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Ruhiyyih Rabbani ~ Spiritual leader of the world's 4 l/2 million Bahai faithful, based in Haifa, Israel. She is the daughter of the distinguished Canadian architect William Sutherland Maxwell.14

R. Raddler ~ First Manager of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society 11/30/1845, of Naperville.

Paul Rader ~ Minister of the Moody Church, Chicago in 1918.6

Fred G. Rae ~ b. March 4, 1850 ~ Journalist; b. Edinburgh, Scotland. son George and Mary (Stevens) Rae; ed. pub. schools; learned trade of a compositor in Wick, Scotland; later worked at that trade in most of the large British cities; came to America from London 1871 and to Chicago 1876; married Chicago June 2, 1881 Margaret McMillen; 1 daughter: Ethel Isabella. Began newspaper work about 1872; joined editorial force of Chicago Herald 1884; later with Chicago Morning News and Chicago Mail; returned to Herald and remained until consolidation with Times, serving as telegraph editor. New York correspondent, night editor and exchange editor; was exchange editor Chicago Chronicle until that paper suspended publication; now investigator for Civil Service Commission. Residence in 1905: 238 Eastwood Av. Residence in 1911: 2433 Leland Av. Office in 1905: Chronicle Office Office in 1911: City Hall.11,20

John Rae ~ 1813-1893 ~ Explorer who mapped vast areas of the Arctic, completing his survey in 1846. In 1854 Rae won the ten-thousand-pound prize for bringing in the first evidence of the lost Franklin expedition, which had set out to try to find the Northwest Passage in 1845. He was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company and completed the survey of the Arctic coastline between 1837 and 1854.14

Sir Henry Raeburn ~ 1756-1823 ~ Portrait painter, known as the 'Scottish Reynolds'. He was orphaned at the age of six, educated at Heriot's Hospital and apprenticed to a local goldsmith where his skill in painting miniature portraits was encouraged. He married one of his sitters, Anne Leslie, although the marriage does not appear to be recorded in the OPRs. Following two years studying in Italy he opened a studio in Edinburgh, being acknowledged as the foremost painter in Scotland and receiving honors from many countries. He produced several hundred portraits of such notables as: Sir Walter Scott, David Hume, James Boswell, Neil Gow, James Hutton and Thomas Telford. The University of Edinburgh has a major collection of his works. Born St. Cuthberts 4-Mar-1756. Also given as Henry Reaburn in the St. Cuthbert's blotter.14,18

Alexander Raffen ~ plumber, Dearborn street, lost stock in the Chicago fire. First Lieutenant of the Highland Guard's in 1859-60.6

John Raffen ~ foundry on Kingsbury street lost in the Chicago fire.

John T. Raffin ~ with Robert Clark formed the company Clark and Raffen. He was a soldier with the "Highland Guards" during the Civil War.

David Raid ~ Indentured servant 4 yrs 1774. Sent to Maryland on the Etty. He was a weaver and 19 years old.10

William Rainey ~ Ulster-Scots Methodist circuit-rider took the gospel to remote areas of Mississippi in the early 1800s.1

Bonnie Raitt ~ Blue-rock singer whose records sell in the millions. Daughter of John Raitt and Scot.14

John Raitt ~ Father of Bonnie Raitt.

John Raitt ~ One of the greatest singers in Broadway history, he created the roles of Billy Bigelow in Carousel (1945) and Sid Sorokin in The Pajama Game (1954). He is descended from a Scottish Presbyterian minister.14

Alester Rallendra ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

David Ralston ~ Husband of Janet Picken, s/o William and Elizabeth (Andrew) Ralston, b. at Knockstaplemore, Scotland 4, Mar. 1832, d. 15 Feb. 1876.19

Elizabeth Ralston ~ Wife of Charles Brown, father of Mary Brown who married John Andrew. She was born c. 1778 at Brecklate, Scotland and the date of their marriage banns was 16 May 1801. Charles and Elizabeth eventually emigrated to the Scotch settlement as did their children and several of their daughters were married to the earliest pioneers. The date of the marriage banns for Charles and Elizabeth was 16 May 1801 and both are buried at Argyle, IL Charles died 14, Apr. 1850 and Elizabeth died 16 Dec. 1854. Both are buried at Argyle. IL.19

Gavin & David Ralston ~ Settled in Scotch Grove, IL 1841.6

James Ralston ~ Husband of Helen Greenlee and son of William and Helen (Greenlees) Ralston, b. 17 Mar, 1826 at Knockstaple, parish of Southend, Scotland, d. in Rockford, IL 19 Feb. 1897. M. Helen Greenlee in Winnebago Co., IL 25 Dec. 1856. They lived in Guilford Twp. And had five children.19

Jane Ralston ~ d/o George Picken and Jane Brown. B. 15 June 1842, d. 9 Jan 1904; m. Hugh Brown.19

Margaret Ralston ~ b. 4 Nov. 1852 at Chatham, Ontario, Canada, d. 10 Feb. 1937. She was d/o Alexander J. and Margaret (McKerrel) Ralston.19

Peter and Alexander Ralston ~ Settled in Scotch Grove, IL 1843.6

Robert Ralston ~ son of Gavin and Jane (Montgomery) Ralston b. at Gartnarorach 1 Oct. 1826, d. 5 Apr. 1913 married Elizabeth Andrew, child of John and Mary Andrew on 19 Mar. 1857. They had six children.10

Thomas Ralston ~ S/o William and Elizabeth (Andrew) Ralston. Husband of Martha Picken. B. Knockstaplemore, Scotland 15 Jan. 1835, d. 8 Nov. 1898.19

William Chapman Ralston ~ 1826-75 ~ developer of California was of Scottish descent.17

William Ralston ~ Father of James Ralston; husband of Helen Greenlees.19

Adam Ramage ~ d. 1850 ~ A Scotsman in Philadelphia, made the first major improvement to the Gutenberg press in 1796 when he replaced the ancient spindle-screw with one of triple thread, rapid action. He was distinguished as a manufacturer of printing presses in the beginning of the last century, and patented the "Ramage" press in 1818. Two men working the press could effortlessly produce 250 impressions per hour. The Ramage Press was also more compact and lightweight than its predecessors. The Ramage press was loved by the American pioneer printers who, with the first westward expansion of America, carried it by horse and wagon, ox-cart, prairie-schooner and, flatboat out to remote frontiers to establish newspapers. Internet,17

Allan Ramsay ~ 1713-1784 ~ Artist. Son of Allan Ramsay, he was the first important Scottish painter. Studied under William Hogarth in London. Travelled through Europe to Rome, which influenced his work. Returning to Edinburgh in 1738, he painted portraits and enjoyed Edinburgh society, making friends including David Hume and Adam Smith. In London he painted the portraits of Royalty, and was so much in demand that he employed others such as Alexander Nasmyth to assist him.14

Allan Ramsay ~ Poet who set up in Scotland the first circulating library.14

Bertram Ramsay ~ Admiral and commander of the Allied naval forces on D-Day, 1944. 14

Carl Aloysius Ramsay ~ a Scholar in 17th century Germany was a pioneer of shorthand.14

David Ramsay ~ 1749-1815 ~ physician and patriot, of Ulster Scot descent, Delegate to the Continental Congress, was author of historical works relating to the Revolution and to South Carolina.17

Francis Munroe Ramsay ~ 1835-1914 ~ Rear Admiral and Chief of the Bureau of Navigation (1889), Member of the Court of Inquiry which investigated the conduct of Rear Admiral Schley during the war with Spain, was a grandson of Patrick Ramsay who came from Scotland, c. 1750.17

John Louis Ramsay ~ One of the first residents of the Scottish Home.

John Ramsay ~ Clan MacDuff Member and Member of the Robert Burns Memorial and Monument Committee.

Sir William Ramsay ~ 1852-1916 ~ Chemist. Ramsay was born in Glasgow and became Professor of Chemistry at Bristol and then University College, London. Chiefly responsible for the discovery of the rare gases Helium, Argon, Neon, Krypton and Xenon. Also worked in radio-activity. He spread scientific interest to other parts of the British Empire, including setting up the Indian Institute for Science at Bangalore. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1904.14,18

Alexander Ramsey ~ first territorial and second state Governor of Minnesota (1849-53, 1860-64), was grandson of an Ulster Scot who served in the Revolutionary War.14,17

Carrie Ramsey ~ Died September 16, 1877; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Isabella Ramsey ~ Died December 15, 1877; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Norman F. Ramsey ~ b. 1915 ~ Descended from Scottish Covenanters who came to America through Ireland, he won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1989 for his work in developing the atomic clock.14

William Ramsey ~ Co-founder of Alexandria, Virginia with John Carlysle, both Scottish merchants.1,14

Alexander Randles ~ 1846- ~ Child of Ann McGeoch/Andrew. Born in Hebron NY.4

Alexander Randles ~ 1791-1860 ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh. Married Mary Ann Louden in 1815. Born in Hebron, Washington Co. NY; died there.4

Andrew Randles ~ Child of Emily White/William J. Married Myrtle Beitle.4

Andrew Randles ~ 1822-1896 ~ Child of Mary Louden/Alexander. Born in Hebron NY and died in Waterman, IL. Married in Argyle NY 1845, Margaret Ann McGeoch. He was a ruling elder of the United Presbyterian church in East Grenwich NY at the age of 24 and continued to serve as elder until he moved to IL in 1867, where he was an elder in the Somonauk, IL United Presbyterian Church until his death, 50 years in all. He owned for 20 years the Patten homestead near East Greenwich, NY where Alexander R. Patten was born and reared. Coming to IL in the spring of 1867, they bought an improved farm in Clinton township for $35.00 per acre where they spend the rest of their lives.4

Anna Randles ~ Child of Emily White/William J. Married Wallace Cox.4

Elizabeth Randles ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Married William Hutchens.4

Hugh Randles ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh. Married Elizabeth Livingston.4

Hugh Randles ~ 1759-1825 ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Born in County Monaghan, Ireland; died in Hebron, NY; Married there, Jane McClellan.4

James Randles ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh. A lawyer, he died in Michigan.4

Jane Randles ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh Married James H. Flack.4

John Randles ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Married Sarah Foster.4

Margaret Randles ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh. Married Col. William McClellan.4

Martha A Randles ~ Wife of Archie H. Howison.4 Martha Randles ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Married James Foster.4

Martha Jane Randles ~ 1816-1883 ~ Wife of Joseph Gilchrist. She was the daughter of Alexander Randles and his wife Mary A. Loudon, and granddaughter of Hugh Randles and his wife Jane, daughter of Alexander McClellan of Hebron, NY.4

Martha Randles ~ Child of Emily White/William J. Married 1st Archie Howison; second George McCleery.4

Mary Jeannette Randles ~ 1850-1881 ~ Child of Ann McGeoch/Andrew. Married 1870, William Doig McCleery.4

Phoebe Randles ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Married Alexander Coulter of Cambridge, NY.4

Roy Randles ~ Husband of Marie & Agnes McCleery. He was connected with a Clarion bank in Clarion, Iowa in 1928. Son of Emily White/William J. Randles.4

William J. Randles ~ 1848-1917 ~ Child of Ann McGeoch/Andrew. born in Greenwich, NY. Married in Somonauk, IL in 1873 to Emily White.4

William Randles ~ Child of Jane McClellan/Hugh. Married Elizabeth Barkeley.4

William Randles ~ child of Phoebe Todd/Andrew. Head of a family in Hebron in 1790.4

Charles Randolph ~ Made continuous improvements to marine engines which became the world standard and made the Clyde the most important shipbuilding river in the world.14

Edmund Randolph ~ 34 year old governor of Virginia, descended from the noble Randolphs of Scotland. He spoke for three hours at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, presenting the Virginia Plan, which advocated a strong national government composed of three independent departments: the executive, the judicial and the legislative, the last of which would have two houses. He further proposed that the representation of each state be based on that state's population. Attorney General in the first American cabinet.14

Isabella Rankin ~ Wife of Robert Blair. Daughter of David Rankin who came to Aghadowey, Ireland, from Scotland in 1685.12

James Rankin ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Airdrie, Scotland

Jeanette Rankin ~ 1880-1973 ~ Congresswoman from Montana, she was the granddaughter of Scottish immigrants. In 1917 she became the first woman ever elected to Congress and had the distinction, in both 1917 and 1941, of being the only member to vote against a declaration of war. In the latter year, with the vote against her 388 to 1, she explained, "As a woman I can't go to war and I refuse to send anyone else".14

John Rankin ~ china merchant, Randolph street, lost whole stock in the Chicago fire.

William Birch Rankine ~ 1858-1905 ~ of Scots parentage, took up the work of developing Niagara power and founded the Niagara Falls Power Company (1886).17

William John Macquorn Rankine ~ 1820-1872 ~ He was one of the founders of thermo-dynamics, and the Rankine cycle of that science is named after him. Rankine was also a molecular physicist and evolved the scientific term "energy".14

Robert Rantoul ~ 1805-52 ~ of Scots ancestry, was member of the first Commission to Revise the Laws of Massachusetts, Member of the first Massachusetts Board of Education, "an honor intended to be conferred only on such as were well qualified by their literary acquisitions to discharge its responsible duties." He was also a prominent agitator against the fugitive slave law, and organizer and corporator of the Illinois Central Railroad, the first transcontinental line projected.17

Robert Rantoul ~ 1778-1848 ~ of Scottish parentage, worked hard to ameliorate the criminal legislation of the country, and took part in establishing a charity school at Beverly, Massachusetts, which was said to be the first Sunday School in America.17

J. Rattray ~ printer, whose house and furniture on North Clark street was lost in the Chicago fire.

Jerry Rawlings ~ Half-Scottish, half-Ghanian, this flight lieutenant led a successful coup in 1979 and is Ghana's undisputed leader.14

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings ~ won the Pulitzer Prize in 1939 for The Yearling.14

Angus Ray ~ General Chairman of the 1965 Feast of the Haggis in Chicago.

Joseph Ray ~ produced school books.1

Sam Rayburn ~ 1882-1961 ~ Elected to the House of Representatives 25 consecutive tims and served 48 years and 8 months, both records. He was also Speaker of the House for 17 of those years, exceeding the previous mark of Henry Clay by a wide margin. Rayburn's ancestry was mostly Scottish.14

Samuel B. Raymond ~ Married Alla May Beveridge.12

George Campbell Read ~ c. 1788-1862 ~ Admiral, of Ulster Scot descent, took part in the fight between the "Constitution" and "Guerri re" in 1812.17

George Read ~ Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Delaware.14

Ronald Reagan ~ 40th President of the United States who took office in 1981 in the midst of the Iran hostages affair. This former Hollywood star is the great-great grandson of the weaver and radical Claud Wilson and his wife, Peggie Downie who were married at Castlehead kirk in Paisley in 1807. During his tour of Scotland in 1991, he sported a Wilson family tartan jacket.1

Redemptioner ~ A person who would pay for their passage on arrival or become an indentured servant for the number of years necessary to pay for passage.10

Robert Redford ~ Actor and Scot.1,14

James Redpath ~ 1833-91 ~ journalist and author, born in Berwick-on-Tweed, was prominently identified with the abolition movement, was organizer of the school system of South Carolina, founder of the Boston Lyceum Bureau, war correspondent for Northern newspapers during the Civil War, and author of several histories and biographical works.17

Jean Redpath ~ 20th century's best Scottish folk singer. She has packed halls all over the world with her pure, dusky mezzo-soprano, which has been called "unmatched by any other contemporary folk singer." In 1988 Redpath became the first folk singer to perform at New York's Mostly Mozart Festival, singing Haydn's Scottish songs.14

Hugh Reed ~ Indentured Serv. Virginia 1774. He was 23, a wolcomber and sailed on the Elizabeth.10

Joseph Reed ~ of Ulster Scot descent, Governor of Pennsylvania (1778-81).14,17

Thomas Reed ~ Died June 4, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Bradford Reed ~ 1806-76 ~ was Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister-Plenipotentiary to China.17

David Rees ~ set up his famous red-painted blacksmith's shop on Buffalo, NY's Washington Street in 1803.1

John Regan ~ Author of a travel book/settlers manual called The Emigrant's Guide in Illinois, published 1847. After marrying, John left Scotland at 23, in 1842, but was to travel back regularly to Scotland. He settled in Virgil, Illinois (no longer in existence) and became a newspaperman, traveling Western Illinois. He moved his family to Knoxville, IL and bought the local paper, the Knoxville Journal.1

Alexander Reid ~ father of Mary Reid; b. 1782, d. in Caledonia in 1862.19

Alexander Reid ~ s/o James Reid and Margaret Reid, was b. 20 Jan. 1814 in Caordanbeg, Scotland, d. 15 Mar, 1882, bur. Scotch Cem., IL. He m. 28 Mar 1842 in Winnebago Co., IL, Janet Picken. Alexander followed his brother Hugh, to the Scotch Settlement in Illinois at Argyle and arrived there in 1840. His marriage to Janet Picken was the first recorded for the settlement.19 Children: Ellen, Margaret, Alexander, James and Catherine.19

Don Hugo Reid ~ (son of a Cardross, Dunbartonshire shopkeeper). He was in business in Los Angeles by 1834 selling everything from silk to sugar, coffee to window glass. LA then had a population of some 1500. Hugo met and married an Indian girl called Dona Victoria. He built a house in Santa Anita and cultivated vine and raised cattle. He also bought a boat, The Esmerelda and traded up and down the coast as far as the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) until he was accused of smuggling. Thereafter he returned to farming. His land was confiscated during the 1846 war with Mexico. The center of prosperity switched from Los Angeles to San Francisco during the gold rush, and he and Jim McKinley (also of Cardross) opened a dry-goods store supplying prospectors in and around Monterey. Reid served on the crucial Boundary Commission and helped frame state laws and the education system, as well as detailing the rights of women, Negroes and Indians. The Monterey business failed and he returned south a tired, sickly man. He was left with just 188 acres. His adobe house c. 1840 was rebuilt as an official state landmark in 1961.1,14

Hugh Reid ~ s/o James and Margaret Reid, was b. 20 Aug. 1803 at Kildavie, Parish of southend, Scotland, d. 29 Dec. 1887, bur. Scotch Cem., IL. He m. 4 Apr. 1835, Mary Howie (Huie). Hugh was the first brother to arrive at Argyle, IL, and was the second family to arrive. He followed the trade of a weaver in Scotland. In 1837, he brought his wife and infant daughter to Ottawa, IL, where he worked on the canal. He arrived in Winnebago Co. IL in the spring of 1838. He occupied the Armour claim until he made his own claim and bought land 28 Oct. 1839. Children: Margaret H., William H., James S.6,19

Jacobi Reid ~ The earliest known Scottish presence in Sweden is a tombstone for this man dated 1579.14

James/Alexander Reid ~ Settled in Scotch Grove, IL 1842.6

James Douglas Reid ~ 1819-1901 ~ born in Edinburgh, superintended the construction of many of the most important telegraph lines in the United States and founded and edited the "National Telegraph Review."17

James Reid ~ Died January 19, 1890; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Reid ~ father of Alexander Reid; m. Margaret Reid (banns) 16 Jan. 1801.19

James S. Reid ~ s/o Hugh Reid and Mary Howie (Huie). B. 12 Nov. 1840 in Harlem, Twp., IL, d. 13 May 1927, m. (1) Mary Breckenridge m. (2) Jane Smith.19

John Reid ~ Fife from Dunfermline began to play golf in Yonkers NY in the 1870's. From this beginning grew the St. Andrews Golf Club, Westchester County NY of which Reid was a founder. The club was backed by Andrew Carnegie.1,14

Margaret H. Reid ~ d/o Hugh Reid and Mary Howie (Huie). B. 13 June 1836 in Scotland, d. 8 Jan. 1912, bur. Scotch Cem., IL.19

Margaret Reid ~ mother of Alexander Reid; m. James Reid (banns) 16 Jan. 1801.19

Mary Reid ~ b. 9 Nov. 1809, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 13 June 1887, bur. Scotch Cem., IL. Mary was the widow of Daniel McNair and the d/o Alexander Reid and Elizabeth Park. She married (2) James Picken. Children: Hugh B., Mary and Margaret.19

Robert Reid ~ Medal of Honor Recipient-Civil War. Rank and organization: Private, Company G, 48th Pennsylvania Infantry. Place and date: At Petersburg, Va., 17 June 1864. Entered service at: Pottsville, Pa. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 1 December 1864. Citation: Capture of flag of 44th Tennessee Infantry (C.S.A.). Internet

Sarah Reid ~ Mother David Stewart Kennedy.4

Thomas Reid ~ held that certain moral "truths" were "self evident".14

Whitelaw Reid ~ 1837-1912 ~ one of the half dozen most distinguished representatives of this country abroad was of Scottish descent on both sides.17

William H. Reid ~ s/o Hugh Reid and Mary Howie (Huie). Husband of Mary Andrew, b. 27 Sept. 1837 at Ottawa, d. 15 Apr. 1918 bur, Scotch Cem.; m. Mary Andrew.19

William M. Reid ~ Lived in Chalmers Township, IL in the 1840's.6

William Reid ~ Founded the legendary, Reid's, on the Portuguese island of Madeira, off the coast of Africa. He founded the hotel in the 19th century 12 years after he had left Kilmarnock with five pounds in his pocket.14

Lord John Charles Walsham Reith ~ 1889-1971 ~ Called the "father" of the British broadcasting Company, Reith became the first general manager of the BBC in 1922 and director general from 1927 to 1938. He created and developed broadcasting through the British Isles, inaugurated shortwave service and in 1936 had the first regular high-definition television service in the world. He qualified as a Civil Engineer. He succeeded in forming a broadcasting organization second to none in the world. He considered that broadcasting should be instructive, uplifting and a means of promoting good moral living as well as being a form of entertainment. He became Minister of Information and Transport (1940) and Minister of Works and Planning (1940-42). His birth was registered twice - in the district of place of birth (Stonehaven) and that of the usual residence of parents (Glasgow). Born Fetteresso 20-Jul-1889.14,18

John Rendell ~ Died February 1, 1892; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

John T. Rennie ~ b. 1819 ~ Born in the "Auld Town o'Ayr" where Robert burns was born. He was a successful manufacturer by whose enterprise the city of Cairo, IL was built.6

Michael Rennie ~ 1909-1971 ~ Actor born in England to a Scottish father.14

NFN Renton ~ Farmer in Tama County, Iowa.1

Edward Sabine Renwick ~ son of James Renwick b. 1790.17

Henry Brevoort Renwick ~ noted engineer and expert in patent cases, first inspector of steam vessels for the Port of New York, was a son of James Renwick the scientist.17

James Renwick ~ 1790-1862 ~ born in Liverpool of Scottish parents, was Professor of Physics in Columbia University, author of several scientific works, and one of the Commissioners who laid out the early boundary line of the Province of New Brunswick. His mother was the Jeannie Jaffray of several of Burns's poems.17

James Renwick ~ 1818-95 ~ Born in New York, he was of Scottish ancestry. He planned the distributing reservoir on Fifth Avenue, New York where the New York Public Library now (1921) stands. He was one of the greatest architects in this country, and the beauty of his work is amply attested by Grace Church, Calvary Church, Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. He designed St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. He was also the architect of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., which was built for Gilbert Cameron, a native of Scotland. The ruins of Renwick's Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City are presently floodlit as part of the skyline.14,17

James 'Scotty' Reston ~ Pulitzer Prize winning writer born in Clydebank, Scotland, but made his name internationally with his syndicated New York Times column.1 Died 12/6/95. See obit in files. He was a winner of the Wallace Award of the American Scottish Foundation. President Eisenhower once complained, "Who the hell does Scotty Reston think he is, telling me how to run the country!".14

John Edgar Reyburn ~ b. 1845 ~ Member State Senate of Pennsylvania, Member of Congress 1890-1907.17

Gen. John Fulton Reynolds ~ 1820-1863 ~ American military officer. At the beginning of the Civil War he was appointed a lieutenant colonel of volunteers. He led a brigade in the Seven Days' Battles, but was felled by a sniper's bullet at Gettysburg.1

Alexander Colden Rhind ~ 1821-97 ~ Rear Admiral who served in the Mexican and Civil Wars, was of Scottish descent.17

vDavid Rhind, ~ tutor of John Rutledge, "an excellent classical scholar, and one of the most successful of the early instructors of youth in Carolina," was of Scottish birth.17

John Massey Rhind ~ (b. 1858) Member of the National Sculpture Society, one of the foremost sculptors of the present day, he was born in Edinburgh.17

Mary Rich ~ Wife of James Walker.4

Henry Hobson Richardson ~ (1838-1886) of Scottish descent, he pioneered the American style, which can still be seen in his Pittsburgh courthouse and jail. Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Boston is considered his masterpiece.14,17

Henry Hobson Richardson ~ 1838-86 ~ of Scottish descent, drew the plans for many important buildings, but Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Boston, is considered his masterpiece.17

Ian Richardson ~ an Edinburgh native and actor, he has been seen often on television and in the theater.14

Sir John Richardson ~ 1787-1865 ~ explorer who mapped 550 miles of Arctic coast.14

Robert Richie ~ Lost seven houses on Franklin and Maple Streets in the Chicago fire.1

Cuthbert Richmond ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Muchline, Scotland

Matthew Richmond ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Muchline, Scotland

John Wallace Riddle ~ b. 1864 ~ held several diplomatic posts culminating in becoming Ambassador to Russia (1906-09).17

John Clark Ridpath ~ 1841-1900 ~ educator, historian, and author, was descended from the old Border family of Redpath. He was the author of "Great Races of Mankind" (1893), "History of the World" (1898), etc.17

Nicholas Rightor ~ (Richter?) Ancestor of Nicholas R. Graham. He came to Schnectady in 1753 and built, the same year, a house, fine for its day, at Duanesburgh where he owned several hundred acres of land. The Indians attack on this house is mentioned in New York colonial history.12

Robert Rillir ~ Died February 22, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander Hay Ritchie ~ 1822-95 ~ born in Glasgow and educated in Edinburgh, was a most successful painter in oils as well as an engraver in stipple and mezzotint. His paintings of the "Death of Lincoln" and "Washington and his Generals," obtained great popularity. As a portrait painter fine examples of his work are "Dr. McCosh" of Princeton, "Henry Clay," etc. He also did a good deal of book illustrating.17

Fiona Ritchie ~ Gourock, Champion of Celtic music is one of the best known radio voices in America. She presents a weekly radio show called "The Thistle and the Shamrock" which is networked to 270 local radio stations.1,14

Hugh Ritchie ~ His soap factory and house on Grand Haven street was lost in the Chicago fire.

John Ritchie ~ arrived in Kansas in the 1850's and was part of the Underground Railway, once saying that $100,000 worth of slaves had passed through his place.1

Robert Ritchie ~ Lost seven houses on Franklin and Maple streets, furniture and stock worth $25,000, in the Chicago fire.

Thomas Ritchie ~ 1778-1854 ~ born of Scottish parentage. He wielded a powerful influence for good in both the national and state politics of Virginia, and his funeral was attended by nearly all the distinguished men of the times, including the President. Ritchie County, West Virginia, was named in his honor.17

Thomas Ritchie ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Pitcairn Green, Scotland

William Ritchie ~ Died June 23, 1898; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Adam L. Robb ~ Died July 3, 1874; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Jennie Morrison Robb ~ d. 1869 ~ 1st Wife William Turner Moffett. Daughter of Hugh M. Robb. She was a graduate of Monmouth College, class of 1859. Buried at Oak Mound.4

Joseph Robb ~ Died February 8, 1875; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Anna Mary Robertson - "Grandma Moses." See April 1996 History Club Newsletter, Page 3

John Roberton ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1775. He was 21, a school master indentured for 4 years and sailed on the Nancy.10

John Roberts ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. He was 30, a merchant and sailed on the Georgia Diana.10

John Roberts ~ 1768-1803 ~ Scottish engravers who produced good work.17

John Roberts ~ 1768-1803 ~ Scottish engraver.17

Margaret Roberts ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. She was 23, wife of John, and sailed on the Georgia Diana.10

Marie E. Roberts ~ Wife James Edward Stuart. Daughter late Hon. Peter Roberts of Iowa City, IA.11

R. Biddle Roberts ~ 1825-1886 ~ Colonel Roberts was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He died at the Sherman House in Chicago. His grandfather, Judge Roberts, was a noted man in Western Pennsylvania and is said to have been the first one who crossed the Alleghenies in a carriage. He was appointed Judge for Western Pennsylvania by Governor McLean in 1793. His father, Edward J. Roberts, was also a lawyer and for many years clerk of the United States Court in Pittsburgh. Colonel Roberts received a high school degree while attending school in Washington, D. C. He was frequently on the floor of the Senate and House and made the acquaintance of a good many of the leading men of the time and he too was drawn in politics afterwards. His father died in 1847, leaving the family in Biddle's care. In 1850, he was admitted to the bar. Three years later he ran for District Attorney on the Democratic ticket, and was elected, being the only member of that Party who was ever elected to such an important office in Allegheny County. He held the position until 1856. In that year, he took a very prominent part in the political campaign as Chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee of Pennsylvania. In 1857, President Buchanan appointed him U. S. District Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania and he remained in that position until the outbreak of the Civil War. He had been a Democrat, but then became a strong Union man believing in subduing the Rebels. He fought in the Peninsular Campaign under George McClellan, and was in the battles of South Mountain and Antietam, and received many commendations from different general officers for his gallant conduct, notably at Charles City cross-roads. After the battle of Antietam, President Lincoln nominated Colonel Roberts for Brigadier-General. Secretary Stanton, however, was at one time a rival of colonel Roberts at the Pittsburgh bar, withheld the appointment until after the Senate adjourned. When Colonel Roberts heard of this he resigned. Governor Curtin placed him on his staff again, and for several years he had charge of the issuing of commissions to officers in the army for Pennsylvania. In 1896, he returned to Pittsburgh and resumed the practice of law. Three years later, his wife's health being bad, and he having become dissatisfied, they moved to Chicago and he continued to practice. In 1880, he formed a partnership with Frank J. Loesch, and continued that association until his death. In 1872, he was appointed consulting counsel for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and looked after the interests of the Fort Wayne Road. Although, known as a railroad lawyer, he was in general practice, but the majority of his practice was in consulting. He was president of the Bar Association for one year and president of the St. Andrew's Society in 1882. He was a thirty-second degree Mason, an ordinary member of the Pennsylvania Commandery L. L., and one of the Illinois counsel of the American Bar Association. He was noted for his integrity. His wife, who was a Miss Mary Anderson, a relative of Robert Emmet, survives him. (The above information was obtained from several sources at the Chicago Historical Society.)

Alexander Robertson ~ b. Dec. 13, 1861 ~ Banker/Life Member Illinois St. Andrew Society 1910. Born Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland; son Alexander and Jean (King) Robertson; ed. pub schools in Scotland. Entered the service of the Bank of Scotland at Stirling 1877; transferred to Dundee 1881 and then to Dunkeld 1882, remaining until 1883. Entered service of Bank of Nova Scotia at Halifax 1883; acted as relieving mgr, 1886-7, accountant at Halifax 1888, inspector of branches 1889-92, asst mgr at Chicago 1892-7, mgr at Chicago 1897-1906; V.P. Continental Nat. Bank 1906-10 and of its successor, the Continental & Commercial Nat. Bank, since 1910; also dir. Am. Trust & savings Bank. Appointed to the House and Finance Committee of 1912 of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Yacht, Glen View, Washington Park. Recreations: Golf and reading. Residence in 1905 and 1911: Pullman Building. Office in 1905: 134 Monroe St. Office in 1911: Continental & Commercial Nat. Bank.11,20

Alexander Robertson ~ Brother of James Robertson.1

Alexander Robertson ~ Father Alexander Robertson.11

Anna Pamelia Robertson ~ Child of Anna P. Henry/William. Married David James Armstrong of Sandwich, IL.

Bill Robertson ~ Best fiddler in the area of 'Little Scotland' on the Est Fork of the Wind River, WY.1

Cliff Robertson ~ b. 1925 ~ He has stated publicly that winning the Wallace Award meant more to him than the Academy Award he won in 1968 for his role in Charly.14

Daniel Robertson ~ Died July 10, 1894; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Daniel Robertson ~ d. 1843 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Died at 5 years in Putnam, NY.4

David Robertson ~ Died March 4, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Donald Robertson ~ b. 1860 ~ Actor/Born in Edinburgh, Scotland son John and Agnes Robertson; ed. George Watson's Collegiate Inst., Edinburgh and Poly. Inst. Brooklyn. On the stage since 1879; came to America 1873; dir. Donald Robertson co. of Players. Has appeared in leading roles in all the prin. cities of US. Upon invitation of bd of dirs. of Art Inst. of Chicago, has made Fullerton Hall of the Art Inst., the producing home of his co since 1908 (the first honor of this kind ever awarded in America). List of plays includes Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman, Hedda Gabler, Ghosts; Milton's Comus; Goldini's A Curious Mishap; Moliere's Tartaffe and The Miser; Lamb's The Intruding Widow; Browning's A Blot on the Scutcheon; Voltaire's The Prodigal; etc. Club: Cliff Dwellers. Author: Rhymes 1884. Impressions in Rhyme 1896. Residence 3339 N. Hamilton Ave.11

Donald Robertson ~ Tutor of James Madison who taught him to speak French with a Scottish accent. He lived with Robertson for five years.14

Eleanor Robertson ~ Married William Henry. Aunt of Ann Hoy Beveridge.4

Elizabeth A. Robertson ~ d/o Thomas Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor. B. ca. 1843 in Illinois, d. 4 July 1852, aged 8 years.19

George Robertson ~ 1790-1874 ~ Chief Justice of Kentucky (1829-43), "whose name stands first in the list of great men who have occupied and adorned the Appellate bench of Kentucky," and who declined the offer of the governorship of Arkansas, was of Scottish ancestry.17

Gilbert Robertson ~ Married Isabel Johnston of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.4

Henry Robertson ~ 1844-1863 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Died a soldier in the Union Army at Jackson, TN.4

Hugh Robertson ~ Lived in Prairie Township, IL in the 1840's.6

Jacob Robertson ~ A native of Struan who was ennobled in 1635, he served as royal physician to Gustavus Adolphus, Sweden's most famous king.14

James Robertson ~ Child of Margaret/James Robertson. Married Agnes Oliver. Children: Margaret Robertson.4

James Robertson ~ Died October 10, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Robertson ~ 1710-1788 ~ born in Fifeshire, was Governor of New York in 1780.17

James Robertson ~ d. 1829 ~ Scotland to Cambridge, NY 1794. He came with his wife, Margaret and their three children Helen Robertson, John Robertson. His brothers William and Patrick came the same year. He was 76 when he died.

James Robertson ~ learned the trade of printer from his father in Edinburgh. As a teenager he moved to Boston where he and his brother, Alexander, started The New York Chronicle which survived for a year. In 1771 his next enterprise was The Albany Gazette and he had an interest in papers in Connecticut. As a loyalist, he moved to New York in 1775 where he published The Royal American Gazette and followed the British to Philadelphia in 1778 where he set up The Royal Pennsylvania Gazette. He returned in Edinburgh where he remained in printing until 1810.1

James Robertson ~ 1742-1814 ~ General considered to be the founding father of Tennessee, born in Virginia and accompanied Boone on his third expedition in 1759 beyond the Alleghenies. He founded the city of Nashville. His services are ranked next to Sevier's in the history of his adopted state.14,17,1

James P. Robertson ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Wemyss Bay, Scotland

Jane Melvina Robertson ~ d/o Thomas Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor.Born ca. 1853, d. ca. 1872, aged 19 years.19

John Robertson ~ Father Donald Robertson.11

John Robertson ~ While of Isabel Johnston/Gilbert. Married Anne Hamilton.4

John Robertson ~ d. 1843 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Died at 7 years in Putnam, NY.4

John Robertson ~ 1814-87 ~ born in Banffshire, was Adjutant-General of Michigan from 1861 to 1887. He was author of "The Flags of Michigan," "Michigan in the War," etc.17

John Robertson ~ Indentured servant 1774 sent to Maryland on the Jenny. He was a gardner and 24 years old.10

John Robertson ~ b. 1823 ~ One of the leading Scots of Morgan Co. and probably the richest, was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth Robertson. He became a leading banker.6

John and William Robertson ~ of Roxburghshire. Founded the first successful British colony in Argentina in 1824 at Monte Grande, six leagues from Buenos Aires, on 16,000 acres that they had purchased. About 250 Scots left Edinburgh in May 1825 and when they debarked from the ship Symmetry on August 8 the entire assembly drank a toast of whisky and sand "Auld Lang Syne." By 1829 they were 514 Scots in the colony, but a civil war plunged Argentina into chaos and brought an end to Monte Grande. The Robertsons were ruined but the Scottish colonists dispersed and founded many pioneer estancies, opening Presbyterian churches and schools wherever they went. The St. Andrews Church at Buenos Aires, the first presbyterian church in South America was opened with an entirely Scottish congregation in 1835.14

John Clinton Robertson ~ s/o Thomas Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor. d. 27 Oct. 1846, aged 25 days.19

Joseph Robertson ~ Minister and father of Thomas Duncan Robertson and husband to Margaret Gray.19

Margaret Robertson ~ d. 1798 ~ Wife of James Robertson. Immigrated in 1794; died at 38 years of age.4

Margaret Isabel Robertson ~ 1850-1915 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Died in Lincoln, NEB. Married first ----- Douglas; second Rev. Elam Phillips.4

Mary Robertson ~ 1793-1890 ~ Wife of James Patten (b. 1793). Born in Argyle, NY, her mother died at her birth and she was reared by her grandmother, Eleanor Livingston (a daughter of Alexander McNaughton); she died in the home of her son William, near Sandwich, IL. At her grandmother's knee, Mary Robertson heard the tales of Bonny Prince Charley, for Mrs. Livingston was 10 years of age at the time of the Rebellion of 1745 and had vivid recollections of its stirring incidents.4

Mary Jane Robertson ~ 1825-1850 ~ Wife of Alexander White. Eldest daughter of John and Ann (Small) Robertson. Born in Coila, NY and died at Wheatland, Will County, IL.4

Mary L. Robertson ~ Wife of William Henry.4

Mary Palmer Robertson ~ d/o Thomas Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor. Born ca. 1856; m. 30 Dec. 1879, David Nevins Starr. They moved to Clearwater, FL in later years.19

NFN Robertson ~ POW sent to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

Patricke Robertson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Robert Andrew Robertson ~ 1848-1927 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Served as a soldier in the Civil War for nearly three years; married Anna McFarland.4

Robert Oliver Robertson ~ Child of Agnes Oliver/James. Married Elizabeth Henry, sister of James Henry of Somonauk, IL, IL.4

Rufus Robertson ~ Married Ann Fitch.4

Samuel Robertson ~ Died March 28, 1911; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Thomas Duncan Robertson ~ s/o Rev. Joseph and Margaret (Gray) Robertson, was b. 4 Mar. 1818 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 4 Feb. 1902 in Rockford. He m. (1) 19 May 1843 in Winnebago Co., Elizabeth Ann Taylor; (2) Harriet P. His parents moved to London when he was a small child. He lived with a brother for a time on the Isle of Sheppey where he attended school. He came to the United States in 1838 and arrived in Rockford in December of that year. He studied law in Rockford, IL and Madison, WI and was admitted to the bar. He practiced for a time but gradually abandoned his law practice and devoted his attention to banking and real estate and was a leader in the movement to secure the extension of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad to Rockford. He was a trustee of Beloit College and Rockford College. He was probably the largest land owner in the city. The Robertson family had a great influence on the community. In his will, made 16, Sept. 1897, filed 10 Feb. 1902, he named his wife, Harriet P., son William T., and daughter Mary P. Starr, as major beneficiaries. Also named are his sister, Henrietta D. Hildyard and her children, a niece, nephew, grandchildren, employees and several charities. Children: Elizabeth A., John Clinton, William Taylor, Jane Melvina, and Mary Palmer.6, 19

William Robertson ~ Died in the fire of 1917 at The Scottish Home in North Riverside, IL. His body was never recovered.

William Robertson ~ 1805-1885 ~ Married Isabella Williamson. Born in Putnam, NY; died in Aurora, IL. Married first in 1835 at Putnam Isabella Williamson. Children: Charles Robertson (d. 1840 at 1 month), Alexander Robertson (d. 1843 at 2 years.) In 1843, they immigrated to Illinois and settled on a prairie farm in Clinton township. They were charter members of the Somonauk Associate Church. Mr. Robertson kept the post office at Dorset for a number of years using his house as his office. One year, his salary amounted to $5.68. Married second in Putnam, Washington Co. NY 1856, Margaret Graham. Children: Christie Robertson, Nettie Robertson.4

William Robertson ~ 1752-1925 ~ b. Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Child of Anne Hamilton/John Robertson. Died in Argyle, Washington Co. NY; married in Argyle 1775 Mary Livingston.4

William Robertson ~ 1823-1885 ~ Child of Agnes Oliver/James. Born in Greenwich, Washington Co. NY; died in Somonauk IL. Married in Greenwich, NY 1850 Anna Pamelia Henry.4

William Robertson ~ Child of Margaret/James Robertson.4

William Robertson ~ Husband of Anna Parmelia Henry.4

William J. Robertson ~ Child of Anna P. Henry/William. He was for many years supervisor of Sandwich township, Sandwich, IL.4

William Joseph Robertson ~ 1817-98 ~ born in Virginia of Scottish parents, was Judge of the Supreme Court of Virginia and Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals (1859).17

Sir William Robert Robertson ~ The chief of the imperial general staff, head of the entire British army, during the great part of WWI was this man, an Englishman of Scottish ancestry. It is believed he was the only British soldier to rise from private to field marshal.14

William Russel Robertson ~ 1845-1926 ~ Child Isabella Williamson/William. Married Julia Fullerton in 1869; died in Franklin, NEB.4

William T. Robertson ~ Died February 5, 1874; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Taylor Robertson ~ s/o Thomas Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor. B. 22 Feb. 1850 in Rockford, IL; m. 1873 Edith White. William was President of Winnebago National Bank.19

Alester Robinson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Charles Robinson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Charles Robinson ~ Medal of Honor Recipient- Civil War. Rank and organization: Boatswain's Mate, U.S. Navy. Born: 1832 Scotland. Accredited to: New York. G.O. No.: 11, 3 April 1863. Citation: Serving on board the U.S.S. Baron de Kalb, Yazoo River Expedition, 23 to 27 December 1862. Proceeding under orders up the Yazoo River, the U.S.S. Baron de Kalb, with the object of capturing or destroying the enemy's transports, came upon the steamers John Walsh, R. J. Locklan, Golden Age, and the Scotland sunk on a bar where they were ordered fired. Continuing up the river, she was fired on by the enemy, but upon returning the fire, caused the rebels to retreat. Returning down the Yazoo, she destroyed and captured large quantities of enemy equipment and several prisoners. Serving bravely throughout this action, Robinson, as boatswain's mate, "distinguished himself in the various actions." Internet

Daniell Robinson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

David Robinson ~ Taught the first school in Bushnell Township, IL.6

Elizabeth Jane Robinson ~ b. 1883 ~ Wife of Benjamin Miller Dobbin.4

Isabelle Robinson ~ 1877 ~ Child of Thomas/Eliz. McCleery. Married Merritt Hoy Beveridge.4

J. H. Robinson ~ Married Emma Dobbin.4

James Robinson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

James Robinson ~ Indentured Serv. Virginia 1775. He was 17, a white smith, indentured for 4 years and sailed on the Betsey.10

James Fisher Robinson ~ 1800-92 ~ twenty-second Governor of Kentucky, was of English and Scottish descent.17

Jean Elizabeth Robinson ~ Child of Thomas/Eliz. McCleery. Married Wendell a. Potter, a physician in Sandwich, IL.4

John B. Robinson ~ Child of Thomas/Eliz. McCleery. Married Margaret Ethyl McCoy, of Indianapolis, Iowa and lived on the Robinson homestead.4

John Robinson ~ In 1769, he proved the inverse square law in mechanics.14

John Robinson ~ Two prisoners sent to MA in 1652 by this name.10

Margaret Robinson ~ Child of Thomas/Eliz. McCleery. Married Wallace J. Black, an attorney in Peoria, IL.4

Miles Robinson ~ Married Sarah Mary Dobbin.4

Thomas Henderson Robinson ~ 1849- ~ Husband of Elizabeth McCleery. They bought a farm in Clinton township from David Orr, where they lived many years and brought up their family. Children: Benjamin robinson, James McCleery Robinson, Lee Robinson (died young).4

John Robison ~ built an electric battery called a Voltaic pile in August, 1796.14

Robert Robison ~ Born in Jedburgh, Robison chose Dodge City, Kansas as his home. He was a cabinet-maker who had immigrated first to Canada in the 1870's. Scotty painted buggies and wagons in the ornate decorations of the day before opening a hardware store.1

Eleanor Robson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Daughter of Robert and Jane, age 6, Sailed on the Georgia Packet.10

James Robson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Son of Robert and Jane, age 4, Sailed on the Georgia Packet.10

Jane Robson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Wife of Robert, age 28, Sailed on the Georgia Packet.10

Mary Robson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Daughter of Robert and Jane, age 1, Sailed on the Georgia Packet.10

Robert Robson ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 28, a Yoeman, traveling with his wife, Jane and 3 children.10

Edith Rockefeller ~ Wife of Harold Fowler McCormick. Daughter of John D. Rockefeller.11

John Davison Rockefeller ~ 1839-1937 ~ His name is synonymous with wealth. At age 20 with a $900 stake, he founded what became the largest industrial company in the world, Standard Oil. Its descendants are many and include Exxon, by itself the world's largest industrial company, which operates in 100 countries and creates billions in annual profits. In his time Rockefeller was the world's richest man and one of the great philanthropists, giving away $750 million, a world record. His mother was Eliza Davison, a strong disciplined woman of Scottish descent who drilled him in honesty, sobriety, industry, thoughtfulness, altruism and a fervent religious faith.14

Homer Rodan ~ Indentured servant 4 yrs 1698. Went to Virginia in the Globe.10

James H. Rodger ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Coatbridge, Scotland

Calbraith Perry Rodgers ~ A descendant of the Scottish-American who opened trade between the U.S. and Japan, he made the first airplane flight across the North American continent in 1911.14

John Rodgers ~ 1771-1838 ~ of Scottish parentage, had a distinguished part in the war against Tripoli, the government of which he compelled to sign a treaty abolishing slavery of Christians and the levying of tribute on European powers. In the war of 1812 he fired the first gun, June 23, 1812, at the British frigate "Belvidere." He was afterwards offered, but declined, the office of Secretary of the Navy.17

Fred Rogers ~ Mr. Rogers of Pittsburgh set the standard for quality in children's education television. He is of Scotch-Irish ancestry and an ordained Presbyterian minister.14

Henry Darwin Rogers ~ 1808-66 ~ born in Philadelphia of Ulster Scot parentage, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Pennsylvania, State Geologist of Pennsylvania, published important works on the geology of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He removed to Edinburgh in 1855 and three years later became Professor of Natural History in the University of Glasgow.17

Will Rogers ~ The American humorist, was of Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee ancestry, and wrote a nationally syndicated column in the 1920s.14

William Barton Rogers ~ 1804-1882 ~ the elder brother of Henry Darwin Rogers, was a distinguished physicist and geologist.17

Dr. John Rogerson ~ Born in Dumfriesshire, he was physician to Catherine the Great of Russia.14

James Sidney Rollins ~ 1812-88 ~ of Ulster Scot origin, for his efforts on behalf of education in his state was declared by the Curators of the University of Missouri to have won the honorable title of "Pater Universitatis Missouriensis."17

Charles Stewart Rolls ~ co-founded Rolls Royce. He was a Briton of Scottish Ancestry. His father was John Allan Rolls and his mother was Georgiana Maclean, a daughter of Fitzroy Maclean, ninth baronet.14

Andrew Ronald ~ Brother of William, he was one of the Counsel representing the British merchants in the so-called British Debts Case.17

General Andrew Ronald ~ brother of William, was one of the Counsel representing the British merchants in the so-called British Debts Case.17

William Ronald ~ A native of Scotland, he was a delegate in the Virginia Convention of 1788.17

William Ronald ~ Died December 6, 1908; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Ronald ~ a native of Scotland, was a delegate in the Virginia Convention of 1788.17

James Ronaldson ~ along with Archibald Binney, both born in Scotland, cast the first dollar sign ever made in 1797.14

James Ronaldson ~ d. 1841 ~ also born in Scotland, succeeded to and carried on the business established by John Baine. In 1797 they cast the first $ sign used in this country. The quality and art of their product was in no wise inferior to the European and the sale of foreign made types ceased shortly after they established their business. Their foundry kept pace with the growth of the country and in the seventies of last century became the best and most extensive letter-foundry in the world. Ronaldson was first president of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia (1824-41), an institution in which he took a great interest, and in 1831 presented to Philadelphia the beautiful cemetery bearing his name. He was described as "an upright, frugal and honest man, and a lover of his adopted country."17

Casten Ronnon ~ Son of Magnus Dunbar, shielded King Charles XI of Sweden from an unexpected Danish patrol by hiding him in a chimney.14

Mickey Rooney ~ b. 1920 ~ He has had a half-century as a movie star and was born in Brooklyn, New York, of Scottish Ancestry as Joe Yule, Jr.14 See the July 1996 History Club Newsletter, page 4

Theodore Roosevelt ~ was Dutch on his father's side and Scottish on his mother's. His mother was descended from James Bulloch, born in Scotland about 1701, who emigrated to Charleston, c. 1728, and founded a family which became prominent in the annals of Georgia.17

Theodore Roosevelt ~ 1858-1919 ~ President of the US from the murder of McKinley in 1901 until 1909. He was of Dutch descent on his father's side but also from the Bulloch family of Stirlingshire on his mother's. His mother was descended from James Bulloch, born in Scotland about 1701 who emigrated to Charleston c. 1728 and founded a family which became prominent in the annals of Georgia. A Bulloch was the first governor of Georgia after the Revolutionary War. He led the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War and was also a notable big-game hunter. Governor of New York 1898-1900; in 1900, when McKinley was elected President, he was elected Vice President. On the assassination of McKinley in 1901, he succeeded to the Presidency and in 1904 was re-elected to his position. His administration was characterized by an aggressive foreign policy, increase in the powers of the President's Office and attacks on big business trusts. For his efforts in promoting peace, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1906. He acquired the Canal Zone in 1903 and began to direct the building of the Panama Canal. In the Presidential elections of 1912, he ran on the Bull Moose ticket, splitting the Republican Party.1,5,17

Alexander Rose ~ Died December 28, 1894; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Donald Rose ~ b. 1862 ~ Ry. official. b. Beauly, Scotland. Son of James and Jessie (Fraser) Rose; ed. Beauly and Inverness, Scotland; came to America 1883; married Mary Sabin of Topeka, KS 1890. Began with Grand Trunk ry. at Montreal, as traffic clerk 1883-6; with C.R.I&.P. Ry. at Chicago and Topeka 1887-90; identified with L.C.R.R. since 1891, becoming asst to the 2nd V.P. 1902, gen European agt, at London 1903, asst. to the pres. 1909, and freight traffic mgr since 1910. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Traffic. Residence: 4440 Drexel Blvd. Office: Central Station.11

James Rose ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Murray Rose ~ An Australian of Scottish parentage, he set the world 880-yard freestyle record in swimming in 1964.14

Jessie M. Rosie ~ Wife Thomas Dunbar b. 1864.11

Alester Ross ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Betsy Ross ~ Philadelphia seamstress whose husband, John Ross (nephew of George Ross, who signed the declaration) had been killed in the revolution. She was engaged to make the first American flag.14

Dan Ross ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Daniel E. Ross ~ attended the First Anniversary Dinner at the Illinois Saint Andrew Society and lived at the Lake House. He was listed as the "Bar-keeper".

David Ross ~ IL Legislator, LaSalle County.6

Donald Ross ~ born in Scotland, he designed 385 golf courses. Pinehurst #2, 3rd hole is considered his masterpiece.

Dr. Peter Ross ~ Wrote "The Scots in America".6

Elizabeth Ross ~ Died October 28, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

George Ross ~ 1730-79 ~ was also of Scottish parentage. His nephew's wife, Elizabeth (Griscom) Ross (1752-1832), better known as "Betsy Ross," was maker of the first national flag.17

George Ross ~ son of Scots minister, uncle to Betsy Ross, signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania.1,14

Harold Wallace Ross ~ Son of an Ulster mining engineer, he elevated the standards of journalism significantly when he founded the esteemed New Yorker in 1925.14

Helen Ross ~ Mother Alex. Ross Monroe.11

Henry C. Ross ~ Of Ipaava, IL. Invented the Ross Unicycle September, 1891.

Henry Ross ~ glass cutter, lost furniture in the Chicago fire.

Ian Ross ~ Scottish American who is currently the innovative president of Bell Labs. Mr. Ross was also chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors.14

Isabella Ross ~ Mother Daniel Ross Cameron.11

James Ross ~ North Wells street, lost furniture in the Chicago fire.

James Ross ~ Two prisoners sent to MA in 1652 by this name.10

James Clark Ross ~ ((1800-1862) explorer who claimed Antarctica for Britain in 1841. Ten years earlier he discovered the North Magnetic Pole.14

Jamie Ross ~ Recently on Broadway to play the male lead in Woman of the Year. He is a cousin of the move star Sean Connery.14

John D. Ross ~ born in Edinburgh in 1853, is author of several literary works particularly relating to Scotland.17

John Ross ~ He was purchasing agent for the Continental Army and was born in Tain, Ross-shire. He lost about one hundred thousand dollars by his services to his adopted country, but managed to avoid financial shipwreck.17

John Ross ~ Chief of the Cherokee nation. His grandfather, John McDonald, was born in Inverness, Scotland, about 1747 and came to settle near the site of Chattanooga where he married Ann Shorey, daughter of a Scotsman, William Shorey and his Cherokee wife, Ghigooie.1

Sir John Ross ~ 1777-1856 ~ was a Scottish polar explorer who made important oceanographic discoveries and accompanied his nephew, Sir James Clark Ross, on many other voyages. 15

John S. Ross ~ Attended the First Anniversary Dinner of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society and lived at the Lake House. First Assistant Secretary of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society 11/30/1845.

Jonas Ross ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Lewis W. Ross ~ Leading citizen in Macomb, IL.6

Luella Ross ~ Married William Irwin 1888.4

Malcolm Ross ~ Died February 2, 1871; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Robert Ross ~ Minister and founder of Monmouth College, IL. Pastor of South Henderson. He and Rev. J. C. Porter opened an academy in 1853 and in 1857 it was granted a charter. In 1919, one-fifth of the United Presbyterian ministers were graduates of Monmouth College.6

Sir Ronald Ross ~ 1857-1932 He confirmed Sir Patrick Manson's theories by investigating the life history of the malaria parasite and discovering the complex sequence of circumstances by which the disease is spread. Born in Nepal, Ross was the son of a Scottish general and a descendant of the mother of the Bride of Lammermoor. He was the author of Prevention of Malaria and received the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine in 1902. After Sir Alexander Fleming, he probably saved more human lives than any other man.14

William A. Ross ~ Died June 23, 1889; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William F. G. Ross ~ Member of the Finance Committee reported in minutes of 1/4/1940.

David Rosse ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John Rosse ~ Three prisoners sent to MA in 1652 by this name.10

Matthew Rowan ~ was President of Council and Acting Governor of North Carolina in 1753-54.17

Donald Roye ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

James Rumsey ~ Born in Virginia of Scottish parents in 1754 he made the world's first demonstration of a steamboat on the Potomac River in the presence of George Washington and hundreds of spectators.14

Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie ~ Decorated Scots Guards tank commander during WWII, who later became archbishop of Canterbury.14

Donald Cameron Runnicles ~ Born in Edinburgh in 1954, he conducts opera in Europe and the United States.14

Benjamin Rush ~ 1745-1813 ~ "The Hippocrates of Pennsylvania", he was the father of American psychiatry. Rush, of remote Scottish ancestry, was educated at Edinburgh and became a major figure in early American medicine.14

John Ruskin ~ 1819-1900 ~ Writer "who more than anyone else influenced the public taste of Victorian England, he was the grandson of John James Ruskin, an Edinburgh merchant and had Tweedale, Adair, Ross and Agnew ancestors.14

Andrew Russel ~ b. 1785-1861 ~ Grandfather of Hon. Andrew Russel of Jacksonville. Born and educated in Glasgow. On coming to the US, he purchased a farm 10 miles south of Jacksonville until 1853.6

Andrew Russel ~ Former IL state treasurer and State Auditor of IL in 1919. Banker in Jacksonville and one of the founders and a director of the IL state Historical Society.6

David Russel ~ Settled in Boston, 1774. He was 25, a Cooper, and sailed on the Succes.10

Bertrand Russell ~ 1872-1970 ~ He was a British philosopher and mathematician of partly Scottish ancestry and actually claimed descent from King Robert I, the Bruce. His championship of individual freedom has been compared to that of Voltaire in the 18th century and to that of John Stuart Mill in the 19th. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1950.14

David E. Russell ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Dalkeith, Scotland

David Lindsay Russell ~ forty-eighth Governor North Carolina (1897-1901), was of direct Scottish descent.17

James Russell ~ Died November 19, 1875; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Jane Russell ~ b. 1921 ~ She is Scottish on both sides of her ancestry. The Russells came from Inverness.14

Robert Russell ~ carpet merchant; b. Blairgowrie, Scotland, May 8, 1862; s. Robert and Elizabeth (Patterson) Russell; ed. public schools in Scotland; m. Chicago, July 2, 1891, Lillian B. Sutherland. Began business life with 3 years service in jute mfg. business in Scotland, until 1882, when went to Montreal, Can., engaging first in the iron commission business and later in other mercantile pursuits, until 1882, when became traveling salesman for the carpet dept. of Marshall Field & Co., until 1900, when organized the Russell Carpet co., doing a mail order business in carpets, curtains, rugs, etc., of which company is pres. Republican. Presbyterian. Office: 124 Market St. Residence: Glencoe, IL.20

Robert Russell ~ Died May 25, 1886; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Sjmon Russell ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

William Russell ~ secured a post as a tutor in Georgia in 1817 at the home of John McPherson Berrien in Savannah, Georgia. By 1821 he had moved to New England where he became principal of a number of leading academies, was the first editor of The American Journal of Education and helped found new schools and colleges all across the region. He consistently urged better teacher-training and improved textbooks, encouraged the entry of women into teaching and was convinced that the old Scots virtues of charity, industry, fortitude and family stability would transform the educational system.1

William Russell ~ he was the world's first war correspondent when the Times of London sent him to cover the Crimean War. He wrote back the famous story of "the thin red line" of the Ninety-third Sutherland Highlanders, who withstood the Russian advance at Balaklava.14

Daniel Rutherford ~ (1749-1819) Scot, who happened to be an uncle of Sir Walter Scott, was the discoverer of nitrogen at the age of 21.14

Ernest Rutherford ~ 1871-1937 ~ (Baron Rutherford) He won the 1908 Nobel Prize for chemistry and is considered by many to have been New Zealand's greatest son. Rutherford confirmed the principles of radioactivity, discovered and named alpha and beta rays, and established the structure of matter and the nuclear structure of the atom. In short, his work was absolutely basic to all subsequent developments in nuclear physics. He has been called the father of atomic power and in 1919 discovered and named the proton and the atom-smashing theory. By theory and experiment, he was the first to establish that an atom consists of a loose structure of electrons surrounding a heavy central core, the nucleus. Nuclear physics was born at England's Cavendish Laboratory under Rutherford, who trained 11 future Nobel Prize winners. His father emigrated from Perth to New Zealand in 1841.14

Jessie Rutherford ~ Mother Thomas R. Fleming.11

John Rutherford ~ 1792-1865 ~ twenty-third Governor of Virginia (1841-42), was most probably of Scottish descent.17

John (Johnny) Sherman Rutherford III ~ An American of Scottish descent, he won the Indianapolis 500 in 1974, 1976 and 1980.14

William Rutherford ~ 1833-1889 ~ He was born in Perth, Scotland, and with his parents in 1856 moved to Chicago. Son of David and Isabelle (Walter) Rutherford. He was educated in Scotland and in 1859 left Chicago to enter into active lumber trade at Muskegon, Mi, where he was made mgr of a sawmilll, filling that position for many years. Married in Muskegon Alice Lennox, daughter of William and Elizabeth Lennox. Children: Alice, Anna and Jane (deceased in 1912) and Minnie, wife of William Monroe Pierce, a resident of St. Louis. He formed a partnership with B. L. Anderson, of Chicago under the name of the William Rutherford Company, owning and operating a sawmill and logging business. He returned to Chicago in 1881 to establish a wholesale lumber business, Michigan Lumber Company, and served as president until his death. Republican (alderman in Muskegon). Clubs: Ashland. Eighth Presbyterian church of Chicago (trustee).2,11


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