen View Country, Homewood Country; also Metropolitan (NY). summer residence: Lake Forest IL.11

Calvin Stevens Smith ~ Dec. 21, 1852-1909 ~ Life Insurance; Descendants came from Scotland in the 1830's. Grandfather came west on the Erie Canal and drove an ox team from Detroit to Armada, Mi. Son of Martin M. and Anne (Stevens) Smith, Mrs. Smith was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Her father came to America in the latter part of the 1830's with his family and established his home in Connecticut. He was a successful merchant, financier and wholesale coal dealer. Martin Smith, his father, was a skilled mechanic and was the inventor of the coil spring now used in railroad coaches. He was also one of the first men to enlist in the Union Army at the time of the Civil War. Until he was 11, he attended public school in Chicopee, MA and about a year later entered the Wesleyan Academy at Wilbraham, MA where he remained one term. The death of his parents threw him upon his own resources and he left school to work as an errand boy As the eldest of four boys, he started at 13 to make his own way in the world unaided; worked at various vocations. Married Kalamazoo, Mich., Nov. 24, 1874, Ida A. Allen, daughter of John Baker and Catherine (Murray) Allen. In 1880 engaged in life insurance business and in 1883 became general agent for the Penn Mutal Life Insurance Co., of Philadelphia. He was involved in insurance and real estate, especially on the South Side, but finding he could not adequately handle the two businesses, he gave the real estate company to his brother L. M. Smith. He retired from active business in 1902, but still retaines his interest in the agency. Republican. Anti-fiddler Presbyterian. He adhered to the Reformed Episcopal Church. Clubs: Union League, Washington Park and Chicago Athletic Assn (life member), Big Lake Shooting Club, Pekin and Spring Lake Gun & Fishing Club. Recreation: outdoor sports, golf, motoring. Office: Tacoma Bldg. He lived at 3982 Lake Ave. and is buried at Oak Woods.11,2,12,20

Clara Ada Smith ~ b. 19 Sept. 1852 in Kenosha, Wis. Married William Ferguson 15 Oct. 1874 in Winnebago Co., IL.19

David Smith ~ Settled in Scotch Grove, IL 1842.6

Fred. J. Smith ~ agricultural implement maker, South Canal street, lost stock in the Chicago fire.

George Smith ~ Married Eliza McAllister.4

George Smith ~ Died January 28, 1908; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

George Smith ~ 1824-1901 ~ Britain's premier biographical source, the Dictionary of National Biography, was founded and owned by this Elgin-born man in 1882. The first editor was Sir Leslie Stephen, of Scottish lineage and the father of the author Virginia Woolf.14

George Smith ~ 1806-1899 ~ Banker and financier, he was born in the parish of Old Deer, in Scotland's north-east (Mark of the Scots has him from Aberdeen, as does Scotland's Mark on America), and by 1834 was in Chicago were he made his fortune in real estate speculation in the 'wild lands'. Founding figure of the Chicago Marine and Fire Insurance Company in 1836, he returned to Scotland to organize the Scottish Illinois Land Investment Company, but on his return found that the Illinois legislature had suppressed the banking operations of his Chicago corporation. Because of the public's tremendous mistrust of banks, he moved to Wisconsin and opened another bank in 1839 with Alexander Mitchell (another Scot). The charter stated that he could receive money on deposit and offer loans at a specific rate of interest, but it could not be called a bank. The famous Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company, a bank in all but name, was chartered on February 28, 1839. He left and invested in a bank in Atlanta, and later in the Rock Island, Northwestern and St. Paul railroads. Estimates of his eventual fortune ran as high as $100,000,000.1,14 He later became a prominent banker in Georgia.17

Henry Smith ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Hezekiah Wright Smith ~ b. 1828. ~ Born in Edinburgh he engraved portraits of Daniel Webster, Edward Everett, and his head of Washington, after the Athenaeum head by Gilbert Stuart, is said to be "the best engraving of this famous portrait ever made."17

James Smith ~ Died October 30, 1874; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Smith ~ made a reaper-mower in 1811.(Jim Thompson)

James Smith ~ Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania and Scot.1,14

Jane Smith ~ d/o John and Elizabeth (Montgomery) Smith, b. 21 Oct. 1853, d. 2 Mar. 1929; m. James S. Reid 12 Oct. 1882 as his second wife.19

Jeremiah Smith ~ fourth Governor of New Hampshire (1809-10), was of Ulster Scot parentage. His son, of the same name, was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the state.17

John Butler Smith ~ forty-seventh Governor of New Hampshire (1893-95), was a descendant of one of the settlers of 1718.17

John H. Smith ~ Died December 6, 1866; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Lewis M. Smith ~ b. 1855 ~ Real Estate. Born Adrian, MI; son Martin M. and Annie (Stevens) Smith (born Glasgow); ed. pub. schools and by private tutors; married Armada, Michigan 1888, Mary Pettibone; 1 son: Louis Pettibone (a student of the elementary dept of the Univ of Chicago in 1912). On farm in Michigan until 16 years old; worked at various clerical positions, coming to Chicago as drug clerk in 1876; returned to Michigan and worked farm on shares for 3 years, attending school winters and prepared for Law School at Ann Arbor; was unable to complete plans because of sickness in family; taught school 1 season; returned to Chicago 1881 and immediately opened real estate office, and has continuously been engaged in real estate business ever since in his present location; since 1884 as senior mem of Firm of L. M. Smith & Bros. Div. Drexel State Bank (Oakland square and 39th street). The first year averaged only $26.50 per month. They devoted their attention almost exclusively to residential property. He reformed the industry by leasing at any time during the year instead of May 1 as the beginning and ending of the rental year.2 Unitarian. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Midlothian. Recreation: Golf. Mason (K.T.), Royal League. Residence: 4729 Kimbark Av. Offices: Cottage Grove Av. and Drexel Blvd & First Nat. Bank Bldg.11,12

Martin M. Smith ~ d. 1867 ~ Father of Lewis M. Smith he invented the coil spring and made and installed the first springs used on railroads and street cars.2 He served in the Civil War, 47th Massachusetts Volunteers.1,12

NFN Smith ~ Massasoit House, lost personal property in the Chicago fire.

Peter S. Smith ~ Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, made his home in Fitchburg MA in 1912. Baker by day, piper by night he joined the Clan Leslie formed in 1895.

Peter Smith ~ Wife Martha and Peter lived in Pierce County in Washington, near Tacoma. They came overland in 1852-53 to Oregon Territory from Wisconsin and Peter left his wife in Portland while he went north to stake his claim. His wife had a baby daughter, Belle, in his absence. Martha traded jewelry for dried fish and supplies and the family began to learn Chinook. They had a long and favorable relationship with the Indians.1

Robert Smith ~ a member of the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia in colonial times, he became the architect of historic Carpenter's Hall in that city.14

Robert Smith ~ Settled in Virginia 1774 to seek employment. He was 20, a husbandman, and sailed on the Ann.10

Ross Macpherson Smith ~ Brother of Sir Keith Mcpherson, Australian brothers who made the first flight from England to Darwin in 1919 for which they received a prize of 10,000 pounds.14

Russell Smith ~ b. 1812 ~ This politically radical family left Glasgow in 1819 for Pittsburgh. He became a scene painter in the theater and was commissioned to paint the scenery for the Philadelphia Academy of Music that was built in the mid-1850's. Two of his finest landscapes "Chocorua Peak" and "Cave at Chelton Hills" were exhibited in the Philadelphia Exhibition if 1876.1

Solomon Albert Smith ~ Father Byron Laflin Smith.11

Thomas G. Smith ~ Died February 8, 1874; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Thomas Lachlan Smith ~ d. 1884 ~ also born in Glasgow, was noted for his Winter paintings. Two notable pictures of his, "The Deserted House" and "The Eve of St. Agnes," were exhibited at the Centennial Exhibition.17

Thomas Smith ~ Died March 10, 1909; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William E. Smith ~ 1824-83 ~ 13th governor (1878-82) of Wisconsin and was born in Scotland.17

William Smith ~ Married Martha McAllister 2nd.4

William Smith ~ Brought organized education to the town of Aurora, CO. He came to Colorado from Scotland in 1878. By 1882 he had settled 320 acres bordering the canal where he raised sheep, pigs and had a small dairy operation as well as raising wheat and alfalfa. Smith and his wife, Anne, had four children and when she died, he married her sister Rachel who had three children of her own. He was an advocate of the local school system and spent time riding through the area getting people interested in organizing School District 28. By 1885 he had enough signatures. He provided the land and served on the school board for 50 years. A high school was named after him and his timber-built home is now on the National Register of Historic Places.1

William Smith ~ Died August 6, 1886; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Smith ~ 1727-1803 ~ Scottish Episcopalian co-founder with Rev. Francis Alison, a Glasgow University-educated Ulster Scot of Philadelphia College, later the University of Pennsylvania. Smith, remembered as one of the great educators in the 1700's had one unspoken ambition ~ he wanted to become the first Episcopal Bishop in America. He had a fondness for drink and when nominated as bishop, he got so drunk that no one suggested he serve in the capacity again. He immigrated in 1751 he was soon acquainted with the Penn family, Franklin, and the future President Washington.1,14

Xanthus Smith ~ b. 1839 ~ son of the painter Russell Smith, he was a well-known marine and landscape painter and painted many of the naval engagements of the Civil War.17

Tobias Smollett ~ 1721-1771 ~ Author and discoverer of the Cote d'Azur in France when on a May day in 1764 he had himself carried in a sedan chair to the water's edge and waded into the Mediterranean. Smollett noted the year-round blossoms and that the weather was far better than in Britain. He wrote a book about it all and the royal family followed, making the place fashionable. He is best known for The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker, published in 1771.14

James Snedden ~ Medal of Honor Recipient-Civil War. Rank and organization: Musician, Company E, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry. Place and date: At Piedmont, Va., 5 June 1864. Entered service at: Johnstown, Pa. Birth: Scotland. Dates of issue: 11 September 1897. Citation: Left his place in the rear, took the rifle of a disabled soldier, and fought through the remainder of the action. Internet

Duke Snider ~ Baseball player who was one of New York City's three great center fielders during that city's glorious 1950s.14

David Sole ~ b. 1962 ~ One of the greatest Scottish rugby players. On 17 March 1990, Sole led his 40 teammates out at Murrayfield for a Grand Slam decider against an English team who thought they had the game won. Scotland won 13-7.13

Jane Somes ~ 1829-1911 ~ 2nd Wife William Patten. Born Argyle NY; died in Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Jonas and Lois (Hanks) Somes and a granddaughter of Timothy and Anna (Andrus) Somes, all of Argyle NY. See portrait pg. 210. Her Revolutionary ancestor was Sergeant John Hanks, who was among the men from Connecticut towns who marked for the relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm in April 1775. He served in General Israel Putnam's regiment and was in action at the battle of Bunker Hill. Later he served in Canada under General Benedict Arnold. Buried Oak Mound.4

Ansel Sotherland ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Jemima Murray Soutar ~ Wife Alexander A. Whamond.11

Tim Soutar ~ He won the first international marathon ever held in Vietnam in 1992. He is a Scottish lawyer.14

Mattie Souter ~ Died June 10, 1902; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Patrick Souterland ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Sylvanus B. Southworth ~ Married Mary Jane Taylor 11 Oct. 1851 in Winnebago Co., IL.19

Andrew Spalding ~ In 1697 he was borgemastare (Mayor) of Goteborg, Sweden.

Eleanor M. Spalding ~ Wife of Graham H. Harris.11

Elizabeth Spalding ~ Wife Robert Harvey McElwee.11

Gabriel Spalding ~ Borgemastare (mayor) of Goteborg, Sweden in the 1600's.14

John Spalding ~ born in Scotland, by 1678 was president of the Court of Justice of Sweden.14

NFN Spalding ~ POW sent to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

NFN Spark ~ POW send to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

Peter Spears ~ Died April 23, 1898; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Joseph A. Speer ~ Minister of United Presbyterian Church in Somonauk, IL 1904-1908. He was the first to install instrumental music.

Walter Speer ~ Married Agnes Isabella Dobbin.4

Mary Spellman ~ d. 1880 ~ Second wife of Duncan Ferguson in Winnebago Co., Ill. Mary d. in 1880. In her will, made 26 May 1880, filed 9 June 1880, she named two sons, H. A. Spellman and Fred W. Spellman.19

Charles T. Spence ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Brantford, Scotland

David Spence ~ Mayor of Monterey for many years.14

Gerry Spence ~ Wyoming advocate and rancher, he is an unparalleled success as "the best trial lawyer in America." His 1982 book Gunning for Justice details a career of 41 years, during which he nas never lost a criminal trial.14

John Spence ~ 1766-1829 ~ born in Scotland, educated at Edinburgh University, settled in Virginia in 1791, and obtained a high reputation as a judicious and successful medical practitioner. The "father of ovariotomy,"17

Rachel Spence ~ Wife Robert P. Kettles. From Dundee, Scotland.11

William Spence ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1774. He was 23, a baker and sailed on the Diana.10

William Spiers ~ Died March 4, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander Spottswood ~ Scion of an old and illustrious Scots family, he was appointed Lieutenant-governor of Virginia in 1710-22, a post he held for 12 years. He is considered to have been the main driving force behind the growth of the tobacco industry. In 1716 an expedition set out from Williamsburg to explore the Shenandoah Valley. They were on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains by September 6.1,14

Catherine Spottswood ~ 2nd Wife of Robert Simpson; married 26 Nov. 1873. She was born 17 Mar. 1848 at Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, d/o Robert and Mary (Graham) Spottswood.19

Mazie Sprague ~ b. 1885 ~ Wife of Archibald L. Graham. She was born in Columbus Junction, IA.4

Stanislaw ~ II The last king of independent Poland was the great-grandson of Lady Catherine Gordon, daughter of the Marquess of Huntly.14

Barbara Stanwick ~ 1907-1990 ~ She was born in Brooklyn as Ruby Stevens of Scotch-Irish descent. Her most famous film was Stella Dallas (1937), and although she was nominated as best actress four times, she never won. Instead, she took another distinction, as the nation's highest paid woman in 1944.14

John Stark ~ From New Hampshire, Caledonian, one of Washington's brigadier-generals.1 He commanded 800 backwoodsmen at Bunker Hill.was a member of the Court Martial which condemned Major Andr'17, 14

Arthur St. Clair ~ 1736-1818 ~ Arthur St. Clair was born in Thurso, Caithness County, Scotland, on 23 March 1736 (old style); attended the University of Edinburgh briefly and later studied medicine under Dr. John Hunter in London; purchased a commission as ensign in Britain's 60th Royal American Regiment and served in Canada under Generals Jeffrey Amherst and James Wolfe, 1757-1759; married Phoebe Bayard of Boston, 1760; resigned his British commission, 1762, and purchased an estate in the Ligonier Valley of Pennsylvania, 1764; commanded Fort Ligonier, 1767-1769; was appointed surveyor of the Cumberland District, 1770; was designated by Governor William Penn as agent of colonial government in his region, 1771; was a justice of Westmoreland County court; served as secretary to a congressional committee at the Treaty of Pittsburgh, 1775; was commissioned colonel in the Pennsylvania militia, 1775, and in the Continental Army, 1776, commanded the 2d Pennsylvania Battalion in abortive operations in Canada; was appointed brigadier general, 1776, and served with Washington's forces in the battles of Trenton and Princeton, 1776-1777; was promoted to major general, 1777; was assigned to command of Fort Ticonderoga in June and abandoned it in July to a British investing force; was court-martialed and exonerated of blame for failing to hold the post, 1778; was present at the battle of Yorktown and served briefly with General Nathanael Greene in the South; left military service in 1783; was a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress, 1785-1787, and president of the Congress in 1787; was governor of the Northwest Territory 1787-1802, and administrator of Indian affairs there; was the senior officer of the United States Army, 4 March 1791-5 March 1792; led an expedition into Indian country and was disastrously defeated on the Wabash River, November 1791; resigned his commission in April 1792 and resumed the territorial governorship; was exonerated in a congressional inquiry from blame for the expedition's failure; was removed, for political reasons, as territorial governor by President Jefferson, 1802; died at his Ligonier Valley home on 31 August 1818.1,14

Ethel St. Clair ~ Wife of Henry Vincent McClellan.4

Della E. Stearns ~ Wife Walter Scott Bogle m.1872.11

Robert Steedman ~ Lt. 5th Reg. in the Revolutionary War, he is buried in Edinburgh beneath the statue of Lincoln.

Rev. John Steel ~ Pastor of East and West Conocheague Presbyterian Churches who organized a company of rangers in 1755 to help with Indian uprisings.1

W. H. Steel ~ IL Legislator, Will Co.6

William Steel ~ A noted anti-slavery advocate and one of the organizers of the Underground Railroad which conveyed slaves to freedom in the North was born in Lanarkshire.14

George Steele ~ 1797-1865 ~ Born in Forfarshire, he was the first President of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1845. He was one of twelve sons. The family moved to Canada in 1828, and Mr. Steele arrived in Chicago in 1837. As a contractor on the Illinois and Michigan Canal, he built the works at Utica, known as the Clark Cement Works. When work on the canal was stopped, he began several business ventures in Chicago. He owned a pork-packing plant on South Water Street. He was also in the produce business with an office and warehouse located at the foot of LaSalle Street on South Street. In 1856, a new three-story building was erected on this site and it became the first permanent home for the Board and Trade. George Steele was very active in the Board of Trade and attended the first organizational meeting. He served as president in 1852 and 1853. His company built the first steam operated grain elevator in Chicago. It was capable of operating from the canal as well as the railroads. The elevator had a capacity of 100,000 bushels and was located at Franklin and River streets. It was destroyed by fire in 1854. In 1830, George Steel married Anna Stein Morrison of Montreal, Canada. They had nine children. Still alive in 1884, were Jane, James, Marjorey, Mary, George, Susan, and William. He served two terms as president of the St. Andrew Society. He was a very popular man during his life and was typical of the businessmen in the early period of Chicago. The earliest of records shows the last name spelled "Steele", some of the later records show "Steel". The headstones ordered by the family all show "Steel".EWR Files

Rod Steiger ~ b. 1925 ~ He was of Scottish, French and German ancestry and won the 1967 Academy Award for best actor for In the Heat of the Night.14

Jock (John) Stein ~ 1922-1985 ~ Footballer and Football Manager. Born in Lanarkshire, he led Celtic to League Scottish and European Cup victories. Manager of Scottish national team which qualified for the World Cup Final in 1982.18

John Steinbeck ~ The Nobel Prize-winning author of The Grapes of Wrath, who was partly Scotch-Irish ancestry, having descended fro Samuel Hamilton of Ulster.14

Thomas Stenhouse ~ Founded the Salt Lake Telegraph.14

Adam Stephen ~ Doctor born in Scotland, died at Martinsburg, West Virginia, in 1791, took part in the French and Indian wars and was an active participant in the Revolutionary War on the side of the colonists. The town of Martinsburg in Berkeley County was laid out by him.17

Sir Leslie Stephen ~ the first editor of Britain's premier biographical source, the Dictionary of National Biography. He was of Scottish lineage and the father of the author Virginia Woolf.14

Alexander Hamilton Stephens ~ 1812-83 ~ grandson of an adherent of Prince Charles Edward, was Vice-President of the Confederacy (1861-65), chief Confederate Commissioner in the Hampton Roads Conference in February, 1865, Member of Congress from Georgia (1873-82), Governor of Georgia (1883), and author of "The War Between the States" (1868-70) and of a "History of the United States" (1883).17

Henry Morse Stephens ~ the historian, was born in Edinburgh in 1857.17

William Stephens ~ Settled in Pensacola, FL 1774. He was 23, a Carpenter and sailed on Success's Increase.10

George Stephenson ~ An Englishman of Scottish parentage who was the "inventor and founder of railways". In 1823 he was invited to build a railway in England from Stockton to Darlington. He persuaded the directors to use a steam locomotive instead of horses for power. He designed and built the railway and it opened, triumphantly, on September 27, 1825. On that day the first practical steam locomotive in the world pulled the first public passenger steam railway train in the world.14

John Stephenson ~ Died April 30, 1885; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Stephenson ~ Canadian Scot whose intelligence career had begun when he delivered a report after his escape from a German concentration camp in WWI. His business interests had taken him to -re-WWII Germany, observed that German steel production had turned to armaments, and later discovered the Nazi plan to conquer Europe and rule the world. Churchill called him by the code name Intrepid, and as such he became, prior to the war, head of a private intelligence network for the future prime minister. Chamberlain did not have the information and sought appeasement while Churchill decided to inform Roosevelt of Germany's designs and enlisted his cooperation by sending Intrepid to America as his agent, bypassing the cabinet and Parliament and receiving consent for his actions from the king instead. In 1940, he moved to New York, where he directed the formation of the American offensive intelligence agency, the O.S.S., the forerunner of the C.I.A., while continuing as Churchill's liaison with Roosevelt and de facto general of the Anglo-American clandestine war against Hitler. It is largely because of these brave, legally questionable actions that Britain and the United States did not face the enemy totally unprepared.14

David Sterling ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John Sterling ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Ross S. Sterling ~ Chief promoter of Humble Oil Company, was born in 1875 of Scottish and Irish ancestry. In the 1920s he sold out to Standard Oil for $28 million and built himself a replica of the White House for the then immense sum of $1.4 million. Later he almost went broke.14

Annie L. Stevens ~ 1881-1959 ~ Child John J./Clemence Badenoch. Married to Percy W. Stephens. Buried at Rosehill (Badenoch cemetery records).11

Annie Stevens ~ Mother Lewis M. Smith. Born Glasgow, Scotland. Her father, James Stevens, came to America in the 1830's and settled in Connecticut. He was a merchant and financier and also a wholesale coal dealer.11,12

Helen Marks Stevens ~ Wife John Grant Orchard from New Brunswick, Canada.11

James & Son Stevens ~ set the Burns monument in Chicago.

Adlai Stevenson ~ 1835-1914 ~ He was a member of Congress from Illinois (1875-77) and First Assistant Post-master-General (1885-89), previous to becoming Vice President (1893-97). He was an unsuccessful bidder for U.S. President.14,17

Alexander Fleming Stevenson ~ lawyer, b. Hamburg, Ger., April 8, 1837; s. Gabriel (Scottish and Marie Louise (Rueter) Stevenson; grad. Dr. Bulau's school, Hamburg; came to U. S. May 1854, and began farming in Henry Co., Ill.; began study of law 1858, with Judge Wilkinson of Rock Island, Ill; moved to Chicago in fall of 1859, and took position with Shumway, Waite & Towne, lawyers; admitted to bar, 1860; enlisted in 42nd Ill. Infy. and left Chicago, July, 1861, as lieut. Co. B. for Missouri; was constantly in command of company which became body guard of Gen. Hunter in advance on Springfield, Mo.; then went to Tennessee and was in advance on Corinth; became adjutant gen. of brigade under command of Col. Roberts; took part in battle of Farmington, siege of Corinth and pursuit of Confederates, siege of Nashville in fall of 1862; took part in battle of Stone's River, Dec. 30, 1862, to Jan 30, 1863, and upon Col. Roberts being killed was appointed inspector gen. on staff of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, and as such took part in the Tallahoma campaign, and battle of Chickamauga; taken very ill, ordered home, and resigned because of broken health in fall of 1863; brevetted col. by War dept. upon request of Gen. Sheridan, having saved 10 pieces of artillery and a number of cassions from the Confederates on 2nd day of battle of Chickamauga; m. 1st Chicago, Oct. 27, 1870, Mary C. Ambrose; m. 2d, Chicago, April 30, 1879, Jeannie C. Brayton; children: Dr. Alex F., Mary Louise. Resumed practice of law after leaving army; elected to Illinois Legislature from Chicago, Nov., 1864; introduced and carried through bill giving Mrs. Stephen A. Douglas $25,000 for land on which Douglas monument now stands, in order to save her homestead in Washington from foreclosure sale; received thanks of Chicago mass-meeting for opposing 99-year extension of Chicago street railway franchises; re-elected to legislature, 1867; elected clerk of superior Court of Cook Co., 1869; appointed to Judge Gary, 1885, and has ever since continued as mater in chancery of the Superior Court. Republican. Unitarian. Author of a history of The Battle of Stone's River. Mem. Loyal Legion, Germania Mannerchor. Office: 184 LaSalle St. Residence 378 LaSalle Av.20

Dr. John Stevenson ~ A Scot, pioneer merchant and developer of Baltimore, if not indeed its actual founder. He was known as the "American Romulus."14,17

John James Stevenson ~ b. 1841 ~ educator and geologist, of Scottish parentage.17

Robert Stevenson ~ Planned and built over 20 lighthouses and invented and installed flashing lights.14

Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson or Robert Louis Stevemson ~ 1850-1894 ~ He was the most popular Scottish author of the late 19th century. His most famous works include 'Treasure Island', 'Kidnapped' and 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. His A Child's Garden of Verses has been a classes for a century and led to a new approach in the education of children. In 1894 the sickly Stevenson, in search of better health, died at 44 in Samoa. He was born in Edinburgh to a family of distinguished lighthouse engineers but declined to enter the profession. He died and was buried on the island in the Pacific Ocean that he had made his home, but his death was recorded in Scotland in the Foreign Register of Deaths. Born Edinburgh 13-Nov-1850; died Samoa 3-Dec-1894.14

W. Grant Stevenson ~ Awarded a $200 prize for the design of the Burns monument. He was a well-known sculptor from Edinburgh. A combination of circumstances, however, prevented the finalization of a contact with Mr. Stevenson until nearly twelve years later.

William Erskine Stevenson ~ 1820-1883 ~ second Governor of West Virginia (1869-71) was born of Ulster Scot parentage.17

William Stevenson ~ Married Sarah Ellen Kirkpatrick.4

William Stevenson ~ Died July 16, 1887; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Donald Steward ~ Indentured Serv. Georgia 1774. Sent to Georgia on the Mary. He was 18 and a Husbandman.10

Alexander Stewart ~ Brother of John. State Senator who lived in Aurora.6

Alexander McGaughey Stewart ~ 1827- ~ Child of Agnes McGaughey/Elijah. Born in Coitsville, Ohio. Married 1849, Jane Collins. Soon after their marriage in Jefferson County, Ohio they moved to Mercer Co., IL. In 1856 they came to Somonauk, IL and bought 80 acres in Victor township where they settled. He became a prosperous farmer and in a few years bought another 80 adjoining acres. Of their six children, only one lived to maturity. Deceased children were Samuel Russell, Albert Elijah, Ella Anne, William Moffett and John Collins.4

Alexander Patrick Stewart ~ 1813-1883. ~ He was the Scottish physician who distinguished typhus from typhoid.14

Alexander Turney Stewart ~ 1803-76 ~ A. T. Stewart was the largest store in the world when it opened at Ninth and Broadway in New York City in 1862. Its owner, Alexander T. Stewart, is credited with the invention of modern retailing and the one-price system ~ prices clearly marked, no discounts for certain classes of customers, and no bargaining. Born in Ireland to Scottish parents, in 1921 his dry-goods business was owned by John Wanamaker. He was nominated as Secretary of the Treasury (1869) but not confirmed. He was reputed to have had the largest probate estate ever filed in the U.S. up to that time.14,17

Ann Stewart ~ Mother James Kidston.11

Annette Stewart ~ 1840-1880 ~ Child of Agnes McGaughey/Elijah. Married James McLean Dobbin.4

Archibald M. Stewart ~ owned and operated the Scottish-American Journal for almost its entire life, serving as many as 15,000 subscribers. A new York rival, The Scotsman (apparently combined with The Caledonian Advertiser in 1874) survived from 1869 to 1886.1

Austin Stewart ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Cha: Stewart ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Daniel Stewart ~ General and patriot of the Revolution. A county in Georgia is named in his honor.17

David Macdonald Stewart ~ Founded the David M. Stewart Museum and the Chateau Dufresne museums in Montreal.14

Elijah Stewart ~ 1803-1881 ~ Second child of William and Mary (Stewart) Stewart. Born in Adams Co. PA and died on his farm in Somonauk township, IL. He held the office of ruling elder in the Associated Church and in the United Presbyterian church for 37 years. Married first 1825, Agnes McGaughey. Child: Rebecca Stewart (b. 1831). They lived 14 years in Coitsville, Ohio, moving in 1839 to Mercer Co., IL. In 1853, they moved to Somonauk, IL where they lived the rest of their lives. He married second Mrs. Julia A. (Truesdale) Bigham of Wooster, Ohio. Buried in Oak Mound.4

Elinore Stewart ~ woman rancher in Wyoming mid 1800's.1

Elizabeth Mary Stewart ~ Child Jane Collins/Alex McGaughey. She lived to her 29th year. Married Andrew Gilchrist and died when her only child was an infant.4

Elizabeth Stewart ~ Daughter of King James VI and I and the grandmother of George I, she was crowned queen of Bohemia in 1619.14

Ellen Stewart ~ Died April 11, 1901, buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Emeline Amanda Stewart ~ 1842- ~ Wife of James McClellan (b.1830). Daughter of Elijah and Agnes (McGaughey) Stewart. Married in 1861 in Somonauk, IL.4

Sir Houston Stewart ~ In 1872 he was made admiral of the fleet (assuming British fleet).14

Jackie Stewart ~ b. 1939 ~ Born in Dumbartonshire, he retired as world champion in auto racing in 1973. He won the Grand Prix championship in 1969, 1971 and 1973 and overall won an astonishing 27 Grand Prix races in 99 starts, beating the previous record established by his countryman, Jim Clark. In 1997, together with his son, he launched his own Formula One motor racing team.14,18

James C. Stewart ~ Lost the Thistle Saloon on Clark street in the Chicago fire.1

James Fleming Stewart ~ 1851-1904 ~ Congressman was of Scottish descent.17

James Maitland Stewart ~ b. 1908 ~ He was the son of a Scottish hardware store owner in Indiana, Pennsylvania and an American movie star who became a Brig. Gen. and flew 25 missions as a bomber pilot over enemy territory in WWII. His bombardier called him "a first rate flier, a better flier than an actor." He won the Academy Award as best actor in 1940 in The Philadelphia Story, but is better known for It's a Wonderful Life and Rear Window.14

James Stewart ~ The founder of British America. In 1603, when the Scottish kind James VI became James I of England, there was no English presence in America, although Raleigh had tried to establish one earlier. By 1606 James had acted decisively, issuing charters to the London and Plymouth Companies, and in 1607 his London Company established in Virginia the first permanent British colony in the New York, naming the settlement Jamestown and the river on which it stood the James, in honor of their Scottish sponsor. The Plymouth Company founded Massachusetts in 1620.14

John Aikman Stewart ~ b. 1822 ~ President of the United States Trust Co., and Assistant Treasurer of the U.S., he was born in New York City, son of a native of Stornoway, Hebrides.17

John Innes Macintosh Stewart ~ 1906-1994 ~ He was one of Britain's most popular mystery writers. An Oxford don, he wrote under the name of Michael Innes.14

John Stewart ~ He was sent to Springfield, Massachusetts in the mid 1600's as a prisoner. He had been a blacksmith to his regiment at Dunbar and when his trade became known he was bound out to serve John Pynchon, a landowner, for eight years. By 1659 his former master sold him a house in Springfield with an orchard for ten pounds. A vote of the town gave him the smiddy in perpetuity title. He married Sarah Stiles of Windsor, Ma. Town records describe him as a valued and esteemed member of the community. However, he was jailed in 1670 for stabbing a man and in 1662 was fined 25 shillings for allowing his home to be used as a card school.1

John Stewart ~ Citizen of Elburn and IL Legislator, Kane Co. Brother of Alexander.6

John Stewart ~ 1827-1912 ~ Born in Glasgow, Scotland, April 11, 1827, Mr. Stewart came to the United States in 1852. He lived in New York for some time and then came to Chicago about 1853. His business was wholesale groceries and he was a pioneer in Chicago in this branch of business. He was connected with the Chicago Municipal Government for many years in various departments. For many years. Mr. Stewart served as the secretary of the Illinois St. Andrew Society. For 43 years he resided at 1937 Warren Avenue, near Robey St. in Chicago. He left a widow and 5 children. One son was Alderman John P. Stewart. His daughter, Mrs. Minnie M. Sollitt, lived in Arkansas City. Kansas. One son, A. M. Stewart, lived in New York and two other sons, Robert M. and George A. lived in Chicago.

John Stewart ~ d. 1720 ~ Fled from Scotland to Ireland between 1665 and 1685 to escape penalties incurred from noncompliance with royal edicts respecting religious worship and attendance at the Parish Church. He preferred to abandon his native hills rather than to renounce the Solemn League entered into by the Scottish Christians in 1643.4

John Wolcott Stewart ~ thirty-third Governor of Vermont (1870-72), was descended from Robert Stewart who went from Edinburgh to Londonderry, Ireland, and whose son was one of those who emigrated from there to Londonderry, N.H., in 1718. His grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War.17

Margaret Stewart ~ Mother John Stewart McGlashan.11

Mary Stewart ~ 1833- ~ Child of Agnes McGaughey/Elijah. Married John Boyd.4

Mary Stewart ~ Wife of William Stewart (b.1765).4

Mary Stewart ~ 1812- ~ Wife of William McKee. Buried at Oak Mound. Born Coitsville, Ohio and died in De Kalb Co., IL. she was a sister of Elijah Stewart and cared for her invalid mother until her death, when she married William McKee.4

Mary Jane DeWolf Stewart ~ One of the first residents of the Scottish Home.

Neile Stewart ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Potter Stewart ~ Scottish American Supreme Court Justice from 1958-1981. He was also a winner of the Wallace Award of the American-Scottish Foundation.14

Reginald Stewart ~ 1900-1984 ~ Born in Edinburgh, he had a diverse career as pianist, founder of the Toronto Philharmonic, had of the Peabody Conservatory and conductor of the Baltimore Symphony.14

Robert Stewart ~ b. 1732 ~ Ancestor to Somonauk, IL Stewarts.4

Robert Stewart ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Robert Stewart ~ b. 1665 ~ Ancestor to Somonauk, IL Stewarts.4

Rod Stewart ~ Contemporary Scottish singer from England.14

Samuel Stewart ~ b. 1698 ~ Ancestor to Somonauk, IL Stewarts.4

Samuel James Stewart ~ 1845- ~ Child of Agnes McGaughey/Elijah. He was a minister of the gospel.4

Sarah Ann Stewart ~ 1837-1880 ~ Married William John Dobbin. She died in De Kalb County, IL.4

William Stewart ~ 1828-1863 ~ Child of Agnes McGaughey/Elijah. Born in Coitsville, Ohio. Though he never lived at Somonauk, IL where his father's family was so long identified, his short career is full of interest. He graduated from Washington College, PA in 1849 and began the study of theology, but a severe illness made it evident that he could not endure the norther climate. He went south in 1852 and was private tutor in a family at Sidon, Mississippi, for a time. He studied medicine and practiced at Vaiden, Mississippi, where he married Mary Frances Pleasants. Children: Ernest William Stewart and Frances Stewart. He was a Union man and cast the only vote in his county against secession. When the war began he made an effort to escape with his family by way of Mexico, but did not succeed. He then entered the rebel army as captain, but resigned in a short time, ostensibly on account of ill health. Thinking to be safe from raids, he concluded to leave town and live on his plantation in the timber. He found a man whom he had often befriended (a Mr. Stokes) living in the house. Stokes agreed to leave but kept delaying. Finally, William ordered him out. The man went into the house and through the opening of the nearly closed door shot William in the back with buckshot. After lingering 19 days in great suffering he died. There being no communication between the North and South, his father's family did not hear of his death for two years. His murderer escaped justice.4

William Stewart ~ 1825-1904 ~ He was born in Ayrshire. In 1845, he arrived in New York City and four years later went to California in search of gold. Returning by way of Panama, he arrived in Chicago in 1850 and engaged in the bakery business at 16 South Clark street. He later founded a wholesale grocery business known as William Stewart & Co. He retired from active business in 1882. He was chairman of the finance committee of the reform board of Cook county commissioners in 1887. For many years he was an active member of the state board of agriculture. Mr. Stewart died from heart failure on February 22, 1904, at his residence , 623 Dearborn Avenue. He was 79 years of age. Five children were born to the marriage: Graeme, Nannie, Eglantine, Daisy, Pritchard and Will T. Stewart.

William Stewart ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 24, a mason.10

William Stewart ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

William Stewart ~ set off for the Dakotas so that his children would have room for houses of their own. By 1900 the Stewarts of two generations owned 1,920 acres in Dakota territory.1

William Stewart ~ 1765- ~ Married Mary Stewart.4

Wm. Stewart ~ South Water street, wholesale grocer, $150,000 lost in the Chicago fire.

Sir William Drummond Stewart ~ Naturalist who spent much of the 1830's trekking across the rockies. He filled the grounds of his ancestral seat at Murthly in Perthshire with plants, birds and animals plucked from their American setting. His last expedition was in 1843 and he took with him a company of botanists.1

William Grant Still ~ 1895-1978 ~ He was the first notable African-American composer who was partly of Scottish ancestry and the first black to conduct a professional symphony in the U.S.14

Barbara Stilwell ~ Died December 15, 1909; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Charles Ellsworth Stinson ~ Married Charity Dobbin in 1855. Children: Charles Willis Stinson (b. 1902), Edity Stinson (b. 1899), Helen Etter Stinson (b. 1896), Leroy Dobbin Stinson (b. 1905), Mabel Jean Stinson (b. 1894), Marle T. Stinson (b. 1910), Mary Stewart Stinson (b. 1896), Max William Stinson (b. 1891), Ralph Turnbull Stinson (b. 1897) and Sara C. Stinson (1886-1911).4

Alice May Stirling ~ Child William R./Alice Stirling.11

David Stirling ~ Lt. Col. who was the Scots Guards officer who created the British Special Air Service, a commando-type group which played havoc with German supply lines between 1941 and 1943. Stirling was captured in 1943, but not before his unit has destroyed 250 German airplanes and much else. He made four escape attempts, but at 6;6: tall he was too obvious to succeed. The unit may still be in existence, but as it is secret, we do not know.14

Dorothy Stirling ~ Child William R./Alice Stirling.11

James Fraser Stirling ~ Born in Glasgow, he was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize worth $100,000 in 1981. The prize has been given annually since 1979 to one of the world's greatest architects. Stirling also won another 4100,000 in 1990, the second architect in the world to win the Praemium Imperiale Medal of the Japan Art Association.14

James Stirling ~ 1692-1770 ~ a Scott and a good friend of Sir Isaac Newton, he helped develop the differential calculus. He published papers on Newtonian mathematics in 1717 and on differential calculus in 1730.14

James Stirling ~ Writer of Chicago (and other things) in the 1850's. He wrote "The development of the (prairies) by means of a railway is such, that what was yesterday waste land is to-day a valuable district. There is thus action; the railway improves the land; the improvement pays for the railway....There is nothing in history to compare with this...progress of civilization....There seems a natural, pre-ordained fitness between the railway and the prairies, for the prairie is as eminently suited to the formation of railways, as railways are essential to the development of the prairies."16

Jean Wedderburn Stirling ~ Child William R./Alice Stirling.11

John Stirling ~ Father William Robert Stirling.11

Rev.Robert Stirling ~ In 1817, the development of the automobile was enhanced by his invention of the first gas-sealed internal combustion engine.14

William Robert Stirling ~ b. Mar. 30, 1851 ~ Steel manufacturer, Investment agent/Illinois St. Andrew Society Member 1910. Born Portobello, Scotland; son John and Catherine Mary (Wellings) Stirling; ed. Thomas Hodge's School, St. Andrew's, Fifeshire, Scotland and Royal Grammar School, Henley-on-Thames, England; married Chicago April 26, 1883, Alice Ives Hibbard; Children: Alice May, Dorothy, Jean Wedderburn. Came to US 1879; treas. Joliet Steel Co. 1879-89; lst V.P. Il Steel Co. 1889-94; Pres. Universal Construction Co. 1895-6; since 1897 partner in Peabody, Houghteling & Co. (est. 1865), investments and real estate. Republican. Actively interested in civil service reform and the United Charities. Episcopalian. Active in Brotherhood of St. Andrew and kindred socs. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Literary, Church, Onwentsia, Winter (Lake Forest), Huron Mountain. Residence 1616 Prairie Av. Chicago and Lake Forest. Ofice in 1905: First National Bank Building. Office in 1911: 105 S. LaSalle St.11,20

Rev.Alex Stobo ~ A survivor of the Darien debacle in the Canal Zone. Ancestor of President Theodore Roosevelt.14

Richard Major Stobo ~ 1727 -c. 1770 ~ A native of glasgow, he served in the Canadian campaign against the french. Guided the Fraser Highlanders up the Heights of Abraham in Quebec.3,17

Robert Stobo ~ Chief Lismahago, of the Badger tribe, born in Glasgow. He was the designer of Washington's Fort Necessity and when it fell he was taken hostage to Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh), where he was able to smuggle out a plan of its defensive positions, which was helpful to his British comrades.14

NFN Stodart ~ His arithmetic books were the work of a grandson of an Edinburgh Scot.1

James H. Stoddard ~ Veteran actor (in 1921) was of Scottish origin.17

William Stoddard ~ Settled in Virginia 1774. He was 22, a Husbandman and sailed on the Lonsdale.10

Benjamin Stoddert ~ 1751-1813 ~ Secretary of the Navy (1798-1801), was grandson of a Scot. William Alexander Graham (1804-75), Secretary (1850), was also Governor of North Carolina. He projected the expedition to Japan under Commodore Perry.17

Maude Stokes ~ Married John Blair Henry.4

Leopold Stokowski ~ He is at least l/4 Scottish and an orchestra conductor. He is credited with having created an entirely new orchestral sound. He directed the strings differently from other conductors to create the sustained, silky-smooth "Philadelphia sound.".14

Carrie Cornelia Stone ~ Wife Byron Laflin Smith.11

Frank Andrew Stone ~ Author at University of Connecticut writing about Scots in the Civil War.1

Mary Elizabeth Stone ~ Married James Hamilton Bell 1887.11

Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes ~ 1880_1950. ~ Doctor and Scientist. Pioneer of modern education in 'constructive birth control' and founder of the first modern birth control clinic. She was also a leading scientist, specializing in fossils _ she was an authority on coal _ and the first woman to be appointed to the science staff at Manchester University. Born Edinburgh 15-Oct-1880.14,18

Edith M. Storey ~ Wife Donald L. Morrill.11

Sophronia Storrs ~ Wife of Robert Walker.

Hugh Gordon Stott ~ b. 1866 ~ born in Orkney, he was President of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (1907), Superintendent of motive power of Manhattan Railway System, etc.17

Margaret Stott ~ Wife of Joseph a. Thompson.4

Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ 1811-1896 ~ Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, she was an anti-slavery advocate of partly Scottish ancestry whose work played an important role in causing the Civil War. When she met President Lincoln, he said, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war!".14

Lytton Strachey ~ 1880-1932 ~ He was a member of the Bloomsbury Group and wrote biography as art. Strachey's mother was a Grant of Rothiemurchus and the artist Duncan Grant was his cousin.14

John Strachine ~ Indentured servant 4 yrs 1698. Went to Virginia in the Globe.10

James Straham ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1774. He was 18, a laborer and sailed on the Sampson.10

John Strath ~ & 2 children died May 27, 1870; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Robert Robertson Street ~ b. Jan. 8, 1850 ~ Merchant. b. Stirling, Scotland. Son of Richard and Elizabeth (Robertson) Street; ed. pub schools of Racine, Wis; resident of Chicago since 1870; married 2d Chicago Jan. 19, 1901 Lucille Hollis Knapp; Children: (by 1st wife) Robert Kenneth, Mrs. George A. Melbourne. In 1870 entered employ of Enos Brown & Co., dye stuffs, etc., continuing until 1876, when began his present business R. R. Street & Co.., dye stuffs, colors, chemicals, textile machinery, mill supplies, etc. Republican. Mason (32 degree), Shriner. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Cumberland Lodge, Horicon Shooting. Recreations: Hunting and fishing. Residence in 1905: 325 S. Franklin Av. Residence in 1911: 4809 Lake Av. Office in 1905: 107 Dearborn St. Office in 1911: 209 W. Washington St.11,20

William Street ~ b. May 29, 1848 ~ Lawyer. b. Stirling, Scotland. Son of Richard and Elizabeth (Robertson) Street; came to US with parents in 1855, settling first in Grant Co., WI; ed Scotland, in public schools of Grant Co., WI, and public and private schools at Utika NY, pub school in Maumee Cityu, OH, Racine (Wis.) High School, Carroll Coll. (Waukesha WI) and grad Univ of Wis Ph.B. 1874, LL.B. 1875; married Waukesha, WI March 28, 1878 Katherine E. Gray. As a boy worked on farm in Wis. and later in woolen mills, becoming supt at 20; studied nights and earned his way through schools and colleges. Began law practice at Waukesha, WI 1875-80; Janesville WI 1880-9; Florence, Ala, 1889-90; since in Chicago. Prohibition candidate for state's atty of Cook Co. 1908, receiving 45,528 votes; before then was Prohibition candidate for municipal judge of Chicago and judge superior court of Cook Co.; in 1909 candidate for congress from the 6th ILL (Lorimer's old) District. Mem. A.O.U.W., Royal Arcanum, N.A.U. Baptist. Recreation: baseball. Residence in 1905: 325 S. Franklin Av. Residence in 1911: 128 N. Franklin Av. Office in 1905: 107 Dearborn St. Office in 1911: 28 Portland Blk.11

Ackroyd Stuart ~ The first oil engine was patented by him in 1890, two years before the patent of Rudolph Diesel.14

Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart ~ b. 1807 ~ Secretary of the Interior in President Fillmore's cabinet, was son of Archibald Stuart, a Scot who fought in Revolutionary War.17

Alexander Stuart ~ along with his brother, Robert L., were sugar refiners and both gave large sums, estimated at over $2 million to many charities and the library, pictures and mineral and shell collections of the former are preserved in a separate room of the New York Public Library.17

Carl Magnus Stuart ~ The mantel of Charles XII of Sweden was carried at his coronation by this man.14

Charles E. Stuart ~ 1810-87 ~ Lawyer and Senator, was a descendant of Daniel Stuart who came to America before 1680.17

Charles M. Stuart ~ President of the Methodist Episcopal Theological Seminary at Evanston, known as Garrett Biblical Institute. Native of Glasgow. Professor of Homiletics at Garrett from 1896-1908 and was President in 1912. Editor of the Methodist Episcopal North-Western Christian Advocate published in Chicago.6

Charles Maculay Stuart ~ b. 1853 ~ Editor. b. Glasgow, Scotland. Son of Lewis and Mary (Home) Stuart; A.B., Kalamazoo MI Coll 1880, A.M. 1883; B.D., Garrett Bible Institute 1883; A.M. Northwestern Univ 1887; (D.D. Garrett 1885, Wesleyan 1906; Litt.D., Syracuse 1904, Ohio Wesleyan 1909; LL.D., Neb Wesleyan 1909); married Emma Rachel Littlefield of Detroit 1883. Ordained M.E. ministry 1880; pastor River Forest, IL 1880-3, Fort St. Ch., Detroit 1883-5; asso. editor Michigan Christian Advocate 1885-6; asst. editor Northwestern Christian Advocate 1886-96; prof. sacred rhetoric, Garrett Bible Inst. 1896-09; asst. Editor Northwestern Christian Advocate 1886-96; prof. Sacred rhetoric, Garret Bible Inst., 1896-09; editor Northwestern Christian Advocate since 1909. Sec. joint hymnal commission M.E. Ch. and M.E. Ch., S. Mem. Am. Soc. Church History, Soc. Bibl. Research, Phi Beta Kappa. Author and editor of a number of books, for titles see Who's Who in America. Residence: Evanston, IL. Office: 14 W. Washington St.11

David Stuart ~ d. 1848 ~ Another member of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society who fought in the war. Before the war, he was an attorney for the Illinois Central Railroad. When the war began he volunteered and became a Colonel in the Fifty-fifth Illinois Infantry. He commanded a brigade in Sherman's Army and was wounded at Shiloh. He served brilliantly at the Battle of Corinth and was considered a talented and gallant officer. The father of David Stuart was born in Calendar, Scotland, in the district made famous by Sir Walter Scott in "The Lady of the Lake." Robert Stuart, the father, came to America at the age of twenty-one and became a fur-trader in Canada. He was a friend of the first John Jacob Astor, who considered him a trusted partner and fearless pioneer. His name frequently occurs in "Astoria" a book written by Washington Irving. Irving is himself a Scot the son of a native of the Orkney Islands. Robert Stuart died in Chicago in 1848.

Ferdinand Campbell Stuart ~ b. 1815 ~ inventor of various instruments used in genito-urinary diseases and one of the founders of the New York Academy of Medicine, was grandson of Rev. Archibald Campbell of Argyllshire.17

Gilbert Charles Stuart ~ 1755-1828, born in Rhode Island of Scottish parents, was the foremost American portrait painter of his day. He painted several portraits of Washington, and also portraits of Presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Justice Story, Fisher Ames, John Jacob Astor and others.17

Gilbert Charles Stuart ~ 1755-1828 ~ Born in Rhode Island, the son of an immigrant from Perth and was the foremost American portrait painter in the late 18th century. He went to London in 1775 to study and two years later joined Benjamin West. His portraits include Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and John Quincy Adams, Justice Story, Fisher Ames, John Jacob Astor, Kings George III and IV, the Prince of Wales and Louis XVII of France. He was a decided admirer of George Washington, and his life-size painting of the first President is considered a masterpiece in technique as well as in faithfulness of expression.1,5,14,17

Henry Carter Stuart ~ b. 1855 ~ Governor of Virginia (1914-18), descended from Archibald Stuart who fled from Scotland for political reasons and settled in Virginia in 1726.17

James Stuart ~ Father James Edward Stuart.11

James E. B. 'Jeb' Stuart ~ Confederate General known for his daring cavalry raids. He was descended from Archibald Stuart whose family moved from Scotland to Ulster in the 17th Century.1,14

Col. James Edward Stuart ~ Post office inspector; b. Forfar, Scotland, July 8, 1842, s. of James Stuart and Helenor (Edwards) Stuart; removed to Oshkosh, Wis., with parents, 1851; ed. Arbroath, Scotland, and in Oshkosh public schools; then was law student in office of Hon. Gabriel Bouck, Oshkosh, until war broke out; mustered in as private Co. B, 21st Wis. Vols., Aug., 1862, becoming successively 1st sergeant, 2nd lieut, and capt., then detailed as aid to Gen. Harrison C. Hobart, commanding 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 14th Army Corps, until general muster-out at Washington in summer of 1865; participated in many engagements; m. Oct. 3, 1870, Marie E., daughter late Hon. Peter Roberts, of Iowa City, Ia. After muster out became postal clerk on route between Chicago and Green Bay, Wis., until 1868; chief clerk railway mail service of Iowa, 1870-3; when promoted to post office inspector, in charge division comprising the States of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin; active in ferreting out and convicting large numbers of persons for fraudulent use of mails and other postal crimes. Active in 2nd regt., I.N.G., since 1885, of which he has successively been capt., major and col.; regt. enlisted in Government service for war with Spain and was sent to Jacksonville, Fla., and thence to Havana, Cuba; placed on detached service after war as chairman military postal committee and established postal service in Porto Rico. On November 17, 1905, Clan MacDuff and Clan Campbell held a grand ball at the Second Regiment Armory, which had been furnished without charge by the Colonel in regard to the Burns Memorial. Mem. Union Vet. League, Loyal Legion and G.A.R. Office: Chicago Postoffice. Residence in 1905: 1419 W. Monroe St. Residence in 1911: 3144 W. Monroe St.11,20

Jesse Stuart ~ Known as a sort of American Robert Burns and "poet laureate" of Kentucky. He says, "My father's family was Scotch".14

John Stuart ~ Immigrated in 1748 and became one of the staunchest advocates of British rule among Indians of the southern colonies. He was appointed a captain in the South Carolina Provincials, and by 1761 was superintendent of Indian Affairs. His 1,000 salary was supplemented by 3,000 for gifts. He was successful in arranging peace treaties but spent lavishly for gifts. Stuart successfully demanded that he be appointed 'councillor extraordinary and his annual expenses were boosted to 19,000. Stuart was arrested in 1775 as an active British sympathizer. He was a refugee in Pensicola, Florida where he stayed the remainder of his life.1

John Stuart ~ Child of Robert/Margaret Stuart.11

John Stuart ~ Father of Robert Stuart.11

Margaret Stuart ~ Child of Robert/Margaret Stuart.11

R. D. Stuart ~ Child of Robert/Margaret Stuart.11

R. Douglas Stuart ~ Member of the Finance Committee reported in minutes of 1/4/1940.

Robert Stuart ~ b. 1852 ~ Miller/Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Ingersoll, Ont; son John and Elsie (Bremner) Stuart; ed. pub. schools; married 1876 Margaret Sharrar; children: John, Margaret, R. D. Engaged in milling in Canada 1871-3; came from Canada 1873 to Cedar Rapids, IA and became a member of the firm of Douglass & Stuart, merchant millers; resided in Cedar Rapids, IA until 1879; since then in Chicago; firm sold mills to Am. Cereal Co. 1890 of which was treas. until organization of the Quaker Oats Co., of which has since been treas. Presbyterian. Club: Chicago. Residence: 4850 Woodlawn Av. Office: Railway Exchange.11, Additional information from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois. See also personal files.

Robert Stuart ~ 1785-1848 ~ Born at Callander, Perthshire, he was a grandson of Rob Roy's bitterest enemy. In 1810, in company with his uncle, John Jacob Astor, and several others, he founded the fur-trading colony of Astoria. His share in this undertaking is fully described in Washington Irving's Astoria. In 1817 Stuart settled at Mackinac as agent of the American Fur Company . In his later years he was superintendent of Indian Affairs in Michigan had a stance on slavery which was very common. He opposed outright abolition but was a friend and helper of runaway slaves.1,17

Robert Stuart ~ Scottish born. First crossed the Oregon Trail who discovered the south pass through the mountains in 1812. Traveling eastward, he reached St. Louis on 4/30/1813 and was hailed as a new Lewis or Clark. Later, he built the first brick house in Detroit.14

Robert L. Stuart ~ 1806-82 ~ and his brother Alexander (1810-79), sugar refiners, both gave large sums, estimated at over two million dollars, to many charities, and the library, pictures, and mineral and shell collections of the former are preserved in a separate room of the New York Public Library.17

William Stuart ~ Pilot on the sloop Guildford during the Revolutionary War.1

Harriet A. Studley ~ Wife John McLaren.11

Alexander Sutherland ~ He left on a 1,000 mile trip to Scotch Grove, Iowa with Alexander, McClain and others.1

George Sutherland ~ published the Western British American newspaper.6

Graham Sutherland ~ 1903-1980 ~ One of Britain's best painters whose ancestors came to England from Scotland two generations ago.14

Dame Joan Sutherland ~ According to some, she is "the voice of the century." She was born in Australia of almost entirely Scottish ancestry.14

Jno Sutherland ~ Indentured servant 7 years 1699. Son of James Sutherland of Elgin in Scotland, aged 15, sent to America.10

John Sutherland ~ He left on a 1,000 mile trip to Scotch Grove, Iowa with Alexander, McClain, his 10 sons and two daughters, and others.1

Captain John Sutherland ~ See July 1994 History Club Newsletter.

Andrew Sutton ~ Settled in NY 1774.. He was 21, listed as a gentleman, who sailed on the Earl Dunmore.10

Fifer James Swan ~ 1754-1830 ~ immigrated to Boston as a boy and became a counting-house clerk. He became a member of 'The sons of Liberty' participating in the Boston Tea Party in 1773 and was wounded twice at Bunker Hill. He rose to the rank of colonel. Having married into money, Swan bought a number of confiscated Loyalist properties and was involved in land speculation. In 1786 he purchased a group of islands off the coast of Maine, the largest of which bears his name. In 1787 assisted by Lafayette, he gained control of the US war debt to France. Traveling back and forth between France and America, he launched a series of mercantile ventures but died in a debtor's prison in Paris.1

J. W. Swan ~ A Briton of Scottish ancestry, exhibited and patented in 1878 a carbon incandescent lamp that he had made 9 years earlier.14

W. M. Sweetland ~ 1819-1902 ~ Husband of Martha Nesbitt Patten. M.D., the son of Colonel Bowen and Elizabeth (Durkee) Sweetland, was born in Dryden, NY and died in Highland Park, IL. He was at one time Mayor of Highland Park.4

A.A. Campbell Swinton ~ He formulated the modern electronic television when in 1908 he proposed the use of magnetically reflected cathode ray tubes at both the camera and the receiver.14

John Swinton ~ 1829-1901 ~ Journalist, brother of William born in Haddingtonshire, . He trekked the mid-west gaining experience and finally landed a job in New York as an editorial writer for the New York Times (1860-70), and Sun (1875-83, 1893-97). He took an active interest in social and industrial questions and was Progressive Labor Party's candidate for State Senator in 1887. He "produced many educational works which were widely adopted in both private and public schools throughout the country." Henry Ward Beecher called him the "American Napier" from the vividness of his historical descriptions. He tried, unsuccessfully to be mayor of New York as a candidate of the Industrial Political Party. He was a great friend of Karl Marx but denied that he was a socialist.1,


William Swinton ~ d. 1892. ~ Brother of John, war correspondent extraordinary, went to work for The New York Times. He was a front-line correspondent in the Civil War and gained a reputation for his hard-hitting criticism of the Federal Generals and their tactics. He was prepared legal or otherwise to secure a story. He became Professor of English at the University of California in 1869 and had to resign because of conflict in 1874. He spent his last years in Brooklyn NY; he was financially scatter-brained and had to dispose of valuable copyrights for a pittance to make ends meet.1

James Sym ~ confectioner, State street, lost valuable stock in the Chicago fire.

William Symes ~ Indentured Serv. Virginia 1774. He was 21, a sadler and sailed on the Betsey.10

Stuart Symington ~ U.S. Senator and Scot.14

Symington ~ Scottish wine producers in Portugal. Now they have 34 members of this family living in Oporto, Portugal, and is the largest independent firm and markets the Dow, Graham and Warre brands. One of their relatives was U. S. senator Stuart Symington.14


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