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John Gabriel ~ Tremont House, lost personal property in the Chicago fire.

John Minson Gait ~ d. 1808, and his son Alexander D. Gait (1777-1841), were prominent doctors of Scottish origin.17

Alexander Galbraith ~ 1853-1927 ~ He married Christina MacNichol in Glasgow in 1874. His father was Alex Galbraith, Sr. and mother was Jean Graham, both of whom are buried in Killearn Cemetery. They came to the US in 1880 and established stables in Janesville, Wisconsin. They visited Scotland almost every year and brought back many horses for breeding. He was also noted for raising Scottish sheep dogs. In 1892, he brought back to Janesville 15 golf clubs and a number of balls. With friends, he established the Janesville Country Club, officially organized in 1894, it is the sixth oldest golf club in the nation. He sold horses regularly in Chicago and served as Secretary of the American Clydesdale Breeders Assn. After World War I, he sold the Janesville Stables and went to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he served as Provincehead of Animal Husbandry, mainly doing judging at horse shows. He is buried in the Edmonton Cemetery. (Info from Clyde M. Clark, Bradenton, FL. Galbraith is his wife's grandfather.)

John Kenneth Galbraith ~ 1908-2006 ~ among the five top intellectuals in U.S. He was the author of The Affluent Society, The New Industrial State, and Economics and the Public Purpose. He was born in Ontario of Scottish parents.14

John W. Galbreath ~ 1897-1988 ~ of Columbus, was one of Ohio's richest men, owning a large real estate empire along with race horses and the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. He was the only horse racing owner to win both the Epsom and Kentucky Derbys.14

Thomas Gallagher ~ b. 1851 ~ He immigrated from Glasgow in the mid-twenties. He became a doctor in Brooklyn, NY, and a member of the Fenian movement. Going to Britain on a bombing campaign in 1883, he was arrested and imprisoned until 1896 when he emerged insane and died in a lunatic asylum.1

Beverly Thomas Galloway ~ b. 1863 ~ descended from John Galloway, an emigrant from Scotland in 1680, Chief of the Division of Plant Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture in 1913-14, is the author of several works on plant diseases.17

Christopher Galloway ~ In the 17th century, he was the architect of the Kremlin's Troitski Gate in Moscow.14

Robert Macy Galloway ~ b. 1837 ~ merchant and banker, he had a considerable part in developing the elevated railroads of the city ofNew York.17

Samuel Gamble ~ Married Ann McEachron.4

Robert Gammie ~ See EWR files

Alexander Garden ~ 1685-1756, an Episcopalian, born in Edinburgh, settled in Charleston, South Carolina, as Rector of St. Philip's Episcopal Church.17

Dr. Alexander Garden ~ 1728-92 ~ famous as a physician and botanist, was Professor of Botany in King's College (now Columbia University). His son was a distinguished Revolutionary officer.17

Mary Garden ~ 1874-1967 ~ (Reference #17 says she was born in 1877) She was born in Scotland and made her reputation in French operative roles. She was Director of Grand Opera. Two operas were written especially for her: Der Rosenkavalier, by Richard Strauss, and Pelleas et Melisande, which Debussy composed after having proposed marriage to her. She died in her native Aberdeen.14,17

NFN Garden ~ POW send to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

Alexander Gardiner ~ Scotsman who proposed the name of "Dundee", IL in 1837.6

David L. Gardiner ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Arbroath, Scotland

Dr. James Smith Gardiner ~ Glasgow-born, he moved to California after the Civil War and soon built a practice in Anaheim. His family had immigrated to Tennessee in 1849. He performed the first Caesarean operation in Orange County.1

Ava Gardner ~ 1922-1990 ~ A movie femme fatale who was Scottish on her mother's side.14

Isabella Stewart Gardner ~ She founded the famed Gardner Museum in Boston.14

Mary M. Gardner ~ Mother William Gray Tenant.11

William Gardner ~ d. 1909 ~ The elected treasurer of the Illinois Saint Andrew Association in 1885. Member of the Committee to find a suitable location for the Burns Monument and was on the committee for design. On November 17, 1905, Clan MacDuff and Clan Campbell held a grand ball at the Second Regiment Armory, which had been furnished without charge by the Colonel in regard to the Burns Memorial. President of the Society in 1896-1897. Died December 17, 1909 and is buried in Rosehill, Lot 57, Section 120, Chicago, IL. Four persons are buried here including two children.

Judy Garland ~ Singer and partly Scottish.14

David Cunningham Garoway ~ The first host of the Today show. He was born in the Scottish district of Schenectady, New York.14

David Glasgow Garragut ~ Greatest naval hero for the Union who captured both New Orleans and Mobile. The victory at New Orleans was the most important against the Confederates in the west, as it later helped Grant at Vicksburg. At Mobile Farragut decided to cross a minefield, yelling his famous "Damn the torpedoes!".14

John Garrick ~ Died November 10, 1907; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Greer Garson ~ 1908-1996 ~ A Wallace award winner, she received the Academy Award for best actress in 1942 for Mrs. Miniver.14

NFN Garvey ~ The Garvey family, reputedly the richest in Kansas in the 1960s, owns grain elevators and huge tracts of land. At an ethnic display in Wichita they loaned a tartan cloth which their immigrant ancestors had brought with them.14

Thomas Garvie ~ The emperor of China needed a physician in the 17th century, so Dr. Robert Erskine (physician to the tsar) recommended Garvie who was in Russia at the time. Garvie accepted the post and became the first Briton to travel to China across Siberia.14

John Henry Gear ~ 1825-1900 ~ eleventh Governor of Iowa (1878-82), Assistant Secretary of United States Treasury (1892-93), and Senator (1895-1900), was of Scottish ancestry.17

John White Geary ~ 1819-73 ~ Governor of Pennsylvania from 1867 to 1873, was of Ulster Scot descent.17

Alexander Geddes ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Aberdeen, Scotland.

James Geddes ~ 1763-1838 ~ Scottish chief engineer of the Erie Canal.14 He was surveyor of canal routes in New York State and was the chief engineer on construction of the Erie Canal (1816), and chief engineer of the Champlain Canal (1818). "In all matters relating to the layout, designing and construction of canals, he was looked upon as one of the highest authorities in the country."17

James Geddes ~ b. 1858 ~ philologist and Professor of Romance Languages in Boston University, is of Scottish parentage.17

James Lorraine Geddes ~ 1829-87 ~ born in Edinburgh, brevetted Brigadier-General for his services, was also a poet, and wrote "The Soldier's Battle Prayer," "The Stars and Stripes," etc.17

Jenny Geddes ~ c.1600 ~ 1660 ~ An Edinburgh stall-holder, famous for a solitary act of defiance. She threw a stool at the Bishop in St. Giles in protest at the introduction of the much resented English prayer book, which was regarded as Roman Catholic by Scottish Presbyterians. Her words were "Thou false thief; dost thou say Mass at ma lug?"

John Geddes ~ 1777-1828 ~ twentieth Governor of South Carolina (1818-20), was of Scottish descent.17

John Lorraine Geddes ~ b. 1827 ~ Edinburgh-born songwriter and Civil War veteran. He settled in Vinton, OH and enrolled as a private in the Union Army. He rose to brigadier-general. Agriculture was his main interest but he penned the lyrics to several Civil War songs which became popular including 'The Soldier's Battle Prayer' and 'The Stars and Stripes'.1

Sir Patrick Geddes ~ 1854-1932 ~ A native of Aberdeenshire, he is regarded as the father of town planning; Living in Edinburgh, he did much of his pioneering work in Edinburgh's Old Town. Planned building and cities in many countries including India and Palestine. He discovered chlorophyll in 1879. Born in Ballater, Geddes also excelled in Botany and became Professor of Botany in Dundee. Spent the last eight years of his life in France.14,18

Sir Archibald Geikie ~ 1835-1924 ~ He is called simply, "the prince of geologists." Geikie as director general of the Geological Survey of the U.K. and president of the Geological Society. He specialized in volcanic geology and microscopic examination of rocks. Between 1870 and 1881 he was Professor of Geology at the University of Edinburgh. He was decorated by France, Italy, and the U. S. and was elected president of the Royal Society in 1908.14,18 See the October, 1996 History Club Newsletter, Page 3 for his comments on the Clearances.

Henry Wernicke Gentles ~ b. Sept. 15, 1866 ~ Physician and Surgeon born Hilton, Banffshire, Scotland; son Rev. Thomas Gentles, D.D. (Paisley Abbey) and E. Cecelia (Wernicke) Gentles; ed. Monroe's Acad and George Watson's Col, Edinburgh, and Paisley Acad; grad Glasgow Univ, Scotland, M.B., C.M. 1888; was senior resident Western Infirmary, Glasgow; asst to Sir George Macleod, 1888; Sir William T. Gardner 1889; outdoor resident pro tem, Glasgow Maternity Hosp, 1889; married New York 1895, Margaret Oliver Turnbull of Selkirk, Scotland; children: Thomas Turnbull, Alexander Wernicke. Came to Chicago 1892; supt of ambulance service, World's Columbia Exposition, Chicago 1893; professor General Medicine Chicago Post-Grad Medical School; attending physician and trustee Chicago Hosp. Examiner for Canada Life Assurance Co, Minnesota Mutual Life Ins co., Hartford Life Ins. Co., Mem AMA, Chicago Med. Soc., Ill. State Med. Soc., honorary mem. Minnesota State Med. Soc., Inst Homeopathy, Am. Homeo, Ophthalmological, Otological and Laryngological Soc, IL., Home Med Assn. (ex-sec.) and Homeo Med Soc. Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: quadrangle, Homewood Country, Illinois St. Andrew Society (1893). (Residence and Office listed in 1905: 210 E. 51st Blul.) Residence in 1911: 4467 Lake Avenue. Office in 1911: Marshall Field Bldg.11,20

Rev. Thomas Gentles ~ Father Henry Wernicke Gentles. Paisley Abbey.11

William George ~ d. 1871 ~ died in the Chicago fire.1

Wm. George ~ Tam o'Shanter Saloon, lost stock and furniture in the Chicago fire.

Gordon Getty ~ Son of J. Paul Getty. His son and heir, Gordon Getty was the richest man in America in 1984, with an estimated $4.1 billion, double the next richest at the time.14

J. Paul Getty ~ Richest man in the world. His mother was Sara Catherine McPherson Risher, whose ancestors had fled Scotland after the Battle of Culloden. Getty's paternal ancestors were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians who founded Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.14

Andy Gibb ~ Born of a Scottish father and from Australia he formed the Bee Gees. Composers and performers on the soundtrack of the film "Saturday Night Fever," at one point in the 1970s they had four of the top five single records in sales.14

James Gibb ~ b. 1829 ~ Born in Scotland, he was a successful merchant and was President of the Brooklyn Park Commission.17

James Gibb ~ born in Scotland in 1829, a successful merchant, was President of Brooklyn Park Commission.17

Lewis Grassic Gibbon ~ (1901-1935) was the author of A Scots Quair: A Trilogy, which was made into a popular television series.14

David Clarence Gibboney ~ b. 1869 ~ Special Counsel for the Pure Food Commission in 1906, grandson of a Scot, has also made a reputation for prosecution of gamblers, dive-keepers, illicit liquor dealers, etc., in Philadelphia.17

James Gibbs ~ 1682-1754 ~ He made an important architectural contribution to America before the revolution. He was born in Aberdeen and created the temple, porticoes and pilastered spires that so characterize the beautiful Congregational churches of New England.14,17

John P. Gibbs ~ 1862 ~ He was born in London and had a Edinburgh-born mother. He received an education until the age of 14 and then went to work in his father's cigar business. He studied at night and saved enough money to enroll in Harvey Medical College. He graduated in 1905.2

Sir Alexander Gibson ~ 1926-1995 ~ Born in Scotland, he conducted the Scottish National Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, the Saddlers Wells Opera, and founded Scottish Opera.14

Andrew Gibson ~ Captain /Succes of Glasgow/1712. Sailed to Massachusetts with four passengers.10

George Rutledge Gibson ~ b. 1853 ~ of Scottish descent, has written largely on questions of foreign finance.17

J. and G.H. Gibson, ~ glass-stainers, Philadelphia, obtained a national reputation for artistic work.17

James Gibson ~ born in County Tyrone in 1740, he was a natural leader and was often at odds with pacifist Quakers regarding Indian atrocities.1

James Gibson ~ transported Covenanter prisoners to the Carolinas in the 1600's. His brother, Walter, Lord Provost, offered cheap passages and 70 acres at one cent per acre yearly rental.1

John Bannister Gibson ~ 1780-1853 ~ Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, was of Ulster Scot descent.17

Mel Gibson ~ born in New York and raised in Australia, he won an Academy Award in 1996 as best director for his Scottish epic Braveheart, depicting the life of sir William Wallace. Gibson accepted the award wearing a vest in his family's Buchanan tartan.14

Paris Gibson ~ b. 1830 ~ Grandson of a Scot, he founded and developed the town of Great Falls.17

Randall Lee Gibson ~ 1822-92 ~ of Scottish ancestry, Major-General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, was United States Senator from Louisiana from 1883 till his death. His grandfather, Randall Gibson, was one of the founders of Jefferson College, Mississippi.17

Walter B. Gibson ~ A prolific novelist of Scotch-Irish descent who, using the pen name Maxwell Grant, crated Lamont Cranston, the "Shadow".14

Alexander Giffen ~ b. 3 Sept. 1836 in Scotland; s/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen. Married 18 June 1874 Mary A. Watterson.19

Andrew Giffen ~ b. 21-Nov-1785 at Dalbuidhe, parish of Southend, Argyleshire, s/o James Giffen and Annie Johnston. He d. 4-Feb. 1862 at Argyle. He m. Jane Howie and their children were Jennette (Janet), James, William, Andrew, Jr., Rev. John, Alexander and Mary Ann Johnston. Andrew and his family came from Scotland and landed in New York after a voyage of 53 days. They arrived at Argyle, Harlem Twp., on 8 Oct. 1839 where they were farmers. They moved to Rockford, IL in 1862.19

Andrew Giffen, Jr. ~ b. 28 apr. 1832; s/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen. Married (1) 20 Mar. 1856 in Winnebago Co., IL Mary Harvey. Married (2) Ann Helen Heywood.19

James Giffen ~ b. 21 May 1828 in Scotland, d. 1850. S/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen.19

Jennette (Janet) Giffen ~ b. 13 Feb. 1826 in Scotland, d. 15 Oct. 1903; d/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen; m. 8 June 1852 in Winnebago Co., IL Sterling Ackley Birdsall.19

Rev. John Giffen ~ b. 27 June 1834 in Scotland d. 1904. S/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen. Married (l) Harriet Newell; m. (2) Margaret Ann Napper.19

Mary Ann Johnston Giffen ~ b. 25 Jan 1840 in Harlem Twp, NY, d. 28 Jan 1921; d/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen. Married 27 May 1863 in Winnebago Co., IL Archibald Smith.19

William Giffen ~ b. 17 May 1830, d. 1904; s/o Andrew and Jane (Howie) Giffen; m. 4 June 1857 in Winnebago Co., IL, Margaret Harvey.19

Hoyt Gilbert ~ Married Bessie McCleery.4

Rosamond M. Gilbertz ~ Wife Ossian Cameron.11

Albert Leroy Gilchrist ~ 1843-1926 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. He died in Waterman, Illinois. Married first in 1870, Ellen Mary Forsyth, Married second 1893 Vella M. Morton.4

Alex. Stewart Gilchrist ~ Child of Andrew and Elizabeth 4.

Alexander Gilchrist ~ 1854-1907 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. He was born in Washington CO, NY and married in 1886 Cora Seaton of Richmond, IN. He came to Somonauk, IL with his parents in 1864. They bought a farm and settled in Clinton township. He united with the church in Somonauk, IL in 1871 at the age of 15 (This doesn't jive with his year of birth). He attended Monmouth College and graduated from Wooster University, Ohio with the class of 1879. He went to Allegheny theological Seminary and was licensed to preach in 1881. He became pastor of the United Presbyterian Church at Richmond, IN until 1895, and was pastor of the Central United Presbyterian church at Omaha, NB in 1895. He was appointed to the office of corresponding secretary of the United Presbyterian Board of Home Missions, headquartered in Allegheny PA.4

Alexander R. Gilchrist ~ 1840-1845 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

Alexander Walker Gilchrist ~ 19th Governor of Florida (1909) and a descendant of Nimrod Gilchrist, who came from Glasgow in 1750.17

Andrew Gilchrist ~ Brother of Thomas Gilchrist.4

Andrew R. Gilchrist ~ 1856 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. He married first in 1890 Elizabeth M. Stewart; married second in 1899 Jane E. Grey.4

Andrew T. Gilchrist ~ 1844-1846 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

Anna Mary Gilchrist ~ 1841-1870 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. She married in 1868 James Elliott Kirkpatrick.4

Eleanor Gilchrist ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4

Emma J. Gilchrist ~ 1852-1865 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

Gilchrist ~ Family from Lanarkshire moved to Illinois and then to Sheridan Co., Kansas.1

Isadore A. Gilchrist ~ 1859-1862 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

James Gilchrist ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4

Jane Hannah Gilchrist ~ b. 1860 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. Married 1887 George F. McKnight.4

John Gilchrist ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4

Joseph Gilchrist ~ 1814-1910 ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4 He was born in Washington CO, NY and died in Clinton township, De Kalb Co., IL. He married in Hebron, NY in 1839 Martha Jane Randles. He came to De Kalb Co. in 1864. They united with the Somonauk, IL United Presbyterian church.

Margaret Gilchrist ~ Child of Albert L./Ellen Mary. Married Walter R. Wilson.4

Margaret I. Gilchrist ~ 1846-1864 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

Robert Gilchrist ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4

Sarah Jane Gilchrist ~ 1850-1894 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha.4

Thomas Gilchrist ~ 1766-1832 ~ Born County Monaghan, Ireland. He came to America as a young man and was a large landowner in Argyle and Hebron, Washington CO, NY. No surname is given for his first wife, Mary. He remarried Mary Huggins? after his first wife died. Brother of Andrew Gilchrist. Gilchrist is derived from two Gaelic words, Bille and Criosd, meaning the servants of Christ.4

Wallace Gilchrist ~ 1848-1915 ~ Child of Joseph/Martha. Married Jane H. Scott.4

William Gilchrist ~ Child of Thomas/Mary Gilchrist.4

William Gilchrist ~ b. 1852 ~ Born in Dalry in Ayrshire, he was a mining engineer but became a farmer in Kansas with his wife and ten children. He would eventually serve as a probate judge, church elder and county commissioner.1

William Wallace Gilchrist ~ b. 1846 ~ was a composer of Scottish descent.17

Richard Gildart ~ Settled in NY 1774. Worked as Dyer, who at 30 sailed on the Golden Rule.10

David Gilespie ~ Immigrated to Madison Co. IL 1818. Ulster-Scot who traced his ancestry to Clam Campbell of Argyllshire.6

Mathew/Joseph Gilespie ~ Brothers and son of David Gilespie. Reared in Madison Co., IL 1840's.6

James Gilfillan ~ 1829-94 ~ born at Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, "a profound scholar, and as a jurist was distinguished for his ability, firmness, and absolute impartiality."17

George Gillespie ~ 1683-1760 ~ born in Glasgow, was one of the earliest ordained ministers in New Jersey and Delaware.17

Gillespie ~ Legislator of Madison Co.6

James Gillespie ~ Died June 4, 1898; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

John Gillespie ~ Moffat, Dumfriesshire. In 1886 developed the first golf course in the Southern US at Sarasota FL. He was six times its mayor.1

Eunice Gillette ~ b.1798 ~ Wife of William Irvine Graham. Great-granddaughter of Rev. Guillaume Gillette, a French Huguenot who, to avoid religious persecution fled from France to America in 1688.4

Alex Gillis ~ Successful sheep farmers in Fremont Co., Wyoming "little Scotland".1

George Rockingham Gilmer ~ 1790-1859 ~ sixteenth Governor of Georgia (1829-31, 1837-39), was the grandson of a Scottish physician, Dr. George Gilmer. He was also Member of Congress. He also wrote a work, "Georgians," 1855, containing much valuable matter relating to the early settlers of his state.17

Thomas Walker Gilmer ~ 1802-44 ~ twenty-second Governor of Virginia (1840-41) was a descendant of the Scottish physician, Dr. George Gilmer.17

Robert Gilmor ~ 1748-1822 ~ born in Paisley, he was the founder of the East India trade in this country. He also assisted in founding the first bank in Baltimore (the Bank of Maryland), and the Maryland Historical society.17

Robert Gilmor ~ 1774-1848 ~ Son of Robert Gilmor, the industrialist (1748-1822). Prominent in Baltimore business sand President of the Washington Monument Assn. Which laid the foundation for the Washington monument in Baltimore in 1815 and completed it in 1829.17

Charles Wood Gilmore ~ b. 1868 ~ Coal Merchant; b. Madison, Ind. Son of Thomas W. and Jane McCartney Gilmore; grad Chicago pub. schools, 1884; married Mary Bogle of Chicago 1895; children: Delia May and Ruth Bogle. Since 1895 V.P. Crescent coal & Mining Co. Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner) Clubs: South Shore Country, Chicago automobile, Press. Recreations: golf, motoring. Residence 2126 North Park Ave. Office 808 Fisher Bldg.11

Dame Mary Gilmore ~ She is known as one of Australia's most distinguished poets.14

Mrs. C. W. Gilmore ~ Child Walter S./Della E. Bogle.11

Neil Gilmour ~ born in Paisley, Scotland, in 1840, was Superintendent of Public Instruction of New York State.17

Richard Gilmour ~ Second Bishop of Cleveland from 1872 to 1891, he was a Catholic. Born in Glasgow of Presbyterian parents, he went to Nova Scotia and then Pennsylvania where he studied for the priesthood. He was noted for his zeal in behalf of Catholic education. In Cincinnati he is remembered as the man who brought harmony to a Catholic community torn by ethnic strife.1,17

Robert Gilmour ~ Organized the first bank in Baltimore.14

John Gilroy ~ (born Cameron) ~ became the first non-Spanish or Indian resident in California, after having been "left" at Monterey in 1814. Gilroy, CA now the "garlic capital of the world" is named for him.14

Lillian Gish ~ 1893-1993 ~ Her mother was a McConnell and she was the preeminent actress of the silent film era.14

George Glane ~ Died December 30, 1891; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Glass ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Kirkcaldy, Scotland

James R. Glass ~ Secretary of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1912. He seconded the minutes of January 4, 1940, meeting.

Sarah Melissa Glass ~ Wife Francis Balfour Higgie.11

Andrew Glassell ~ 1827-1901 ~ descendant of a Dumfriesshire emigrant of 1756, was a prominent lawyer and banker in Los Angeles.17

Frederick Gleasman ~ married Jennette Farmer in Winnebago Co., Ill.19

Charles Glen ~ lost saloon in the Chicago fire.

James Glen ~ b.1701 ~ Linlithgow-born, he was governor of South Carolina from 1743-1756 and had a busy career as the local representative of the British government. He spent most of his time organizing against the threat of Indian attack. He successfully negotiated with the chiefs for peace. This kept the Cherokees out of the French-Indian alliance.1,14,17

James Glen ~ Died April 25, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Adam D. Glendening ~ Died December 17, 1873; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

NFN Glendenning ~ See Clendennin Family.1

Gustavus Richard Glenn ~ b. 1848 ~ descended from Nicholas Glenn, an emigrant from Scotland, filled several important educational positions and was afterwards President of North Georgia Agricultural College.17

John H. Glenn, Jr. ~ One of the seven original U.S. astronauts. He was the first in orbit. Scot and unsuccessful bidder for U.S. President.14

Evelyn Glennie ~ 1965 ~ Born in Aberdeen. Despite being deaf since childhood, Evelyn Glennie has become one of the world's most talented percussionists, performing with many of the greatest orchestras.,1318

Helen Glogg ~ Born in Perthshire in the middle of the eighteenth century, she was the daughter of a blacksmith. When she turned eighteen she booked passage for America, but at sea her ship was attacked by pirates who killed all the men and took all the women to the slave market in Algiers. There she was purchased for the emperor of Morocco, who became so infatuated with her beauty that he made her his principal wife, and later empress.14

Thomas Blake Glover ~ 1838-1911 ~ Industrialist and engineer practically unknown in his native land was born in Fraserburg. Every year more than 2 million Japanese visit the magnificent Glover mansion and gardens overlooking Nagasaki's beautiful harbor. At the age of 21 Glover was sent to Nagasaki for the famous Scottish trading company of Jardine Matheson. Two years later he started his own company and became very rich. Described as the founding father of Japan's economic miracle. His contribution to the industrialization of Japan included the introduction of the first railway locomotive and the first mint; mechanization of the coal_mines; the founding father of the Japanese Navy and the modernization of the shipbuilding industry with three ships ordered from Alexander Hall and Co., in Scotland, and the introduction of the Kusuge dock which was imported from Aberdeen to Nagasaki. Glover went bankrupt in 1870, but Mitsubishi took over his interests and retained him as a consultant. This "Scottish Samurai" was the first non-Japanese person to be awarded the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun in 1908. Thomas Glover had a colorful life and fathered several children. One of these affairs, with a woman now known only as Maki Kaga, gave him a kind of immortality as their story became the prototype for Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly. The character Pinkerton is said to be modeled on him and his former house in Nagasaki is a top tourist attraction. He died on 16 December 1911 in Tokyo. On 5 May 1997 The Scotsman reported that Sean Connery is likely to play the role of Glover in a film about his colorful life. He was born on 6 June 1838; baptized Fraserburgh 12-Jul-1838.14,18

David Gold ~ Died May 27, 1896; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Cadwallader David Golden ~ 1769-1834, grandson of Cadwallader Colden, was Mayor of New York City from 1818 to 1821, and made an enviable record in that office.17

Cadwallader Golden ~ 1688-1776, Lieutenant-Governor of New York (1761-1776), born in Duns, Berwickshire, was distinguished as physician, botanist, mathematician, and did much to develop the resources of the state. O'Callaghan in his "Documentary History of the State of New York," says: "Posterity will not fail to accord justice to the character and memory of a man to whom this country is most deeply indebted for much of its science and for many of its most important institutions, and of whom the State of New York may well be proud."17

George Goldie ~ 1841-1920 ~ Native of Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of William and Sarah (Paterson) Goldie. He immigrated at 13 and settled in NY. In 1860, he began to practice gymnastics and sports. Three years later, he became a professional gymnast and in 1869 was appointed director of the gymnasium at Princeton. When James McCosh became president of the College of New Jersey in 1868, he declared in his inaugural address that "every college should have a gymnasium for the body as well as for the mind." They built the first large gymnasium in any college at Princeton, called the Bonner-Marquand Gymnasium. George Goldie was brought to Princeton as its first director. He held the all-round athletic championship of the Caledonian clubs of Canada and of the United States from 1871-1875 and was the holder of world's records in the standing high and standing broad jumps. Known as "the father of the pole vault, he is said to have been the first to use a vaulting pole in organized sport. He invented several athletic appliances, chiefly of the weight and pulley type, including what has been called the first rowing machine. He retired in 1911 at the age of 70. Married Marion Peterson in 1864 and had a son and two daughters. George Goldie, Jr. graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1890. Goldie's brother, Matthew Goldie had also been at Princeton and from 1870-92 served as proctor. Six years before he died, Goldie Field, one of the playing grounds at Princeton University was named in his honor. "Princeton Portraits" supplied by William Arrott, 850 N. Dewitt Place, 13A, Chicago, IL 60611.

William Goldie ~ 1827-1908 ~ Educated in common schools in Scotland, he learned the carpentry trade. After his marriage to Emma Somerville in 1851, they came to Chicago from Scotland in 1852 on their wedding trip. Four children were born to this union. After Emma Goldie died 5/6/1858, he then married Rose Eckardt 4/6/1860 and they had three children, two sons and one daughter. The sons subsequently went into business with their father. He quickly established a construction business on Monroe Street. To this he added a sash, door and blind factory at 216 Monroe Street. It was next to the gas works which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1871. The gas works was built by the Chicago Gas, Light and Coke Company at a cost of $105,000. In 1861, he sold his business and served in the Civil War, Colonel. He enlisted as a private in the 56th Illinois volunteer Infantry and was later appointed by President Lincoln a Captain and Asst. quartermaster, U. S. Volunteers. When the war was over, he returned to Chicago and resumed his business. After the Great Fire he built the first business block which included the Marshall Field building at Washington and State. He also built University Hall at Michigan University in Ann Arbor. He made a specialty of World's Fair Buildings, some of the great buildings of the Chicago Fair and at Omaha, Buffalo and St. Louis. He died at his home at 2953 Vernon Avenue 9/6/08 and was buried at Graceland. See Vol. 1905.11 and EWR notes. ~ From Ref. #20, 1905: General contractor; b. near Kilmarnock, Aytshire, Scotland, Mar. 1828; ed. schools in Kilmarnock and learned his trade there. Spent some time at his trade in Glasgow and in 1851 came direct to Chicago, arriving on the 4th of July; went to work the following day for Alexander Lloyd, a contractor, and in 1852 started in business for himself; added a sash, door and blind factory in 1853, and continued business in 1861, when enlisted in the Mechanics' Fusileer (56th Ill. Vol.) Regt.; appointed q.m. of regt. on its organization; commissioned asst. q.m. in spring of 1862, and assigned to duty as q.m. of the horse artillery in the Army of the Potomac, remaining until 1865, and participating in many battles; was recommended by Maj. Gen. M.C. Meigs, Q. M. Gen. U. S. A., for transfer as Q. J. to regular army, but declined. Re-entered business as a contractor, building many important structures, particularly after the fire of 1871; firm is now known as Goldie Bros. Presbyterian. Mem. G. A. R.; St. Andrews Soc., and Companion of the Loyal Legion. Also mem. Ashland Lodge, A. F. and A. M. Office: New York Life Building.20

William Goldie ~ Indentured Servant Virginia 1774. He was 38, Husbandman, and sailed on the Carolina.10

Henry B. Gonzales ~ b. 1916 ~ His mother was Scotch-Irish and Presbyterian. He has the distinction of being the first Mexican-American from Texas to be seated n the House of Reprsentatives.14

William Gooch ~ Governor of Virginia 1727-1749.14

Carolina Goodell ~ Wife of Robert Kirkpatrick. In 1928, she lived in Hortonville, KS. They had four children, Lulu Kirkpatrick, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Roy W. Kirkpatrick and Roberta Kirkpatrick.4

David Gowan Goodfellow ~ See David Gowan.1

Jane Goodfellow ~ Died December 21, 1893; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

John Goodfellow ~ Died March 27, 1907; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Goodwillie ~ Died August 20, 1905; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Gorden ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Adam Lindsay Gordon ~ 1833-1870 ~ He became Australia's beloved laureate, and, as one of the first to write in the Australian idiom, is called the father of Australian poetry.14

Alexander Gordon ~ Botanist who traveled in 1843 with Sir William Stewart to the Rocky Mountains.1

Annie May Gordon ~ Child of Annie Mitchell/Samuel.4

Charles George Gordon ~ Scots-Englishman who became governor general of the Sudan in 1877, acquiring sole responsibility for a million square miles of land inhabited by savage and hostile people. This was the same "Chinese Gordon" who had protected the European interests in Shanghai two decades before. In 1884 he was asked by the British government to defend Khartoum against a powerful fakir, the Mahdi, or "expected one." Gordon arrived in Khartoum in February 1884 and managed to evacuated 2,000 women, children, sick and wounded before the forces of the Mahdi closed in. Despite the British government's vacillation, which prevented any timely reinforcement, Gordon performed one of the remarkable feats of military history, defending Khartoum for almost a year within a weak Egyptian garrison, without staff or confidants, until January 26, 1885, when he and his troops were massacred. The British relief force arrived three days later. (See Hector MacDonald for continuation).14

Dan Gordon ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Eugene Gordon ~ Child of Annie Mitchell/Samuel.4

Gen. Joseph M. Gordon ~ He was the main organizer of the Australian army prior to 1914. He was born in Jerez to the Scoto-Spanish sherry wine family as Jose Maria Jacobo Rafael Ramon Francisco Gabriel Del Corazon De Jesus Gordon y Pendergast.14

Gordon ~ The bulk of the Virginia Gordons appear to have been from Galloway.17

Hugh Gordon ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 22, a Yeoman.10

Jean and Kate Gordon ~ Sisters, Scots and suffragettes.1

John Brown Gordon ~ 1832-1904 ~ Lieutenant-General in the Confederate Army and later 35th Governor of Georgia, was descendant of John George Gordon and his wife Mary Chapman, emigrants from Scotland. As Governor his administration was faultless, and the New York Sun declared his inauguration "worthy of Thomas Jefferson."17

John Gordon ~ d. 1807 ~ was physician to the king of Denmark for the West Indies and lived on the island of St. Croix.14

John Gordon ~ Child of Annie Mitchell/Samuel.4

Keith Gordon ~ Child of Annie Mitchell/Samuel.4

Kenneth Gordon ~ Child of Annie Mitchell/Samuel.4

Laughleth Gordon ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Nicholes Gordon ~ 1730-1799 ~ Wife of Robert McClellan. Married in 1754. Her family was famous in Scottish history. Born in Scotland; died in Cambridge, NY.4

Patrick Gordon ~ 1644-1736 ~ Governor of Pennsylvania (1726-28).17,14

Rafael Gordon ~ The first large shipment of brandy from Jerez was shipped by J. Gordon and Co., in 1798. In the early 20th century Rafael Gordon succeeded his grandfather, Carlos Pedro, as count of Mirasol in Spain and as laird of Wardhouse in Scotland. He was also mayor of Madrid.14

Samuel Gordon ~ Married Annie Mitchell.4

Thomas F. Gordon ~ 1789-1860, lawyer and historian of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc., was of Scottish ancestry.17

Thomas Gordon ~ d. Perth Amboy, 1722 ~ Born in Pitlochrie, he was Attorney-General of the eastern district (1698), Chief Secretary and Registrar in 1702, later Speaker of Assembly, and in 1709 Chief Justice and Receiver-General and Treasurer of the province.17

Thomas Gordon ~ the "fighting parson" of Bacon's Rebellion (1676) was a Scot.17

Walter Scott Gordon ~ 1848-86 ~ founder of Sheffield, Alabama, was the great-grandson of a Scot.17

Walter Scott Gordon ~ 1848-86 ~ He was the founder of Sheffield, Alabama and was the great-grandson of a Scot.17

William Fitzhugh Gordon ~ 1787-1858 ~ Member from Virginia (1829-35), of Scottish descent, is said to have been the originator of the Sub-Treasury system. The town of Gordonsville, Virginia, was named after him or after his family.17

William Gordon and Thomas Gordon ~ founded a free school in the county of Middlesex, Virginia, in the latter half of the seventeenth century, were Scots.1,17

Peter Douglas Gorrie ~ 1813-84 ~ clergyman, and historian of the Methodist Church in the United States, was born in Glasgow.17

D. R. Goudie ~ Member of the Scottish Branch, British-American Association, and Member of the Robert Burns Memorial and Monument Committee.

Mary C. Goudie ~ Wife Thomas C. MacMillan from Ma-au-say, Kendall Co., IL.11

Calvin Goudy ~ d. 1877 ~ M.D. and second child of Robert. In 1837 at Illinois College, he and his brother, Ensley T., published the Common School Advocate, the first joournal of its class in the west. He studied medicine and practiced in Taylorville, Christian Co. In 1850 he was elected to the legislature.6

Robert Goudy ~ b. 1785 ~ Ulster-Scot born in Armagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. Robert Burns was a friend of his father, John and addressed some verses to "the terror of the Whigs". He was a printer when they immigrated first to Indiana and then in June, 1832, Illinois, settling in Jacksonville. It is believed he brought his printing press with him. In 1834, he published "The News" in Jacksonville. He also printed what is thought to be the first book printed and bound in Illinois "Peck's Gazetteer of Illinois. They had 9 children.6

William C. Goudy ~ b. 1824 ~ Son of Robert, brother of Calvin. He was a judge on the bar of Galena. He was appointed at age 41 to the office of US District Judge for IL. In 1855, when the state was divided into two districts, he became the Judge of the Northern district. In 1869, he was promoted to the US Circuit Court which comprised Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. He was on the Board of Directors of the McCormick Theological Seminary.6

William Chalk Gouinlock ~ 1844-1914 ~ Physician and manufacturer, of Scottish ancestry, he was one of the first to establish the salt industry in Western New York (1883), and in 1887 established the first salt-pan west of the Mississippi (at Hutcheson, Kansas).17

Amy Gould ~ Mother of Addie Morse. Married Jessie Packer.12

Stephen Gould ~ Father of Thomas Gould. Born in Sutton MA, he joined the minute men in Warwick MA at the time of the war for independence and continued in the revolutionary struggle through an extended period earning a lieutenants commission. Married Esther Wilder.12

Thomas Gould ~ Father of Mary Packer. Married Amy Gould, daughter of Thomas and Amy (Weatherhead) Gould. Son of Lieutenant Stephen and Esther (Wilder) Gould.12

Sarah Govan ~ Mother William Smillie.11

D. Gow ~ b. 1825 ~ born in Edinburgh, he became one of the leading fruit and vegetable growers in Chicago. He shipped his produce to John B. Drake at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago.6

David Gowan ~ Kincardineshire, discovered the Tonto Natural Bridge, a limestone span in Northern Arizona which is 183 ft high over a 400 ft. long tunnel, the largest natural travertine arch in the world. He decided to homestead and farm this area. Gowan wanted to prospect and sent for his nephew David Gowan Goodfellow who not only brought his wife and three children but all of his household possessions, including a pedal organ. In addition to farming and raising cattle, they built a two-story lodge and invited tourists to view the natural bridge. The graceful ten room lodge still stands along with the old pedal organ. This became Arizona's 26th state park in 1991.1

William Gowans ~ d. 1870 ~ Born in Lanarkshire, he immigrated in 1821. At the age of 25 he went to New York and established a bookstall in Chathan Street. He boarded for a time with Edgar Allan Poe's family. Until his death, he was known to everyone as the eccentric 'Antiquarian of Nassau Street'. He much preferred to buy books than sell them. His executors sold at auction 250,000 bound volumes and eight tons of pamphlets and leaflets were sold as waste paper.1

Archibald Gracie ~ Born in Dumfries he immigrated to America about 1778. Started the first Savings Bank of America which was founded in New York. Gracie mansion is now the residence of the mayors of New York. Gracie was a fabulously rich Scottish immigrant who is given the large measure of credit for developing New York as a great seaport. He was also president of the St. Andrew's Society of the state of New York. He founded the Lying-In Hospital of the Cedar Street Presbyterian Church and was President of the Chamber of Commerce for 20 years.14,17

Margaret Grady ~ Wife David Hogg.11

Dr. Thomas Graeme ~ d. 1772 ~ Born Balgowan in Perthshire, he was a leading physician for 50 years and also an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.1

Mrs. Graham ~ a Scotswoman, celebrated in New York City for her benevolence and charity, founded a Sunday School in New York for young women in 1792. The movement however languished for some years until her daughter, Mrs. Bethune, also born in Scotland, organized the Female Sabbath School Union of New York in 1816. By her work in this connection Mrs. Bethune earned her title of "Mother of Sabbath Schools in America."17

Abner Warner Graham ~ 1840-1925 ~ Child of Eunice/William I. Graham. Died in Riverside, CA. He married in 1866 in Reynoldsburg, OH Mary Forrester. He came with his father's family to Reynoldsburg, OH in 1852. He worked on the farm and attended the district school. When he was 17 he began to teach school. His first school had about 60 pupils ranging from small children to adults and his wages were $3.50/week. He attended Central College, Ibernia, Ohio when the Civil War broke out. He enlisted in 1862 in Company A, 50th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers Infantry and served to the end of the war. He served in Kentucky and Tennessee and then with General Sherman through to Atlanta. He was discharged 1865. In 1868, with his wife and child, he moved to De Kalb Co., IL where he was a salesman in a general store in Sandwich. They joined the United Presbyterian church of Somonauk, IL . He went into a mercantile partnership in Biggsville, IL and in 1884 was elected on the Republican ticket to the lower house of the legislature. In 1888, he moved to Tarkio Missouri and became a salesman. In 1906 he resigned because of ill health and went to Colorado. Having recovered he returned to Missouri and held the position of Librarian of Tarkio College for 11 years.4

Alexander Graham ~ Child of Isaac and Nancy.4

Alice Elizabeth Graham ~ b. 1908 ~ Child Archibald L./Mazie.4

Andrew Graham ~ b. 1844 ~ Child of Robert and Sarah. He was born in Reynoldsburg, OH and married Mary Robertson MacEachron in 1872 at Somonauk, IL. He worked on the farm until he was 23, when he entered Monmouth College. He taught school for 16 years and farmed. He joined the Somonauk United Presbyterian church in 1864 and was a ruling elder in Aurora, IL for 14 years.4

Andrew Harper Graham ~ Child of Thomas/Margaret Jane.4

Anna Graham ~ Child of Isaac and Nancy.4

Annabelle Graham ~ b. 1913 ~ Child Cornelia/Wallace Graham.4

Archibald Lendrum Graham ~ 1877-1920 ~ Child of James and Anna J. He married Mazie Sprague in 1906. a minister of the gospel, the Reverend was taken away in the midst of a successful career.4

Bertha Jean Graham ~ 1876 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R. She married Duncan Stewart MacDougall.4

Bruce J. Graham ~ An American of Scottish ancestry, he was the architect of the 1,454-foot Sears Tower in Chicago, at one time, the world's tallest office building.14

Carrie S. Graham ~ Wife Alex. Fergus Campbell m.1885.11

Charity Irvine Graham ~ 1816-1839 ~ Married to David Miller Dobbin in 1836. She was born in Washington County, NY and died in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. She was the daughter of John W. and Margaret Irvine Graham and granddaughter of William and Mary (McBurney) Graham of Salem, NY.4

Clara Graham ~ d. 1894 ~ Wife of Albert Dobbin. She died one year after their marriage in Viola, Kansas.4

Cornelia Graham ~ b. 1879 ~ Child of James and Anna J. She married Wallace Graham in 1903.4

David Graham ~ Published the first daily paper published in Baltimore (1791).17

David Graham ~ Child of George and Anna. Married Nancy _____.4

David Wilson Graham ~ Child of Thomas/Margaret Jane.4

Donald E. Graham ~ Publisher of The Washington Post, owned by the Graham family and is one of America's most influential papers.14

Edna Jeanette Graham ~ b. 1921 ~ Adopted Child Ross/Marguerita.4

Edward Graham ~ Child of Isaac and Nancy.4

Elizabeth Jane Graham ~ 1818-1890 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Married 1840 James McIntyre.4

Ethel Graham ~ Wife of Harry McCleery.4

George D. Graham ~ 1812-1852 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. He was born in Washington Co. NY and died in Reynoldsburg, OH. In 1833, he married Amelia Dean Seely.4

George Dean Graham ~ b. 1865 ~ Child of James & Sarah Graham. He was born in De Kalb co. IL. Was unmarried in 1928 and lived in Seattle, WA.4

George Ernest Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

George Graham ~ b. 1777 ~ Child of William/Mary Graham. He was born in Salem, New York. In 1799, he married Anna Cowden, In 1817, they moved to Franklin County, Ohio. Shee William Graham for story. They had 12 children.4

George Graham ~ b. 1812 ~ Husband of Rosanna Graham. He was a distant relative and died in the mid 1840's. He was born in Washington co. NY.4

George Verner Graham ~ b. 1885 ~ Child of James and Anna J. Unmarried in 1929.4

Hanzel Graham ~ b. 1888 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R. Married in 1906 Ruel Horace Mighell.4

Gen. Harvey Graham ~ d. 1912 ~ Father Katherine Graham Culbertson, (wife of Carey Culbertson). Her father participated in the siege of Vicksburg during the Civil War, being at that time colonel of the 22nd Iowa volunteer Infantry on which occasion he was successful in capturing one of the rebel flags. He was also wounded in the battle of Wilson Creek on the same day on which General Lyon was killed. He died in Chicago where it had been his custom to spend the winter season at the home of his daughter. Mem. Royal Legion and was buried by that organization.12

Henry Graham ~ Settled in Georgia 1775, Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 26, a Yeoman.10

Isaac Graham ~ Child of George and Anna. He married Nancy Livingston at Reynoldsburg, Ohio. To better their financial position they moved to Somonauk IL in 1851 having bought a farm l.5 miles west of the church. They lived there the rest of their lives and died in the last years of the 19th century. They had five children, all born in Ohio. In 1854, he was elected to the office of Ruling Elder in the Associate Church. He was a farmer and he and his family are buried in Oak Mound Cemetery.4

Isabella Graham ~ b. 1742 ~ Lanarkshire-born Philanthropist, she received her education in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, where she is thought to have heard the Rev. John Witherspoon, signatory to the Declaration of Independence, preach. In 1789 and on his advice, she came to New York where she started a 'Penny Society', creating a pioneering sick fund for the poor. She established the first orphanage in the United States in 1807.1

Mrs. James Graham ~ elected Treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society to work on the Burns Monument.

James Graham ~ Arrived 8/8/1678. He was a lawyer and appointed one of the six aldermen of the city and helped William Penn on a commission to buy the Upper Susquehanna Valley from the Indians. He was the first recorder of the city of New York (1683-1700). In 1691 he was appointed Speaker of the First General Assembly of NY holding this position on and off for 8 years. He had one overseer, 2 white servants and 33 slaves.1,17

James Graham ~ died c. 1700 ~ Recorder of New York City, was also a native of Scotland.17

James Graham ~ Married Anna Jennette McEachron.4

James Graham ~ first Recorder of the city of New York (1683-1700) and Speaker of Assembly (1691-99) was born in Scotland.17

James Graham ~ 1836-1870 ~ Child of George D/Amelia. He was born in Reynoldsburg, OH. After the death of his father in 1852, he came to De Kalb co. IL and made his home with his uncle Robert Graham. He worked for Thomas G. Beveridge during the working season for two years at $13.00 a month. He was a member of the Somonauk United Presbyterian Church and was the chorister for some years. He married in 1857 Sarah McAllister. He died at age 34 after a long illness.4

James Graham ~ Ancestor of Nicholas R. Graham. Came to New York from Scotland with his brother John prior to the American Revolution. At one time he had command of Fort Stanwix during the war.12

James Graham ~ 1799-1830 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Married Jane Adams McLean in 1823.4

James Robertson Graham ~ 1839-1912 ~ Child of Rosanna & George. He was born at Reynoldsburg, OH and died at his home in Wichita, KS. He married Margaret Jane More in 1912. He was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church and his home in Sedgwick Co., KS was used as a church. He taught vocal music in addition to other occupations.4

Janet Graham ~ b. 1906 ~ Child Cornelia/Wallace Graham.4

Jennie Millie Graham ~ b. 1862 ~ Child of Sarah/James Graham. She married in 1883 A. H. Nichol at Morning Sun, IA. In 1928, he was living with a daughter Erma Howden in Los Angeles.4

Joanne Graham ~ 1770-1860 ~ born in Canada but educated at Paisley and Edinburgh, she settled with her family in 1798 and became devoted to orphanages and Sunday schools. She has been described as the 'mother of American Sabbath schools' and was co-founder of the New York Infant School Society.1

John G. Graham ~ 1809-1849 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Married Frannie Williamson 1837.4

John Gillette Graham ~ Child of Abner Warner/Mary. He was a banker.4

John Graham ~ 1774-1820 ~ Minister-Plenipotentiary to Brazil (1819), was brother of George Graham, Acting Secretary of War in the cabinets of Madison and Monroe.17

John Graham ~ 1718-1795 ~ He immigrated from Scotland to Georgia in the 1750's and worked himself up to a position of influence. He owned three large plantations and 262 slaves. As a Loyalist, he was in a precarious position as the Revolutionary War loomed. For a time he hid in the swamps of the Savannah River until he escaped to the man-o-war Scarborough. His appointment as lieutenant-governor led to further misfortune when the Patriots burned his ship, Inverness, as well as his mansion. He fled to London but returned for the last battles. When it was certain that they had lost, he fled with his 4 sons to Florida and spent much of his later years suing for loss of and damage to property on behalf of the Georgia Loyalists.1

John Graham ~ 1718-1787 ~ He was born in Perthshire and died at his Graham Park Plantation in Dumfries, Virginia. Around 1739, Graham immigrated to Prince William County in Virginia, purchasing land at Quantico Creek. By 1756 his plantation was a thriving, self-sufficient organization rooted on slave and indentured labor.1

John Graham ~ Ancestor of Nicholas R. Graham. Came to New York from Scotland with his brother James prior to the American Revolution. Married Dorothy Rightor, granddaughter of Captain Nicholas Rightor (Richter) of the Revolution. 12

John Graham ~ Immigrated to US 1774. He was from a Scottish family that took refuge in Northern Ireland because of religious persecution. He had a tedious voyage of 16 weeks in a sailing vessel hindered by storms and icebergs in the Atlantic. Provisions ran short. Because of the extreme hardships, some of his children died and were buried at sea. They landed in NY. He made his way on foot to Washington Co., NY. Brother of William.4

John W. Graham ~ 1775-1848 ~ Child of William/Mary Graham. Born in Salem, Washington Co., NY and died near Reynoldsburg, Ohio. He married about 1797 Margaret Irvine.4

Joseph Thompson Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Katherine Graham ~ Wife of Carey Culbertson, M.D. Married in 1900. Born Iowa city, Iowa and pursued her education in the schools of that place, in Manitowoc and in the Northwestern University at Evanson, being a graduate of the Comnock School of Oratory. Following the completion fo her course, she taught in the Cumnock School of Oratory at Los Angeles and later had a studio in Kansas City. In the Lawrence University of Appleton, WI, she became a member of the faculty as professor of oratory. She was a prominent member of the West End Women's Club and in 1912 was chairman of its program committee. She was also a member of the board of the Presbyterian Hospital.11,12

Leonard Graham ~ Child of McLean/Elizabeth Graham. He was a professor in Muskingum College at New Concord, OH in 1928.4

Margaret Graham ~ 1824- ~ 2nd Wife of William Robertson. Daughter of William Graham and Jane (French), a daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte (Miller) French of Argyle NY and granddaughter of David and Susanna (Blair) French of Cambridge, NY.4

Margaret Graham ~ Wife of James McCleery (b. 1835).4

Margaret Graham ~ b. 1837 ~ Child of Robert and Sarah.4

Margaret Graham ~ 1885-1887 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R.4

Margaret Jane Graham ~ 1836-1879 ~ Child of Rosanna & George. She was born in Reynoldsburg, OH and died near Viola KS. She married John R. Livingston.4

Marie Graham ~ Daughter of Nicholas R. Graham. Married John H. Snitzler of Chicago. She was for a number of years on the staff of contributors and authorized correspondent of the Chicago Evening Post and published a humorous book called "A Devout Bluebeard" and is about to collect her poems which are in a more serious vein. She uses her maiden name for a pen name. Member of the NY State Historical Society, Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Prominent member of the Huguenot Society of America, member Chicago Theosophical Society and charter member of Chicago Fellowship. She has traveled extensively at home and abroad and is much of a cosmopolitan, having no fixed habitation.12

Margaret Graham ~ Child of Abner Warner/Mary.4

Martha Graham ~ 1894-1991 ~ The foremost modern dancer in America. Born in Pittsburgh of Scottish descent, she was still working in her 90s. As a child, she danced up the aisle of the local Presbyterian Church. Her influence on modern dance and on the choreography of the Broadway musical is incalculable.14

Martha Eliza Graham ~ Child of Thomas/Margaret Jane.4

Mary Ann Graham ~ b. 1841 ~ Child of Robert and Sarah.4

Mary Farley Graham ~ b. 1915 ~ Child Archibald L./Mazie.4

Mary Graham ~ b. 1886 ~ Child of James and Anna J. She married in 1916, Harper Buhler.4

Mary Graham ~ 1802-1832 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret.4

Mary Jane Graham ~ Child of Isaac and Nancy.4

May Graham ~ b. 1872 ~ Wife of Stewart Dobbin. Born in Indianola, Iowa. Child of Thomas/Margaret Jane.4

McLean Graham ~ Child of David and Nancy Graham. He and his wife, Elizabeth Johnson, settled in Somonauk, IL but returned to their native state in the latter part of 1860.4

Myrtle Jessie Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Myrtle Leone Graham ~ b. 1901 ~ Child of Thomas H./Vida. She married Joseph George Hajek in 1924.4

Nancy A. Graham ~ 1807-1893 ~ Wife of James Ferguson m. 1830. She was the fifth daughter of John W. and Margaret Irvine Graham and was called "Aunt Nancy".4

Nancy Mary Graham ~ 1842-1907 ~ Child of Rosanna & George. Born in Reynoldsburg, OH she died in Wichita, KS. she married in Peotone, IL in 1865 William Gilkerson Shaw. They had no children, but adopted two great-nephews, Robert and Gordon Moore.4

Nellie L. Graham ~ Child of Abner Warner/Mary.4

Nettie Marian Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Nicholas Rightor Graham ~ b. 1818 ~ Born in Homer, Cortland Co., NY; educated in the academy of his native village and for several years alternated between studying law and school teaching. At the age of 18, he paid for his portrait to be painted by Sanford Thayer, the only instructor of Francis Carpenter. Married Julia Whitney of Chemung Co, of the highest old and New England lineage with a number of royal lines. He studied law with Edward Quinn in NY. Moving to Ulster County, NY, with his wife, he was appointed Judge. At the time of the Civil war, he aided in recruiting a regiment with the intention of serving as major. He failed in this and the companies were consolidated with the One Hundred and Second New York Van Buren Light Infantry. After moving to Chicago, he went into partnership with Jacob Newman. This ended when he and his wife went to Dakota, where they had mining interests that were purchased by the Homestead Company. He became a member of the Illinois Legislature to support appropriations for the drainage canal and World's Fair. Children: Malcolm (d. 1885 and buried in Wheaton, IL) and Marie, who married John H. Snitzler.2,12

Otto Graham ~ of German and Scotch-Irish ancestry, he was arguably the best football player ever. As a passer, graham ranks first among all quarterbacks, with 8.98 yards gained per attempt. For 10 successive years (1946-195), his entire professional career, Graham steered the Cleveland Browns to the final game of the season, winning seven championships.14

Patrick Graham ~ American Colonial and Revolutionary Governor from Georgia serving 1752-1754 of Scottish Birth of Descent.14

Paul Eugene Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Phoebe McL. Graham ~ Wife of John Miller Dobbin.4

Robert Graham ~ Moved from Washington County, NY to Somonauk, IL in 1850. He was a cooper forced out of business due to the introduction of machinery.

Robert Graham ~ 1805-1891 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Born in Washington CO, NY, he died in De Kalb Co., IL and is buried in Oak Mound Cemetery. In 1834, he married Sarah Williamson. In 1837, they left Washington Co. and moved to Reynoldsburg, OH where they lived for nearly 13 years. In the spring of 1850, he brought his family to Somonauk, IL and settled on a new prairie farm in Victor township. They were the 34th and 35th members enrolled in the Somonauk church.4

Robert Graham ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Glasgow, Scotland

Robert Ross Graham ~ b. 1926 ~ Child Ross/Marguerita.4

Rosanna(h?) Graham ~ 1814-1892 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Granddaughter of William and Mary McBurney Graham, born in Washington co. NY and died on a farm near Viola, KS. She married first probably in Ohio in 1835 a distant relative, George Graham. After his death, she supported the family by sewing. In 1855, she married George Frazier and moved to Clinton township, De Kalb Co. IL. She married third Robert Nelson and the family moved to Kansas in the 1870's.4

Rose Marie Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Ross Graham ~ b. 1888 ~ Child of James and Anna J. He married in 1913 Marguerita Kutzner.4

Russell Graham ~ 1847-1925 ~ Child of Robert and Sarah. He received his degree of Doctor of Divinity at Westminster College. He pastored in Briggsville, IL 12 l/2 years. He chaired Social Science at Monmouth College and taught for 39 years.4

Sarah Jane Graham ~ Child of David and Nancy Graham. She and her brothers William B. and McLean united with the Associate Church in 1856. She taught school for a time, then returned to Ohio where whe married William Johnston.4

Sarah Williamson Graham ~ b. 1877 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R. Married Frank M. Johnson in 1892.4

Thomas Graham ~ 1828-1902 ~ Son of William. He was born near Reynoldsburg OH. He married in 1854 at Iberia, OH Margaret Jane Taylor. They came to IL in 1856 and bought 80 acres with a cabin on it in Victor township, De Kalb co., IL and united with the Somonauk church. In 1857 Thomas was elected a Ruling Elder. In 1862, he moved back to Ohio and farmed. In 1871, he moved to Indianaola, IA and worked in the hardware and grocery business for several years. He was a justice of the peace, a member of the city council and a member of the board of education. In 1887 the family moved to Viola, KS where they are buried.4

Thomas Graham ~ (Baron Lynedoch) Was second in command to Wellington, and in 1813 he commanded the left wing of the army in the advance to Vitoria and the decisive victory there.14

Thomas H. Graham ~ b. 1880 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R. Married Vida Louise Davenport in 1900.4

Wallace Graham ~ Husband of Cornelia Graham. He was originally a farmer, later a merchant in Butler, IN.4

Wallace More Graham ~ Child of James R./Margaret.4

Wallace Paul Graham ~ b. 1916 ~ Child Cornelia/Wallace Graham.4

Walter Graham ~ 1874 ~ Child of Andrew/Mary R. He was unmarried in 1928.4

William Alexander Graham ~ 1804-75, thirtieth Governor North Carolina (1845-49), was son of Gen. Joseph Graham, a Revolutionary officer. He was also Secretary of the Navy in 1850, and projected the expedition to Japan under Commodore Perry.17

William B. Graham ~ Child of David and Nancy Graham. His middle name was Beveridge. He moved to Somonauk IL from Reynoldsbugh OH about 1855. His wife was Lucy Wells.4

William Forrester Graham ~ Child of Abner Warner/Mary. He was a minister and a poet.4

William Graham ~ Child of George and Anna. Father of Thomas Graham b. 1828.4

William Graham ~ b. 1750 ~ Immigrated to US 1774. He was from a Scottish family that took refuge in Northern Ireland because of religious persecution. He had a tedious voyage of 16 weeks in a sailing vessel hindered by storms and icebergs in the Atlantic. Provisions ran short. Because of the extreme hardships, some of his children died and were buried at sea. They landed in NY. He made his way on foot to Washington Co., NY. Brother of John, he married Mary McBurney. They appear to have married before they were 20 years of age. He entered the Continental army (see page 127-128 for an interesting account of his war experiences). They were members of the Associate Church of Coila, NY, where he became an elder in 1800. In 1817, he and his wife, his son George, with his wife and 7 children and his wife's sister, Margaret, left NY in a wagon and reached Franklin Co. OH. Pioneers in two states, their descendants number about 2,000 in the US (in 1928).4

William Graham ~ produced the first daily newspaper in Baltimore in 1791.14

William Graham ~ 1745-99 ~ was first President of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University in 1921).17

William Irvine Graham ~ 1798-1877 ~ Child of John W. and Margaret. Married in 1821 to Eunice Gillette and had 13 children. They moved to Putnam, near Lake George where they bought a farm. Later they lost the farm because of a defective title and had to start over again.4

William John Graham ~ Child of Isaac and Nancy.4

William Marshall Graham ~ Child of Thomas/Margaret Jane.4

Kenneth Grahame ~ 1859-1932 ~ He authored the children's classic The Wind in the Willows in 1908. The book has influenced children's literature ever since. He also claimed descent for Scotland's Warrior King, Robert I, The Bruce. He was born in Edinburgh.14

Stewart Granger ~ 1913-1993 ~ He was born in London of Scottish ancestry who was christened James Stewart, but found his name preempted in Hollywood by the other James Stewart.14

Andrew Grant ~ Died December 27, 1902; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Ann M'vicar Grant ~ 1755-1838 ~ Born in Glasgow she is considered to be the first American woman author of note. Her poems were praised by Sir Walter Scott and Robert Southey.1

Duncan Grant ~ 1885-1978 ~ Scottish artist. He is classified with the best French post-impressionists, was one of the stalwarts of the Bloomsbury Group. Their influential coterie, which met in London during the first third of the century to discuss art and philosophy, included many members of Scottish-descent among them Virginia Woolf, her brother, Adrian Stephen, her sister Vanessa Bell (who was Grant's lover), and the author, his cousin, Lytton Strachey.14

Frederick D. Grant ~ d. 1912 ~ Major General Member of the Illinois Saint Andrew society.

George Grant ~ Born in Banffshire. In 1872, he decided to retire in Kansas and found a colony. He wanted small farmers with sufficient capital to buy their own sections of land and well-to-do younger sons of British nobility. Within 3 months he sold 60,000 acres. He imported several Aberdeen Angus cattle and a shorthorn bull, all thoroughbreds and some from the queen's own herd at Windsor. It is said that these were the first black cattle in the US. The population peaked at 250. Many fine houses were built. The Grant house included a 400-quart wine cellar. Upon his sudden death in 1878 people began to drift away. Victoria is now a community of 1200 folk of Russian-German origin.1

Hugh Grant ~ This British actor is a Grant of Rothiemurchas.14

James Benton Grant ~ 10th Governor of Colorado (1883-85), was grandson of a Scottish immigrant.17

James Grant ~ In 1758 a Scottish major led 800 Highlanders on a reconnaissance of Fort Duquesne. Seeing the decay and hungry for Glory, Grant decided to try to take the fort himself. The result was a massacre by the French and Indians who decorated stakes outside the stockade with the heads and kilts of the Highlanders.14

James Grant ~ 1827-1892 ~ with John Speke, an Englishman, discovered and named Lake Victoria and proved it to be the principal source of the Nile.14

John Grant ~ Indentured Servant Georgia 1774. Sent to Georgia on the Mary. He is listed as 37 and a labourer.10

John Grant ~ b. April 1,1869 ~ Western Mgr. New Haven Clock Co. Born Aberdeen, Scotland; son of Thomas and Mary (Connon) Grant; moved to Chicago with parents in 1880; ed. grammar schools of Chicago until 1884; married Chicago June 17, 1903, Jemima Thomson. Was in employ of Chicago branch of the New Haven Clock Co. 1889-94; then with Overman Wheel Co., bicycles 1894-9; in 1899 returned to New Haven Clock Co. as asst. mgr; became western mgr in 1901. The company , which has its factories in New Haven, Conn., was incorporated in 1853.) Independent in politics. Residence in 1911: Warren Park, IL Office in 1911: 163 N. Wabash Ave. (Residence and office in 1905: 6625 Kimbark Av., 149 State Street.)11

John Grant ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John T. Grant ~ 1813-87 ~ railroad builder in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, was of Scottish origin.17

NFN Grant ~ POW send to Maryland summer 1717 on the ships Friendship and God Speed.1

Peter Grant ~ Born in the valley of Spey, Scotland, he was the popular Bard of the Caledonian Society of Chicago before he made his home in Detroit. "By Heath an Prairie" was published in 1900.6

Ulysses Simpson Grant ~ 1822-1885 ~ the 18th President, born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, he was the 8th lineal descendant of Matthew Grant, who sailed with his wife and child from Plymouth with 140 other immigrants on The Mary and John in the 1630's. He graduated from West Point in 1843 and served in the Mexican War. At one time, his "get rich quick" schemes included shipping ice to California, growing potatoes and shipping chickens to San Francisco, which all died en route. He took to drink and resigned his commission. When the Civil War began, he was working in a leather store in Galena, Illinois. He re-enlisted, became commander of the Union Army and was President by 1868. His campaign at Vicksburg was one of the most brilliant of the war and cut the Confederacy in half. Grant took Richmond, the Confederate capitol and forced and received Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House. After the war he dissuaded politicians who wanted to try Lee for Treason. His administration guaranteed the right of suffrage without regard to race, color or previous servitude and he was instrumental in founding the National Parks Service but his two terms in office were never as memorable as his exploits on the battlefield.1,5 Lincoln said of Grant to another "Find me another general to run this war. I can't spare this man ~ he fights" (Discovery Channel "Lincoln"). He sent $1,000 to the City of Chicago after the fire along with an invitation to George Pullman and his wife to stay in the White House.16 Upon his death, he stood as one of America's foremost heroes. The design of his tomb was debated for a decade and his funeral in New York was attended by more than a million people.14

W. T. Grant ~ A high school dropout, he founded his first store with $1,000. At his death in 1972, there were 1,172 Grant stores, with sales of over $1 billion.14

William Grant ~ Indentured Servant 1774 Virginia. He was 24, a groom and sailed on the Brilliant.10

Alester Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Alexander Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Dan: Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

James (3) Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John (2) Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Patrick Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Thomas Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

William Graunt ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Alasdair Gray ~ Author of Poor Things, is one of the most popular young writers in Britain.14

Asa Gray ~ 1810-1888 ~ Perhaps America's greatest botanist, and his book Manual of Botany is still the outstanding work in the field. He was born in New York of Scotch-Irish settlers of 1718.17,14

David Gray ~ 1836-88 ~ editor of the Buffalo "Courier" and poet, was born in Edinburgh.1,17

George Gray ~ b. 1840 ~ Attorney-General (1879-85), United States Senator, Member of the Russo-Japanese Peace Commission of 1898, and Member of the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission of 1902. Associate Justices of Delaware of Scottish descent.17

John Gray ~ Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War. Rank and organization: Private, Company B, 5th Ohio Infantry. Place and date: At Port Republic, Va., 9 June 1862. Entered service at: Hamilton County, Ohio. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 14 March 1864. Citation: Mounted an artillery horse of the enemy and captured a brass 6-pound piece in the face of the enemy's fire and brought it to the rear. Internet

John Gordon Gray ~ Native of Aberdeen and maker of scientific instruments, including some of those taken by Peary to the North Pole. Elected President of the St. Andrew's Society in Philadelphia in 1912, he conceived that organization's successful effort to erect the famous Scottish-American War Memorial in Edinburgh, with its Tait McKenzie sculpture. (See Elizabeth Gray Vining).14

Margaret Gray ~ Mother of Thomas Duncan Robertson and wife of Rev. Joseph Robertson.19

Mary Gray ~ Married Ward McAllister.4

Robert A. Gray ~ Member of the 34th and 35th General Assemblies of Macon Co. He was of Ulster-Scot ancestry. He was a farmer/legislator and poet.6

William Gray ~ Died March 23, 1913; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William C. Gray ~ Best "Chicago Times" paragrapher on the American religious press.6

Wm. P. Gray ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893, Admitted 1868. Born New York State.

Horace Greeley ~ 1811-1872 ~ Born in Amherst, NH, with Scottish roots. After working as a printer, he entered journalism, moved to New York and founded The New Yorker, a weekly literary journal. In 1841 he founded and was editor of the New York Tribune. This newspaper, which was much above the journalistic standards of its day, served as a vehicle for Greeley's vigorous progressivism. In 1848, Greeley became a member of the 30th Congress. He zealously supported the causes of labor and feminism; was an ardent abolitionist; sustained the Union cause during the Civil War. He wrote an open letter to Abraham Lincoln in 1862, known as the "Prayer to Twenty Million" asking the President to take a stand on slavery. In 1854, Greeley founded the Republican party, but soon parted with the republicans. In 1872 he was nominated by the Democratic party for the Presidency in opposition to General Grant, but he failed to be elected.1,5,14,17

Henry Scott Green ~ Died May 21, 1907; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Graham Greene ~ 1904-1991 ~ His novels sold over 20 million copies in 27 languages. He was l/4 Scottish and the grand nephew of Robert Louis Stevenson.14

Ann Greenlee ~ daughter of John Greenlee and Helen Brown b. in Harlem, IL 6 Feb. 1842; m. 6 Apr. 1861 in Winnebago Co., IL James Turner. They had nine children.19

Ann Greenlee ~ Wife of James Armour.19

Charles Greenlee ~ s/o John and Helen (Brown) Greenlee, he was b. 26 Oct. 1844 at Machribeg, Scotland and bapt. 24 Apr. 1830. He d. in Belvidere 8 Feb. 1895. He married (1) Barbara Smith who d. 21 June 1862 and had no children. Married (2) 2 Apr. 1867, Ellen Ferguson.19

Elizabeth Greenlee ~ d/o John Greenlee and Helen Brown, b. 27 Dec. 1825 at Machribeg, Scotland; m. 23 Mar 1843 in Winnebago Co., IL Charles J. Parker and removed to Omaha, Neb.19

George Greenlee ~ b. 1 Jan. 1828 at Machribeg, Scotland, d. in Belvidere, IL 6 Apr. 1906, s/o John and Helen (Brown) Greenlee. M. 15 Jan. 1857, Martha Greenlees.19

George Greenlee ~ b. at Machribeg, Scotland in 1750 and d. in Campbelltown in 1832; he married Martha Wilson. Child: John Greenlee.19

Helen Greenlee ~ daughter of John Greenlee and Helen Brown b. in Harlem, IL 29 June 1838, d. 21 Mar. 1911; m. 25 Dec. 1856 in Winnebago Co., IL James Ralston. Helen was the first child born to the Scotch settlement.19

Jeanette Greenlee ~ d/o John and Helen (Brown) Greenlee b. 156 or 17 Dec. 1832 in Parish of Campbelltown, Scotland. D. in Rockford, IL 28 Nov. 1911. M. at Harlem, IL 19 April 1855 James Orlando Gregory. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.19

John Greenlee ~ son of John and Helen (Brown) Greenlee b. at Park, parish of Campbelltown, 28 June or 4 July 1835, d. in Belvidere, IL in 1910; m. 24 Oct. 1864 in Winnebago Co., IL Elizabeth Brown.19

John Greenlee ~ b. 16 Aug 1791 at Machribeg, parish of Southend, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 30 Dec. 1882 at Argyle, bur. Scotch Cem. He m. in 1820 Helen Brown. John was the s/o George Greenlee and Martha Wilson. John leased a farm in Scotland, but because of a series of crop failures he was unable to pay his rent in full. The agent sold his stock and farm implements at auction, and although the sale was sufficient to pay the balance of the rent, it did not cover the upkeep of the buildings and fences which the agent claimed John was responsible for. The Armours, who were nephews of Mr. Greenlee had a claim in Winnebago Co., IL but had settled at Ottawa, Il. They sent word for him to come to America and had provided for the journey. When the Greenlee's arrived at the boat to start their trip, they were met by the land steward who took Mr. Greenlee back to be imprisoned. He told his family to go on to America, knowing that friends and relatives would take care of them. He soon was able to escape from the guards, found a sailing vessel bound for America and was waiting on the pier to green them when his family arrived in New York. In the spring of 1837, John Greenlee and his family came to the Armour claim and were the first Scotch settlers at Argyle. In the summer of 1837, he took up a claim for himself on the west side of the Armour claim. He was a founder and charter member of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church.

Martha Greenlee ~ b. at Machribeg, Scotland 3 aug. 1823, d/o John Greenlee and Helen Brown. D. 1849 in Rockford, IL. M. Francis Derighter Parker 21 May 1840 in Winnebago Co., IL.19

Thomas Greenlee ~ child of Robert and Mary (Mitchell) Greenlee. He was born at Craigs, parish of Campbelltown, 17 Aug. 1835 and d. 23 Oct. 1923. He married Margaret Andrew at Argyle 24 Feb. 1876. They had six children.19

George Greenlees ~ father of Mary Greenlees.19

Helen Greenlees ~ Mother of James Ralston; wife of William Ralston.19

Martha Greenlees ~ d/o William and Martha (Harvey) Greenlees, she was b in Scotland 15 May 1838 and d. 1920 in Belvidere, IL. She married 15 Jan. 1857 George Greenlee.19

Mary Greenlees ~ mother of Archibald Picken b. in Machribeg, Scotland and bapt. 5 Feb. 1782. Married John Picken (banns) dated 19 Mar. 1803. Mary was the sister of John Greenlee, the first Scotch settler. Mary died in Caledonia, Scotland.19

John Greenley ~ Resident of Caledonia, Boone County, IL, was from Argyllshire. His sons became prominent and prosperous businessmen in Belvidere. In 1836, "The pioneer and founder of the Argyle Settlement" located on the line between Winnebago and Boone Counties and in 1837 he brought his family to their new home, being the first Scotch family to locate in this part of Winnebago County.6

Jeanette Greenock ~ Died in the fire at the Scottish Home, North Riverside, IL, in 1917, and was buried at Rosehill, Chicago, IL.

James Greer ~ Died March 21, 1881; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Joseph Greer ~ Father was born in Scotland, fought in the Battle of King's Mountain 10/7/1780. He was dispatched to carry news of the victory to congress in Philadelphia. He was 20 years old and 7 feet tall, but was chosen because he was an experienced backwoodsman. He had one or more horses shot from under him and walked much of the way. He swam ice-covered streams and spent one night in a hollow log, hiding from a band of Indians who actually sat on the upturned tree as they discussed his whereabouts. He arrived and delivered his message to the politicians and was given a grant of land in what is now Lincoln County, TN.1

David McMurtrie Gregg ~ b. 1833 ~ served with distinction in battles of the Wilderness in the Civil War, and was afterwards Auditor-General of Pennsylvania.17

Margaret Gregg ~ 1823-1897 ~ Wife of Thomas McEachron. daughter of George Lendrum and wife Mary, daughter of Duncan and Jeanette (Robeson) Robinson. Born in Argyle.4

Aaron Gregory ~ Father of James Orlando Gregory, husband of Mary Bailey.19

James Gregory ~ 1638-1675 ~ He was a Scot who invented the Gregorian reflecting telescope, which was developed three years later by the Englishman Sir Isaac Newton. His name should have been Macgregor and he was actually related to the notorious Rob Roy. But when the Macgregors were outlawed his family was forced to choose another name. About the same time that Isaac Newton was developing calculus, Gregory was also developing calculus independently while studying in Padua, so he and Newton are sometimes recognized as co-inventors.14,18

James Orlando Gregory ~ son of Aaron and Mary (Bailey) Gregory b. 4 Jan. 1821 in Delaware Co., NY, d. in Rockford IL 26 May 1913. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. M. Jeanette Greenlee.19

William Gregory ~ 1849-1901 ~ forty-second Governor of Rhode Island (1900-01), was of direct Scottish descent.17

Alex Greig ~ Kincardineshire. Successful sheep farmer in Fremont Co., Wyoming "little Scotland".1

James Greig ~ b. 10/12/1850 ~ He filed a claim in Nobles County, Minnesota, for land, but was caught in a blizzard and left for six years due to the bad weather before returning.1

Jane E. Grey ~ Wife of Alexander R. Gilchrist.4

Aedvard Grieg ~ 1843-1907 ~ Norway's greatest composer who was descended from Alexander Greig (note spelling change), a British consul general stationed at Bergen who settled there in 1779. Grieg's mother also had Scottish ancestry, being descended from one Andrew Christie. Arthur Rubenstein, the pianist, said that Rachmaninoff had told him that Grieg's Concerto in A Minor was the best concerto ever written "without exception." A concerto has been called "perhaps Norway's most successful export," and not far behind are his Holberg Suite and Peer Gynt.14

Robert Cooper Grier ~ 1794-1870 ~ Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Connecticut (1846-70) was of Scottish ancestry.17

John Grierson ~ 1898-1972 ~ born in Kilmarnock and founder of the Canadian National Film Board, he became the father of documentary films. Grierson was the leader of the documentary movement and actually coined the word documentary himself.

Miller Grieve ~ 1801-78 ~ born in Edinburgh, Representative in the Georgia Legislature, Chairman of Board of Trustees of Oglethorpe University, was Charg d'Affaires at Copenhagen.17

Dora Griffith ~ Wife Alex. Ross Monroe of Indianapolis, Indiana.11

David Griffiths ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Coatbridge, Scotland

James Wilson Grimes ~ 1816-72 ~ third Governor of Iowa (1854-58), was of Ulster Scot descent.17

Gilbert M. Grosvenor ~ Alexander Graham Bell's great-grandson who presides over The National Geographic Society today.14

Walter Grubbs ~ Died July 15, 1880; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Colin McVean Gubbins ~ General and Hebridean by birth, he commanded a network of thousands of spies and saboteurs behind the German lines prior to D-Day.14

James McClurg Guffey ~ b. 1839 ~ oil producer and capitalist, was of Galloway descent. He developed the oil fields of Kansas, Texas, California, West Virginia, and Indian Territory. The town of Guffey, Colorado, is named in his honor. His brother Wesley S. Guffey was also prominent in the oil industry.17

Wesley S. Guffey ~ Brother of James McClurg Guffey was also prominent in the oil industry.17

Sir Alec Guinness ~ b. 1914 ~ He won the Academy Award in 1957 for his performance in Bridge on the River Kwai. He is thought of as one of the best actors of his time. He is believed to be the son of Andrew Geddes, a Scottish banker.14

Danniell Gunn ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Hartford N. Gunn, Jr. ~ A New Yorker of Scottish descent who pioneered American educational television and was founding president of the Public Broadcasting Service.14

Iain Gunn ~ AKA Johann Gunn ~ Colonel who was governor of Ohlau in Silesia in the mid- 1600s.14

Janet Gunn ~ Died March 17, 1890; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Sir William Gunn ~ was created a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire in 1649.14

John Gurden ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

James Gurner ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

A. B. Guthrie ~ 1901-1991 ~ America's premier western historical novelist and the author of the motion picture Shane, was also Scottish.14

Arlo Guthrie ~ Woody Guthrie's son. Sings popular music.14

James Guthrie ~ Physician to Catherine the Great of Russia.14

James Guthrie ~ 1792-1869 ~ Secretary in the cabinet of President Pierce (1853-57).17

John Guthrie ~ d. 1906 ~ Father, William. Educated in Indiana, and taught school before becoming a lawyer. Served in the Civil War and moved to Topeka, Kansas where he became associated with the Midland Road, an integral part of the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Guthrie, Oklahoma was a stop on the Santa Fe line. It was designated as the site of the land office were claims for homesteads could be filed in the land rush. Judge Guthrie was one of those who attempted to claim a town lot as a 'sooner'. He died in Topeka.1

Dr. Robert Guthrie ~ d. 1995 ~ A simple test developed by this Scottish-American has saved 30,000 people from mental retardation and will continue to save many more. The test for PKU is given to all newborn infants and costs about three cents. If positive, the infants are placed on a strict diet which prevents retardation and lifetime costs of $1 million per patient. He died having refused all royalties on his test.14

Samuel Guthrie ~ 1782-1848 ~ physician and chemist, was descendant of John Guthrie, who came to America in 1661. He was one of the pioneers who introduced vaccination, produced the first successful percussion powder (after many experiments), invented the "punch lock" which superseded the flint-lock musket, and, in 1831, discovered the anesthetic chloroform in 1831.17

William Guthrie ~ b. 1795 ~ Son of wealthy parents in Perth, he found upon his father's death that his older son inherited everything, so he left for America and ended up in Switzerland County, Indiana where he began farming. He married an Ayrshire lass, Margaret Japp, born in 1812 on the Banks of the Doon. They married in 1828 and moved to an area south of Logansport IN. He spent his life farming and raising 13 children. University of Edinburgh graduate. Son, John.1

William Guthrie ~ Died January 17, 1892; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Woody Guthrie ~ Rock music is traceable to two Scottish Americans, Woody Guthrie and Burl Ives who were the vital links between the 20th century and "the unknown, uncharted music" of the 19th century.14


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