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William Nairn ~ Date of death not recorded; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Thomas Nairne ~ In the early 1700's, he seemed to have achieved some success in pacifying discontented tribes on the extreme southern edge of the Carolina settlement. He was involved in parleys with the Yamasee Indians at Pocotaligo on April 15, 1715 when news of the outbreak of the Southern Indian War reached the conference. He was seized and died at the stake after being tortured for several days.1

James Naismith ~ 1861-1939 ~ The inventor of basketball, he was a Scottish-Canadian who was educated by a Presbyterian minister. He devised the game as a winter sport in 1891 while working at a college in Springfield, Massachusetts, as a physical education instructor.14

Joseph Naper ~ Capt. for whom Naperville was named, he was a prominent citizen of Scottish Descent.

Sir Charles Napier ~ Admiral and native of Sterlingshire who commanded the British naval fores in the Baltic during the Crimean War.14

David Napier ~ Designed the Rob Roy in 1818 which showed that steamboats could sail on the ocean.14

John Napier ~ 1550-1617 ~ Mathematician and Astronomer. Scottish inventor of logarithms in 1614, built what is regarded as the world's first mechanical computing device. Devised "Napier's Rods" or "Napier's Bones" which permitted easy multiplication by addition, and this led to him defining the concept of logarithms. He also invented the slide rule and was the first to use the decimal point to separate the fractional from the integral part of a number.14,18

Robert Napier ~ Cousin of David (who designed the Rob Roy). Made continuous improvements to marine engines which became the world standard and made the Clyde the most important shipbuilding river in the world. Joined Samuel Cunard and Cunard Lines in 1839 and designed and built the first four Cunarders for the North Atlantic.14

Margaret Ann Napper ~ 2nd Wife of Rev. John Giffen.19

James Nasmyth ~ 1808-1890 ~ In 1839 in Edinburgh and youngest son of the eminent landscape artist, Alexander Nasmyth, he invented the steam hammer. He also invented the pile driver, the dentist's drill planing machine, pile-driver, and steam lathe l. His most important invention was the creation of standardized, automatic machine tools, which made mass production possible. Her also built and operated a steam horseless carriage carrying 8 passengers on Queensberry Road, Edinburgh "in his late teens."15,

Carrie Nation ~ Scot and suffragette, most noted for her saloon-wrecking, bottle-smashing, anti-drink campaign.1

John Neil ~ Died November 3, 1899; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Richard Renshaw Neill ~ b. 1845, was Secretary of United States Legation at Lima, Peru, and has been Charg'd'Affaires there eight different times.17

James Beaumont Neilson ~ 1792 - 1865 ~ Invented the hot blast oven, which was a great advance in the iron industry, vastly increasing output. His process reduced the amount of coal needed to produce iron by more than two-thirds, and greatly increased efficiency to satisfy the demands of the railway and shipbuilding industries.14

Walter Neilson ~ son of James Beaumont Neilson. The French began work on the Suez canal but soon got stuck, sending for help to the Scottish firm of Neilson and Company, whose owner was Walter Neilson. Frenchmen went to the Clyde to study Scottish dredging and excavation methods. Teams of Scottish engineers and workmen went to Egypt. In 1865, with completion assured, the French head of the Suez Canal Company, de Lesseps, made a deal with Neilson allowing the French to get credit for what was basically a Scottish-engineered project.14

William Allan Neilson ~ born in Doune, Perthshire, was Professor of English in Harvard University (1906-17), and is now (in 1921) President of Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.17

Agnes Nelson ~ Died March 8, 1875; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Hannah Nelson ~ 1794-1855 ~ Wife of James McClellan. Daughter of John Rogers Nelson, of Hebron.4

Jane Nelson ~ 1777-1843 ~ Married John N. McEachron. Daughter of Joseph Nelson and Isabel Rogers.4

John Nelson ~ Married Mary II Dobbin.4

Marian Nelson ~ Child Mary Agnes Morrison/William. A musician of much ability (in 1928). Buried at Oak Mound.4

Robert Nelson ~ Nov. 20, 1870 ~ V.P. & Mgr. International Audit Co. Born Glasgow, Scotland; son of Gilbert and Mary (Manson) Nelson; ed. Hutchinson's Grammar School and St. Mungo's Coll., both of Glasgow; married Glasgow, Oct. 5, 1897 Elizabeth Jane Paterson Combe; 1 son: Gilbert. Entered office of James Wylie Guild, chartered accountants, Glasgow, Scotland June, 1887; passed final examination 1893, for degree of C.A. (Chartered Accountant) and obtained first prize in commercial law at St. Mungo's College; left Scotland for U.S. 1895 and came direct to Chicago and entered office of Stuart & Young, accountants: In June, 1899, began business on own account as senior partner of Nelson & Leith, Accountants; in December, 1901, formed International Audit Co. (expert accountants), and became its sec. and mgr.; became V.P. and mgr. 1902. Chartered Accountant from Institute of Accountants and Actuaries, Glasgow; certified public accountant; Univ of Ill. Mem. Ill. Assn. of Certified Public Accountants and Am. assn. of Public Accountants, New York. Republican. Presbyterian. Residence: Evanston, IL Office: Merchants Loan & Trust Bldg.11

Robert Nelson ~ Husband of Rosanna Graham.4

Samuel Nelson ~ 1792-1873 ~ Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, was of Ulster Scot descent. "His decisions have stood the test of time and the searching analysis of the most able lawyers."17

Thomas Nelson ~ Governor of Virginia 1781. Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia.14

William T. Nelson ~ Husband of Mary Agnes, Morrison. Buried at Oak Mound.4

Martha Nesbit ~ 1752-1817 ~ Wife of William Patten (b. 1752). She was the niece of Elizabeth Nesbitt, wife of Rev. Thomas Clark, M.D., of Salem, NY.4

Harriet Newell ~ Wife of Rev. John Giffen.19

Francis Newton ~ Founded in 1745 Cossart Gordon and Co., Ltd., the esteemed Madeira wine producer in Madeira, off the coast of Africa. The firm owes its present name to Thomas Gordon, a Scot, and to William Cossart, an Irishman who joined the firm later.14

Sir Isaac Newton ~ 1642-1727 ~ He was an Englishman who proudly boasted of his Scottish ancestry, and he was arguably the greatest scientist of all time, making contributions to astronomy, optics and mathematics. He is quoted as having said that he had his Scottish relatives stay with him. In a discussion with James Gregory, he said "Gregory, I believe you don't know that I am a Scotchman." His 1687 book Principia began the development of modern science and is the most influential scientific book ever published. In mathematics he is credited with the development of the Binomial theorem and, in 1666, the developing of calculus, the most important single advance in mathematics since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is as a physicist that he is most remembered, especially for his laws of gravity and motion. His work marks the beginning of modern science.14

Isaac Newton ~ In charge of the engines and turrets on the Monitor during the battle with the Merrimac.1

Ian Nicholson ~ On 1-Sep-1988, Major Ian Nicholson of New Zealand, a member of the Australian MacNichol Society, planted the clan's banner at the south Pole.14

James Nicholson ~ Died July 27, 1898; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James T. Nicholson ~ Died March 28, 1873; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Ralph Nicholson ~ Died November 15, 1900; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

The Nicholsons ~ of Scottish parentage, the Nicholson Family was famous in the naval annals of the United States for three generations, from the Revolution to the Civil War.17

Mary Nighswonger ~ b. 1869 ~ Wife of Henry George Dobbin.4

A. J. Nimmo ~ Colonel of Jonesboro, Union County, he was the son of a native of Virginia of Scotch ancestry. He fought in the Mexican and the Civil Wars. He recruited the 109th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.6

Charles Nisbet ~ 1736-1804 ~ Born in Haddington he went to America in 1785 to take over the role of President of Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. He found the post Civil War period depressing and within a few months resigned and returned to Scotland. Because he held strong prejudice against anything Irish, when he found out the captain of his ship was Irish he refused to set sail. While he waited for another ship, he began to see the limitless possibilities in the new world. He returned to the college and taught for 18 years. He was a pioneer of the sport of jogging. He jogged every morning for 20 miles and encouraged his students to do likewise.1

Elizabeth Nisbet ~ Wife of James Harper.4

Eugenius Aristides Nisbet ~ 1803-71 ~ descended from Murdoch Nisbet, a Lollard of Kyle, after a brilliant career in the state legislature became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia.1,17

John Nisbet ~ Runs the Argyle Fish and Chip Restaurant in Kearny NJ. American fare is provided along with traditional Scots dishes. Around Burns Night, haggis is piped in twice nightly for a fortnight to an overflowing crowd. Every Friday a piper parades between the tables.1

David Niven ~ 1910-1983 ~ He was born James David Graham Niven in Kirriemuir and buried in Switzerland by a Scottish minister. He is best remembered for his role in Around the World in Eighty Days, and in 1958 won the Academy Award for best actor in Separate Tables and is regarded by many Americans as the archetypal Englishman! 14

John Nixon ~ Capt who publically proclaimed the declaration of independence.14

Joseph Nixon ~ Died January 6, 1892; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Richard Millhouse Nixon ~ President of the United States of Scottish descent. His family was from Dumfriesshire via Northern Ireland and member of the Armstrong clan.14

Noah Noble ~ 5th Governor of Indiana (1831-37) was grandson of a Scottish immigrant.17

Patrick Noble ~ 1787-1840 ~ Thirtieth Governor of South Carolina (1838-40), was grandson of an Ulster Scot immigrant.17

Sarah Noble ~ Died March, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Wm. T. Noble ~ Lost picture frames and gallery of art, State street, worth $30,000 in the Chicago fire.

Isamu Noguchi ~ 1904-1988 ~ He was a Japanese-American artist of great versatility. His art, particularly his stone gardens, bridged East and West. In 1978 Hilton Kramer of the New York Times called Noguchi "at once the purest of living sculptors." He was born in Los Angeles, the grandson of Andrew Gilmour, a native of Scotland.14

William C. Norcross ~ d. 1913 ~ Husband of Isabella B. Henry. He was from Monmouth IL and was an attorney at law. Children: Hiram Norcross, James Norcross, Sara Norcross.4

Will Norman ~ Piper and student of Robert Hepburn Sim.

Fannie E. Norris ~ d. 1904 ~ wife Dwight Foster Cameron, they married 1856. She was the daughter of George H. Norris, of Ottawa, Il.11

George H. Norris ~ Father of Fannie E. Norris.11

North British Locomotive ~ During the age of steam, Glasgow was the leaning builder of locomotives in the world. North British Locomotive closed in 1962 after having built almost 27,000 units.14

Finette Norton ~ Wife of Acker McEachron.4

John Notman ~ 1810-65 ~ Born in Edinburgh, he designed and constructed some of the most important buildings in Philadelphia and also the State Capitol, Trenton.17

William Robson Notman ~ Clergyman; b. Sutherlandshire, Scotland, 1859; s. James and Margaret (Ormiston) Notman; ed. private tutor, at Edinburgh Univ. and at New College, Edinburgh (theological school); degree of D. D., Univ of Colorado; m. Bermuda, 1890, Mary Archibald Forbes; children: Lucy Ormiston, Ronald Clyde, William Robson, Jr. Ordained to Presbyterian ministry, 1889; minister of Christ Church, Bermuda, 1889-94; minister of 1st Presbyterian Church, Boulder, Colo., 1896-9; prof. of ethics, Univ. of Colorado, 1897-9; minister of 4th Presbyterian Church of Chicago since 1889. Dr. of McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, since 1900; dir. Presbyterian Hosp., of Chicago, since 1899; pres. Presbyterian League of Chicago since 1903; pres. Presbyterian Social Union of Chicago. Residence: 446 Chestnut St.20

Alexander Nuir ~ Indentured servant 4 years 1773. Sent to Virginia on the ship Virginia. He was a weaver and 21 years old.10


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