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Wilson Dabrall ~ Settled in Carolina in 1774. He was 25 and a jeweler who sailed on the James.10

Pliny Daggett ~ Grandfather of Della M. MacMullen. He won distinction in the war of 1812 and his widow whose maiden name was Ruth Orcutt received a pension until she died at 92.12

Wm. M. Dale ~ druggist, South Clark street, lost about $10,000 in the Chicago fire.

Robert G. Dalgish ~ Died May 21, 1900; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Healey Dall ~ b. 1845, palentologist to the United States Geological Survey, author of "Alaska and Its Resources," and author of hundreds of articles on Natural History subjects, was a grandson of William Dall of Forfarshire.17

Alexander James Dallas ~ 1759-1817, Secretary (1814-16), was the son of a Scottish physician, Dr. Robert C. Dallas. During 1815-16 he also discharged the functions of Secretary of War. Had a distinguished career as a statesman.17

George Mifflin Dallas ~ 1792-1864 ~ Son of Alexander James Dallas, Secretary of the Treasury, he was Minister to Russia in 1837-39, and subsequent to his Vice Presidency was Minister to Great Britain (1856-61). Vice President under Polk. Dallas, Tx was named for him.14,17 See January 1996 History Club Newsletter, page 3.

Robert Frank Dallas ~ b. 1855 ~ American artist of Scottish descent.17

Oliver Dalrymple ~ Dalrymple, a doughty Scot living in North Dakota put it all together in one great farm. In 1876, he secured 30,000 acres in the Red River Valley and planted it all in wheat. It was the largest wheat field ever seen by man in the entire world. The soil was turned with 150 gang plows, sown with 70 drills and reaped with 150 McCormick self-binding reapers. Twelve threshing machines filled two freight trains a day with enough wheat in each train to give two thousand people enough bread for a year.

Robert M. Dalzell ~ 1793-1873 ~ an American Scot, invented the Grain elevator.14,17

NFN Dangart ~ Farmer in Tama County, Iowa.1

Andrew Darling ~ Died November 7, 1878; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Peter Dass ~ 1647-1708 ~ Norwegian poet, who was the son of Peter Don Dass (Dundas) of Scotland.14

Vida Louise Davenport ~ b. 1884 ~ Wife of Thomas H. Graham.4

Tillie David ~ wife Lafayette D. McMichael of Buffalo New York.11

Alexander Davidson ~ b. 1832 made many inventions in connection with the typewriter, one of the most important being the scale regarding the value of the letters of the alphabet. As an inventor he was of the front rank.17

Andrew Davidson ~ Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War. Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, Company H, 30th U.S. Colored Troops. Place and date: At the mine, Petersburg, Va., 30 July 1864. Entered service at: Otsego County, N.Y. Born: 12 February 1840, Scotland. Date of issue: 17 October 1892. Citation: One of the first to enter the enemy's works, where, after his colonel, major, and one-third the company officers had fallen, he gallantly assisted in rallying and saving the remnant of the command. Internet

Anstruther Davidson ~ born in Caithness in 1860, Associate Professor of Dermatology in the University of Southern California, is also distinguished as a botanist and entomologist.17

Dr.William Davidson ~ Senior surgeon to King John Casimir of Poland in the mid-seventeenth century.14

Elsie Davidson ~ Daughter James H./Mary E. Bell.11

George Davidson ~ 1825-1911, born in England of Scottish parentage, geodetist and astronomer, one of the founders of the Geographical Society of the Pacific, Regent of the University of California, was retired after fifty years' active field service of incalculable value to the cause of science.17

Joyce Davidson ~ Canadian television personality.14

Mary A. Davidson ~ Wife of John Beattie, b. 2 Feb. 1815 in North Ireland, d. 7 Dec. 1891, Rockford, IL. Married at Niagara, Canada.19

Peter Davidson ~ AKA Petr Skotte and Petrus David de Scotia, he became one of the founders of the University of Copenhagen in 1478. He was made the first dean of its faculty of arts in 1479 and later elected as president of the University no fewer than 6 times.14

Thomas Davidson ~ 1840-1900, philosopher, educator, and author, was born at Deer, Aberdeenshire.17

William Davidson ~ 1746-1781, born in Pennsylvania of Scottish parentage or descent, was a Brigadier-General in the Revolutionary Army, and was killed in the fight at the ford over Catawba River, January 31, 1781. Congress voted five hundred dollars for a monument to his memory, and Davidson College, North Carolina, is named in his honor.17

William Davidson ~ In 1647, he became the first professor of chemistry in France.14

Elspeth Davie ~ Contemporary Scottish author.14

Ann Eliza Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 20-May 1820, d. Sept. 1905, bur. Davis Cem., Winnebago Co., IL. Unmarried.19

Catherine Jane Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 28 Feb. 1819, St. Thomas, Canada, d. 19 Feb. 1904, Rockford, Ill, bur. Cedar Bluff Cem.; m. 20 Nov. 1844 in Winn. Co., Abraham Isaac Enoch, b. 1819 at Dayton, Ohio.19

Daniel Henry Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 15 May 1825, Southhold, Canada West, d. 6 Sept. 1897, bur. Davis Cem. Winnebago Co., IL; m. 4 Feb. 1858 in Winnebago Co., IL Agnes Greenlee Patterson, b. 9 Feb. 1834 in Scotland, d. 28 Oct. 1921. He was financed by his brother-in-law, Abraham Enoch, to go to California during the gold rush in 1850. The original Manufacturers' Bank Building in Rockford was built with the returns from this venture.19

David Alexander Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 26 Aug. 1821, d. 27 July 1878; m. 24 Nov. 1850 in Winnebago Co. IL., Nancy Horton.19

Eliza Davis ~ b. in New Brunswick, d/o John and Ellen Davis. Married Robert Simpson 17 Apr. 1867. She d. 2 Nov. 1872 in Sonora co., Ca. Where she had gone for her health.19

George B. Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 27 July 1830, d. 30 Sept. 1860, bur. Davis Cem., Winnebago Co., IL; m. 12 Nov. 1854 in Winnebago Co., IL Samantha Place.19

Jacob Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 27 May 1822, d. 7 Nov. 1875, bur. Davis Cem., Winnebago Co., IL; m. 23 Dec. 1860 in Winnebago Co., Harriet L. Campbell.19

Jefferson Davis ~ Scottish on his mother's side. Secretary of War in 1867, he advocated the purchase of the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico called the Gadsden Purchase. President of the Confederate States of America.14

John Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 19 Nov. 1834, d. 23 Sept. 1851, bur. Davis Cem., Winnebago, Co., IL.19

Joseph Silas Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 20 Oct. 1826, d. 20 May 1892; m. 2 June 1870 in Winnebago Co., Almira (Campbell) Manning.19

Robert Campbell Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 17 Apr. 1823, d. Sept. 1849, bur. Davis Cemetery; unmarried.19

Thadeus Davis, Sr. ~ b. 9 June 1793 at Phoenix (near Albany), N.Y., d. 31 Oct. 1851 at Rockford, Ill. He m. (1) Jane McCallock who d. in Phoenix; m. (2) Catherine Kirkland, b. 10 Feb. 1797 at Schenectady, N.Y., d. 12 May 1871 in Rockford, Ill. Both are bur. in Davis Cem. Catherine's parents were natives of Scotland. One source says that another Thaddeus was the father of Thaddeus, Sr. Others give William Davis, b. in Conn. And Voneche Belvea as his parents. William Davis died in Chippewa, Canada at age 94. Thaddeus Davis moved his family from New York to a timber tract in Southland, West Canada. In 1839 he sold this farm and came to Winnebago Co., Ill., bringing their cattle and sheep with them. It took six weeks for the trip. Thaddeus and his family camped for a week where the old Rockford College campus was located while he located a farm. He purchased a squatter's claim on S 24, Guilford Twp. This land is on the Boone Co., line and Highway 20. Thaddeus deeded land for the original Bell School in 1846. His children deeded ~ acre of land to County Line Cemetery, incorporating the family burial plot with burial plots of neighbors on 19 Sept. 1855. The name was later changed to Davis Cemetery. His child by his first wife was William; children by second wife: Catherine Jane, Ann Eliza, David Alexander, Robert Campbell, Daniel Henry, Joseph Silas, Thaddeus, Jr., George B., Jacob, and John.19

Thaddeus Davis, Jr. ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Catherine Kirkland. B. 17 June 1828, Southhold, Canada, d. 4 Nov. 1895, bur. Davis Cem., Winnebago Co., IL; m. 10 Dec. 1857, Mary A. McClarey.19

William Davis ~ Child of Thaddeus Davis, Sr., and Jane McCallock. B. 1817, d. 1843. William did not come to Illinois with the rest of the family but started out later. The last he was heard from was that he left Detroit but never arrived in Chicago. It is believed that he drowned in Lake Michigan. However, there is a record of his burial in Davis Cem., Winnebago Co., IL Perhaps he is not actually buried there.19

George Dawson ~ 1813-83 Journalist of Albany, born in Falkirk, Scotland.17

John A. Dawson ~ chief engineer, coastal command, for the air defense of Britain from 1940 to 1940, born in Aberdeen.14

Thomas Cleland Dawson ~ b. 1865, son of a native of Clackmannan, was Secretary of the American Legation to Brazil (1897-1904), Minister Resident and Consul General to Santo Domingo (1904), and author of "South American Republics," a standard work (2 v. 1903-4).17John Dempster ~ 1794-1843, founder of Boston Theological Seminary, which afterwards became the Theological School of Boston University, was of Scots parentage.17

Lily Agnes Day ~ Child Andrew/Lillias MacLeish. Mrs. C. L. Day.11

William Horace Day ~ Minister/Moderator in 1919 of Nat'l Council of Congregational Church in Bridgeport, CT.6

Larry Deans ~ Died October 1, 1879; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade ~ Brazil's outstanding writer of the 20th century who descends from a Scottish nobleman who went to Madeira in the 15th century.14

Paul DeBruce ~ of Kansas City, owns DeBruce Grain, one of the largest agricultural businesses in the world and one of the largest privately owned enterprises in America.14

Charles de Gaulle ~ The greatest French statesman of the 20th century, was partly of Scottish ancestry.14

Caroline O. DeGraff ~ Mother Chauncey/Henry/Watson.11

William Dell ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Jack Dempsey ~ 1895-1983 ~ Boxer whose 21 first-round knockouts were the most ever, as the "greatest fighter of the half century." Dempsey was an American of Irish, Scotch-Irish, and Cherokee ancestry.14

Catherine Dempster ~ 1st Wife of Malcolm McNeil. Daughter of A. R. Dempster of Dundee, IL.11

John Dempster ~ Medal of Honor Recipient -Civil War. Rank and organization: Coxswain, U.S. Navy. Born: 1839, Scotland. Accredited to: Pennsylvania. G.O. No.: 59, 22 June 1865. Citation: Dempster served on board the U.S.S. New Ironsides during action in several attacks on Fort Fisher, 24 and 25 December 1864; and 13, 14, and 15 January 1865. The ship steamed in and took the lead in the ironclad division close inshore and immediately opened its starboard battery in a barrage of well-directed fire to cause several fires and explosions and dismount several guns during the first 2 days of fighting. Taken under fire as she steamed into position on 13 January, the New Ironsides fought all day and took on ammunition at night despite severe weather conditions. When the enemy came out of his bombproofs to defend the fort against the storming party, the ship's battery disabled nearly every gun on the fort facing the shore before the cease-fire orders were given by the flagship. Internet

John Dempster ~ 1794-1863, President of the Illinois Wesleyan University, was of Scottish parentage.17

Thomas Dempster ~ 1570-1625 ~ Etruscology, the study of the Etruscans, Italy's ancient people, became a separate branch of scholarship 400 years ago when he, a Scott who had a distinguished career at Pisa and Bologna, published De Etruria Regali.14

William Dengell ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Edward Dengle ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Charles S. Dennen ~ Gave speech as Governor of Illinois at the Burns Monument.

George Hutcheson Denny ~ b. 1870, Professor of Latin in Washington and Lee University, and later President of the same institution, and of Scottish descent.17

Claude de Ramezay ~ Scottish-descended governor of Montreal and New France. The Chateau Ramezay museum is in the 1705 manor hours built by him.14

Bruce Dern ~ b. 1936 ~ He is, through his mother, a member of the MacLeish family that founded the Carson, Pirie, Scott department store chain in Chicago and is the great-nephew of the poet Archibald MacLeish.14

Peter and Arthur Devine ~ boiler markers, Polk street, lost building and stock in the Chicago fire.

Charles H. Devline ~ Died September 14, 1900; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander L. Dewar ~ banker and broker; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1852; s. Plummer and Eliza (Pew) Dewar; moved to Canada, 1856; ed. Canadian schools; m. 1875, Grace MacKenzie, Hamilton, Ont.; children: Fred Harold, Elsie, Maude, John, Helen, Arthur. At 19 went to New York, becoming paying teller in a Wall St. banking house; later in a bank in Canada; came to Chicago, 1881, in charge of Chicago agency of Canadian Bank of Commerce; assisted in organizing Am. Exchange Nat. Bank, 1886, becoming its cashier; established, 1895, firm of A. L. Dewar & Co., now Dewar & Yerkes, of which he is senior mem. Member Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Bankers. Office: 234 LaSalle St. Residence: 942 Michigan Av., Evanston, Ill.20

John F. Dewer ~ A professor who taught highland dancing in Chicago.

George Dewey ~ 1837-1917 ~ was a legendary naval officer. Born in Montpelier, Vermont. After the Civil War he served both ashore and at sea, rising to the command of the Asoatic squadron in 1898. With orders to "Capture or destroy the Spanish squadron" he entered Manila Bay. He sank, burned, or captured all the Spanish ships in the bay, silenced and destroyed three land batteries and held the bay until the city was taken on May 1, 1898. The Olympia had been built in San Francisco by George Dickie. In recognition of this feat, he was made Admiral of the Navy, a rank created by act of Congress for the special purpose of honoring him.1,5

Sir James Dewar ~ 1842-1923 ~ Scottish physicist and chemist born in Kincardine, Fife. In 1888, with Sir Frederick Abel, he invented Cordite. He performed many experiments with gases and in 1891 succeeded in obtaining liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and finally liquid hydrogen in 1898. He introduced thermos flasks into science and industry, but did not capitalize on his invention commercially.5,18

James A. Dewar - See October 1996 Scottish History Club Newsletter, page 2.

Alexander L. Dick ~ 1805 ~ Scottish engraver.17

James T. Dick ~ 1834-68 ~ American artist of Scottish descent.17

John Dick ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 14, a laborer.10

Robert Dick ~ 1814-93 ~ born in Bathgate, Linlithgowshire, died in Buffalo, lecturer, newspaper editor, writer, preacher and inventor, was inventor of the mailing machine used in nearly every newspaper office on the continent.17

Thomas Dick ~ In 1838, this native of Angus wrote Celestian Scenery which for the first time described the movements of the earth's surface that we now call continental drift and plate tectonics. Dick suggested such things as that the bulge of brazil had once fit into the west coast of Africa and proposed the then revolutionary idea that the continents had once been joined.14

David Dickie ~ Medal of Honor Recipient ~ Civil War. Rank and organization: Sergeant, Company A, 97th Illinois Infantry. Place and date: At Vicksburg, Miss., 22 May 1863. Entered service at: Gillespie, Macoupin County, Ill. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 29 January 1896. Citation: Gallantry in the charge of the "volunteer storming party." Internet

George Dickie ~ Arbroath, made his mark in California as a designer of marine engines and steel ships.1

John Dickinson ~ 1732-1808, Member of the Continental Congress of 1765, of the Federal Convention of 1787, and President of Pennsylvania (1782-85), was also the founder of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The Dickinsons came from Dundee in early colonial times.17

Hunter Dickson ~ Child William F./Elizabeth.11

James Dickson ~ Died July 7, 1892; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Robert Dickson ~ 1765-1823 ~ He had great influence with the Sioux, marrying a chief's daughter and controlling fur posts from the St. Paul, Minnesota, district through many hundreds of miles to the north and west. During the war of 1812, his clout with the Indians was regarded as crucial by both sides.1

Thomas Dickson ~ 1822-84 ~ He was President of the Delaware and Hudson Canal and born in Lauder.17

William Dickson ~ Father William F. Dickson.11

William Ferguson Dickson ~ b. 1856 ~ Physician born old Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland; son William and Nicholas (Dobson) Dickson; removed with parents to Oxford Co., Ont., Can; ed in pub and high schs., Intersoll Ont, graduating as teacher 1874; taught in rural schools until 1877; attended Collegiate Inst. St. Catherines, Ont., and Normal School, Toronto, Ont. 1877-8; again taught pub schs., 1878-80 attended Trinity Med coll., Trinity Univ (M.D.); practiced in Embro, Ont. 1883-6; went to Europe, attending hosps in London and Edinburgh and passing examinations for the "triple qualifications" of Edinburgh and Glasgow, L.R.C.P.& S. and L.M. Edinburgh and L.F.P.& S., Glasgow; married Elizabeth G. Oliver of Intersoll, Ont 1889; 1 son, Hunter. On returning from Europe in spring of 1887, began practice at Intersol Ont; removed to Chicago in 1893; lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology at Post Grad. Hosp. Mem. Chicago Med Soc., Physicians' Club, A.M.A., President of theIllinois St. Andrew Society 1922-23-24. Republican. Presbyterian. As a 32nd degree mason he was the founder of the Woodlawn Park Lodge. Dr Dickson enjoyed traveling. Residence: 6321 Woodlawn Av. Office 1400 Reliance Bldg.11

Rose Didda ~ Wife of Alvin Mercer.4

Sir John Greer Dill ~ Ulster-Scot who replaced Field Marshal William E. Ironside as chief of the British imperial general staff and chief military advisor in Britain in 1940. Later he served as the British military representative in Washington where he died in 1944. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.14

Annie Dillard ~ Born in Pittsburgh of partly Scotch-Irish descent, she won a Pulitzer Prize for her 1974 work Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.14

Phyllis Diller ~ Scottish-American comedianne.14

Donald Dinnie ~ 1837-1916 ~ He was a Scottish giant who won 11,000 medals and much money all over the world. Dinnie once carried two stones weighing a total of 785 pounds over a Scottish bridge, and despite many attempts to carry them back across they are still where he left them in 1860. In his vaudeville act he held 56 pounds at arms length for five minutes.14

Robert Dinsmoor ~ 1757-1836, poet, was brother of Governor Dinsmoor of New Hampshire.17

Samuel Dinsmoor ~ 1799-1869 ~ son of Samuel Dinsmoor b. 1766, served as twenty-fourth Governor of New Hampshire (1849-52).17

Samuel Dinsmoor ~ 1766-1835 ~ sixteenth Governor of New Hampshire (1831-33), a distinguished factor in the history of his state, was of Ulster Scot descent on both sides.17

Hugh Anderson Dinsmore ~ b. 1850 ~ of Ulster Scot origin, was Minister Resident and Consul General in Corea (1887-90) and later Member of Congress (1892-1906).17

Robert Dinwiddie ~ Governed Virginia during the French and Indian War from 1751 to 1758 and for whom the state's Dinwiddie County is named. Born near Glasgow, he "discovered" a young man named George Washington and in 1753 sent him to confront the French military forces in what is now western Pennsylvania, the first important move to establish British rather than French control over the American West. He recommended the annexation of the Ohio Valley. Dinwiddie county is named after him.

NFN Dinwoodie ~ Trekked the 80 miles from Brandon to Bottineau ND in the late 1800's.1

George Dioutry ~ Died February 6, 1890; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Walt Disney ~ 1901-1966 ~ One of the most influential of all Americans, he was the creator of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and so much more. His 1938 film Snow White was the first feature-length animated cartoon, and it immediately made him a major figure in entertainment. Disney, of partly Scottish ancestry, won an incredible 20 Academy Awards, more than any other person.14

Rev. Samuel Doak ~ He traveled through eastern Tennessee with his gun and bible. It is said that he came across a group of settlers who asked him to hold a service. They were so impressed that they asked him to stay. He built a church and school and the town of Salem as born.1

Margaret Dobbie ~ Died April 3, 1898; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Agnes Isabella Dobbin ~ b. 1857 ~ Child David Miller/Eliza Dobbin. She married Walter Speer 1883.4

Albert Dobbin ~ 1860-1924 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin. He was born in De Kalb Co., IL and died in California. He first married in 1883, Clara Graham. Their one child died in infancy. He moved to California in 1894 and married in 1899, Louise Adams Benson.4

Alexander Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin.4

Ann Dobbin ~ 1807-1847 ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin. She was a charter member of the Somonauk church. She moved from Washington Co., NY to Somonauk, IL some time previous to 3/18/1846, for on that date she united with the Associate church there. She married as his second wife in 1846 Francis Telford. She died one year later with no children.4

Benjamin Miller Dobbin ~ b. 1880 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin. Born in De Kalb Co., IL, he married in 1907 near Viola Kansas Elizabeth Jane Robinson. He was a minister for over 20 years (in 1928) and was pastor of the United Presbyterian Church at Pretty Prairie, KS.4

Blanch Martha Dobbin ~ b. 1903 ~ Child Stewart/May Dobbin. Married Albert Warner 1903.4

Charity Agnes Dobbin ~ b. 1866 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin. She married Charles Ellsworth Stinson at Viola Kansas in 1885.4

David Dobbin ~ d. 1861 ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin. He died at the age of 82 years. He married first _____ McKay; second, Nancy Lourie.4

David Dobbin ~ 1861-1780 ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. He was 81 when he died.4

David Miller Dobbin ~ 1813-1898 ~ Child of William and Margaret. Born in Connagher, County Armagh, Ireland, he came to America in 1824 at ll years of age. He died in Viola, Kansas. He married first in 1836, Charity Irvine Graham. Second, he married in 1843, Mary Jane French. Third he married Margaret Thompson in DeKalb County IL 9/9/1852, Eliza Scott. He was a cousin of Ann Dobbin Telford and an elder in the Somonauk, IL United Presbyterian Church.4

Dwight Stewart Dobbin ~ 1859-1863 ~ Child of James McLean Dobbin and Annette Stewart.4

Eleanor Dobbin ~ Child Miller/Margaret Dobbin.4

Eleanor Livingston Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin. Married George Walker.4

Eliza Jane Dobbin ~ b. 1855 ~ Child David Miller/Eliza Dobbin. She married 5/17/1883 James Irvine More.4

Elizabeth Dobbin ~ Child of David/Nancy Lourie. She married James Mains, Jr. a brother of Sarah and Margaret Mains.4

Emma Dobbin ~ b. 1859 ~ child David Miller/Eliza Dobbin. Married 1881, J. H. Robinson.4

Hattie Dobbin ~ Child John Miller/Phoebe Dobbin. She lived in East Greenwich, NY and has the family history in manuscript in 1928.4

Henry George Dobbin ~ 1863-1905 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin. He was born in De Kalb County, IL and married in 1901 Mrs. Mary (Livingston) Nighswonger.4

James Blair Dobbin ~ 1847-1919. Son of David M./Mary J. Dobbin. He died in Viola, Kansas. Married 1877 Lucretia Carr.4

James Cochrane Dobbin ~ 1814-57 Secretary of the Navy.17

James Dobbin ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. He came to America with his father in 1798.4

James Dobbin ~ b. 1808 ~ Child of William and Margaret.4

James McLean Dobbin ~ d. 1863 ~ Child of Rachel & John Dobbin. He died of a wound in the battle of Chickasaw Bayou. He is buried at Oak Mound Cemetery. He married 1858, Annette S. Stewart.4

James S. Dobbin ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin. He married Elizabeth Bacon Ames.4

Jane Dobbin ~ Child of David/Nancy Lourie. Married William Telford, or Argyle.4

Jane Dobbin ~ Child Miller/Margaret Dobbin. Married James Irwin More.4

Jane Dobbin ~ b. 1804 ~ Child of William and Margaret. Married James McAlister, Sr.4

John Dobbin ~ 1776-1861 ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. Born in Ireland, he came to America with his father in 1798 and settled in Washington County, NY. He married Jane McKillip.4

John Dobbin ~ b. early 18th century. Married Mary Miller. French Huguenot descent. The name is a corruption of D'aubigne. During the Huguenot persecution, they took refuge in Scotland. Later they crossed the Irish sea to the North of Ireland and settled in County Antrim. He came to American when Samuel was 9 years old. They landed in Virginia and traveled on foot to Washington County, NY. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the old McNaughton burial-ground on Lot 2 of the Argyle Patent, now Christie Cemetery.4

John Dobbin ~ b.1796 ~ Child of William and Margaret. He married Rachel McLean in Washington Co., NY where she died in middle life. He died in Salem, NY.4

John Dobbin ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin.4

John Dobbin ~ Child of David/Nancy Lourie.4

John Miller Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin. Married Phoebe McL. Graham.4

John Ralph Dobbin ~ b. 1911 ~ Child Stewart/May Dobbin.4

Joseph Dobbin ~ b.1799 ~ Child of William and Margaret. He married his cousin, Martha S. Dobbin.4

Juanita H. Dobbin ~ 1906-1908 ~ Child Henry George/Mary Dobbin.4

Mabel Dobbin ~ b. 1870 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin.4

Margaret Ann Dobbin ~ 1844-1874 ~ Child of David M./Mary J. Dobbin.4

Margaret Dobbin ~ 1824-1889 ~ 2nd wife of John Walker. Daughter of Samuel Dobbin. Born in Greenwich township, Washington Co. NY; married in 1860; died near Somonauk, IL church.4

Margaret Dobbin ~ Child Miller/Margaret Dobbin. Married John Walker.4

Margaret Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin. Died in Infancy.4

Maria Dobbin ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin.4

Marjorie M. Dobbin ~ b. 1904 ~ Child Henry George/Mary Dobbin.4

Martha Dobbin ~ Child of David/Nancy Lourie. Married James Foster.4

Martha Dobbin ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin.4

Mary Dobbin ~ Child of David/Nancy Lourie. Married ______ Harrison.4

Mary Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin.4

Mary Dobbin ~ 1880-1803 ~ Child of William and Margaret.4

Mary Dobbin II ~ b. 1815 ~ Child of William and Margaret. She married 1845, John Nelson.4

Mary Jane Dobbin ~ 1839-1839 ~ Son of David & Charity Dobbin.4

Miller Dobbin ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. He married first Margaret Mains, then Mrs. Margaret Tinkey Beattie.4

James Dobbin II ~ 1810-1834 ~ Child of William and Margaret. He died or was killed at sea.4

Samuel Dobbin ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. Married first Sarah Mains in 1810, Second, Anna McNaughton Dyer. Both were great granddaughters of Alexander McNaughton. He came into possession of Alexander McNaughton's land in that part of Argyle, now Greenwich.4

Samuel Dobbin ~ Child Miller/Margaret Dobbin.4

Samuel Dobbin ~ 1794-1866 ~ Child of William & Margaret. Died in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. He married Elizabeth Christie, daughter of Peter Christie, a revolutionary soldier.4

Sarah Dobbin ~ Child Miller/Margaret (2) Dobbin.4

Sarah Dobbin ~ Child of John/Jane Dobbin.4

Sarah Dobbin ~ Child of John/Mary. Died Young.4

Sarah Mary Dobbin ~ b. 1853 ~ Child David Miller/Eliza Dobbin. Married Miles Robinson 2/15/1877.4

Silvia Helen Dobbin ~ b. 1900 ~ Child Albert/Louise Adams Dobbin.4

Stewart Dobbin ~ b. 1870 ~ Child William J./Sarah Dobbin. He was born in De Kalb county, IL and married near Viola, KS in 1896 May Graham. Children: Emma Lucille (b. 1907), Glen (b. 1899).4

Wilda M. Dobbin ~ b. 1897 ~ Child Stewart/May Dobbin.4

William Dobbin ~ Child of Samuel/Sarah Dobbin.4

William Dobbin ~ 1771-1858 ~ Child of John and Mary Dobbin. Born in Connagher, County Antri, Ireland. He married Margaret, daughter of Samueland Jane Dobbin Andrew in 1793. When the Irish Rebellion failed in 1798, he found a price on his head and when James and John departed for America, he remained in hiding. He came to America in 1824 and settled in Washington Co., NY. He was a ruling elder in the United Presbyterian church in Shushan and is buried in South Argyle.4

William John Dobbin ~ b. 1836 ~ Son of David & Charity Dobbin. He was born in Washington Co., NY and died in Viola, Kansas. He married first Sarah Ann Stewart in 1859. He came to Illinois with his father in 1844 and was an active member of the Somonauk, IL United Presbyterian Church. He married again in 1882, his cousin Nancy Ferguson.4

William Miller Dobbin ~ b.1806 ~ Child of William and Margaret. Married Mehitabel Milliman. They came to Henderson IL 1842.4

Arthur Dobbs ~ Governor of North Carolina 1754-1765.14

Robert Dobie ~ Died August 19, 1904; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Nicholas Dobson ~ Mother William F. Dickson.11

Thomas Dobson ~ publisher of the first American edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (1791), was a Scot who gave a great impulse to printing in the United States.17

NFN Doddoch ~ POW sent to Maryland in 1747 in the ship Johnson of Liverpool.1

Henry Dodge ~ first and fourth Governor of Wisconsin (1836-41, 1845-48) His mother was Anne Nancy Hunter, of Ulster Scot parentage.17

Flora C. Dodson ~ 2nd Wife John Hampton Leslie.11

Thomas Doig ~ Husband of Margaret Henry.4

Ian Donald ~ 1910-1987 ~ He made the first practical ultrasonic scanner and initiated and developed the techniques of pregnancy scanning now in use everywhere.14

James Donaldson ~ Helped to found with Samuel Cunard, Cunard Lines. In the 1830's.14

John B. Donaldson ~ Died December 30, 1873; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Lawrence Donaldson ~ Brother of William Donaldson and partner in his department store.1

Simon Donaldson ~ In 1896, he won the Fields Medal, the closest award mathematics has to the Nobel Prize, while working on four-dimensional space at Oxford. Dr. Donaldson is of Scottish ancestry on both sides of his family. In 1994 he was awarded Sweden's Crafoord Prize for his work in differential geometry.14

William Donaldson ~ 1849-97 ~ was born in Milnathort in Kinross-shire and immigrated to Rhode Island. In 1881 he moved to St. Paul and began his merchant's business with immediate success. He built a vast, five-story department store in the twin cities and had buyers all over the US and Europe. The store employed 900 people.1,14

William Donaldson ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Coupar-Angus, Scotland

William Donaldson ~ Principal (sometime between 1611 and 1622) of the academy of Sedan.14

Mary Donley ~ Died September 7, 1902; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Donley ~ Died December 28, 1905; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James Donn, Sr. ~ In 1944, he bought Gulfstream Park racetrack for horse racing in Florida and made it a huge success with many innovations. He was a n immigrant florist from Lanark.14

Donovan ~ Pop singer that was one of the early successes in Scotland.14

John Dougal ~ Husband of Roseanna Walker.4

W. H. Dougal ~ Scottish engraver, who dropped the "Mac" for some reason.17

Allan H. Dougall ~ Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War. Rank and organization: First Lieutenant and Adjutant, 88th Indiana Infantry. Place and date: At Bentonville, N.C., 19 March 1865. Entered service at: New Haven, Allen County, Ind. Birth: Scotland. Date of issue: 16 February 1897. Citation: In the face of a galling fire from the enemy he voluntarily returned to where the color bearer had fallen wounded and saved the flag of his regiment from capture. Internet

Thomas Dougall ~ Lost his soap factory and houses on Elm street in the Chicago fire of 1871.

A. E. Douglas ~ An American, in the early 20th century, he became the originator of dendrochronology, or tree-ring dating, which has became so important in establishing dates for events in former periods.14

Alexander Douglas ~ Settled in Carolina 1774. He was 22, Husbandman, and sailed on the Brinton.10

Archibald Douglas ~ Commander in chief of the Swedish army during WWII.14

Archibald T. Douglass ~ Surgeon from Middletown, CT serving with the second Connecticut volunteers during the Civil War.1

David Douglas ~ 1798-1834 ~ Botanist, born in Scone in Perthshire, he went to the American West Coast in 1823, where he discovered over 100 plants and 50 trees, one of which, the Douglas fir, was named after him.1,14

Donald Wills Douglas ~ At one time Douglas planes carried 95% of all United States passenger traffic. In 1935 the CD-3 also known affectionately as the Gooney Bird, launched the era of commercial aviation as the first plane ever to make money carrying only passengers. The CD-2 is also the most durable plane ever built. Out of 10,629 produced between 1935 and 1946, more than 1,500 were still flying in 1985 and one of these had logged 87,000 hours, the equivalent of ten years in the air. McDonnell took over Douglas and is now McDonnell Douglas.14

Lord Douglas Douglas-Hamilton ~ 14th Duke of Hamilton, he was the first man to pilot an airplane over Mount Everest in 1933 with David McIntyre. As WWII in Europe neared its end, this much decorated R.A.F. group captain discovered the German V-2 rocket base at Peenemunde.14

Lord Francis Douglas ~ 1847-1865 ~ He was one of the party which first conquered the summit of the Matterhorn in 1865. He died in a 4,000 ft. Plunge during the descent.14

Gavin Douglas ~ The bishop of Dunkeld, he became the first person to translate Latin classics into English (a work of Ovid and the Aeneid of Virgil) around 1500.14

George Douglas ~ Died March 13, 1909; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Gustaf Otto Douglas ~ At 30 years old, he was made governor general of Finland in 1717. He was the grandson of Field Marshal Douglas of Sweden, and an ancestor of Archibald Douglas, who was commander in Chief of the Swedish army during WWII.14

John Douglas ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 20, a gardener.10

Sir John Sholto Douglas (8th Marquis of Queensberry) ~ 1844-1900 ~ Devised the "Queensberry Rules" for boxing in 1867. Was tried for libeling the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, who was said to be having a homosexual relationship with Douglas' son, Lord Alfred. This action led to Wilde's disgrace and imprisonment.14,18

NFN Douglas ~ Married Marg. Isabel Robertson.4

Samuel Douglas ~ Died August 16, 1910; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Stephen A. Douglas ~ 1813-1861 ~ American statesman; born in Brandon, Vt. He arrived in Meredosia, a struggling village on the Illinois river at 20 years of age. He had $5 in his pocket. He had left his widowed mother and with his patrimony of $300 "started for the great west." He later recalled, "without having any particular place of destination in view." Illinois became his new home because that's where he ran out of money. After a career in Illinois state politics, he served in the House of Representatives from 1843-1847, and in the senate from 1847 until his death. In the Lower House he advocated the annexation of Texas and of Oregon up to 54̊ 40' N. lat., and favored the war with Mexico. On the question of slavery, he maintained that the people of each territory should decide whether it should be a free or slave state; this was known as the doctrine of "popular sovereignty" or "squatter sovereignty." In 1857 he secured the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise. In 1860 he received the regular Democratic nomination for the Presidency. Douglas obtained 12 electoral and 1,357,147 popular votes, as against 180 electoral and 1,866,352 popular votes cast for Lincoln. In the early days of the Civil War, he gave Lincoln his unfaltering support. He had been ill for about four weeks when he died on June 3, 1861, 9:10 a.m., at the Tremont Hotel from some form of typhoid fever. His large funeral was conducted by a Roman catholic Bishop with Masonic ceremonies at the grave. His funeral procession was 2 miles long. President Andrew Johnson and his Cabinet attended the funeral. His widow was Mrs. Adele Cutes Douglas, born in the South. This was his second wife. First wife was also a southerner and is buried in the south. He purchased 53 acres in 1849 and named it Oakenwald. As the first president of Chicago University, he gave 10 acres of land for its campus. The remainder, he called Cottage Grove. He built a one-story, light brown, frame cottage and lived there several years with first wife. This property suffered a foreclosure in 1865 for $83,963.33. The property was divided and sold in single lots for $83,160.00. James R. Smith was the mortgage holder and bought most of the single lots. Part of the Douglas estate was used as a fairgrounds before the Civil War. His grave is the oldest monument in Illinois and is near the South East corner of his property. It was 120' from the lake. "The grave was in the track of a primitive highway, a stage road, leading to the east along the lake shore. It took 20 years from the inception of the monument to its completion. Douglas was buried in another grave waiting for the monument to be completed. His body was exhumed and "For the next two days the public was permitted to view the well-preserved features through the glass cover of the casket."5,16,17

Thomas Douglas ~ 1790-1853, first Chief Justice of Florida, was of Scots ancestry.17

William Douglas ~ Naturalist in Boston, MA in the 1700's.1

William Douglas ~ Died November 25, 1899; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William Douglas ~ of Glencairne, One of Thomas Jefferson's and Richard Henry Lee's tutors.14

William O. Douglas ~ Scottish American Supreme Court Justice from 1939-1975. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister.14

William Sholto Douglas ~ (First Baron of Kirtleside) Marshal in the R.A.F. during WWII.14

James Douglass ~ Indentured servant 4 yrs 1698. Went to Virginia in the Globe.10

Jimmy Douglass ~ born on-board ship in the early 1800's as his family immigrated from Scotland chose the wilds of Arizona. He fought with the Apache for the right to farm. His sopori ranch was often under attack, but he ranged cattle, raised grain and vegetables and kept flocks of poultry.1

William Douglass ~ Gifford, East Lothian. He was destined to become one of the most well-known doctors during the first half of the 18th century. The son of the Marquis of Tweeddale's factor, he studied medicine at Edinburgh, Leydon and Paris. Moved to Boston in 1718. In 1735-36, he noted in great detail the progress of a scarlet fever outbreak which ravaged Boston.1

Daniel Dow ~ Arrived in 1841 in Winnebago Co. IL.6

Henry Dow ~ Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War. Rank and organization: Boatswain's Mate, U.S. Navy. Born: 1840, Scotland. Accredited to: Illinois. G.O. No.: 17, 10 July 1863. Citation: Served on board the U.S.S. Cincinnati during the attack on the Vicksburg batteries and at the time of her sinking, 27 May 1863. Engaging the enemy in a fierce battle, the Cincinnati, amidst an incessant fire of shot and shell, continued to fire her guns to the last, though so penetrated by enemy shellfire that her fate was sealed. Serving courageously throughout this action, Dow carried out his duties to the end on this proud ship that went down with "her colors nailed to the mast." Internet

Baron Hugh C. T. Dowding ~ Born in Moffat, Scotland he was air chief marshal in WWII and the "architect" of the Battle of Britain. He directed the fighter command with skill and determination.14

John Alexander Dowie ~ 1847-1907 ~ Born in Edinburgh in abject poverty and strict religious observance, he was the founder of the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion IL. By the age of six he had taken the pledge. His family moved to Melbourne, Australia and set up an independent tabernacle in 1882 and it was around this time that John believed he could heal the sick through prayer. Arriving in San Francisco in 1888, he moved to Chicago two years later, developing a mission of divine healing. The CCA Church in Zion (42 miles from Chicago) was launched in 1896. In 1901, he declared himself as 'Elijah the Restorer'. He built the town Zion City. 5,000 of his adherents lived there with banks, schools and industries all under Dowie's direct control. There were no theaters, dance halls, societies or lodges, no chemist or doctors, no smoking, drinking or eating pork. The faithful were summoned to prayer by a whistle. In the first decade of the 20th century, the church claimed 50,000 followers worldwide with missionaries across the globe and texts produced in a dozen languages. He and an army of 5,000 supporters on ten special trains set off to convert New York City to the faith; but the two month campaign, according to newspapers, succeeded only in amusing New Yorkers, disgusting and finally boring them. By this time he was claiming to be the son of a British nobleman. When he took ill in 1905, his increasingly oppressed followers deposed him on account of 'polygamous teaching and other grave charges'. Dowie began a legal battle in Chicago for the restoration of his confiscated Zion City properties, but died within the year.1,17

Hugh Malcolm Downs ~ an American television personality who is a Wallace awardee. Mr. Downs is a member of the Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York and addressed its annual dinner wearing his kilt.14

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~ 1859-1930 ~ He wrote his first Sherlock Holmes story in 1887 and become one of the most famous of Britain's authors. His first career was in medicine and he was probably his own prototype for the bumbling Dr. Watson. So ingenious were his methods that they actually furthered the advance of criminology. Sir Arthur was born in Edinburgh but, almost unique in this book, had no apparent ancestors from the old Scottish national stock. It appears that his people were entirely Irish.14

Rebecca Drake ~ b. 17 Dec. 1832 in Cortland Co., NY, daughter of Jonathan and Lydia (Morse) Drake. Married Peter Simpson as his 2nd wife 26 Feb. 1852 in Winnebago Co., IL. Children: Charles K. and Clara C.19

Mrs. John Draper ~ Lived in Draper's Meadow in the mid-1700's. They were attacked by Indians and she was wounded as she tried to escape. Her baby was dashed against a log. See James Patton.1

John Bakey Driver ~ rode from Chicago to Alaska on his bicycle.

NFN Drumgrier ~ Farmer in Tama County, Iowa.1

Andrew Drummond ~ Died August 3, 1878; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Fred Drummond ~ d. 1913 ~ Ardrossan-born who immigrated in 1884 with his brother, George, failed at ranching, but finally moved to Hominy, OK, where he was a licensed government trader. After marriage, he set up his own trading business and went into banking, real estate and ranching. His three-story home in Hominy has been recently restored.1

Thomas Drummond ~ Judge, born in Maine whose father was a farmer of direct Scottish descent.6

Thomas Drummond ~ 1809-90, grandson of a Scot from Falkirk, was Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.17

William Drummond ~ Governor of "Albemarle County Colony" (i.e., North Carolina), was a native of Perthshire, a strenuous upholder of the rights of the people, and ranks as one of the earliest of American patriots. He took a prominent part in "Bacon's Rebellion" in 1676, "an insurrection that was brought about by the insolence and pig-headedness of Sir William Berkeley, then Governor of Virginia," and was executed the same year.17

William Drummond ~ In the 17th century, this general was made governor of Smolensk, Russia.14

Donald Scott "Don" Drysdale ~ 1936-1993 ~ Baseball pitcher who was the workhorse of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodger staffs in the 1950s and 1960s.14

Hugh Drysdale ~ Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia (1722-26), was strongly opposed to the introduction of slavery into the colony.17,14

Arthur C. Ducat ~ insurance agent, lost office furniture in the Chicago fire.

Richard Dudgeon ~ 1820-99 ~ born in Haddingtonshire, Scotland, he was distinguished as a machinist, inventor of the hydraulic jack and boiler-tube expander.17

Isabella Duenwald ~ Died January 26, 1903; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

James S. Duff ~ died July 26, 1913; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

William L. Duff ~ Lt. Col. in the Revolutionary War, 2nd Illinois Reg of Artillery, he is buried in Edinburgh beneath the statue of Lincoln.

Margaret Duffie ~ Died November 27, 1905; buried Rosehill, Section E, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Rev. George Duffield ~ One of Pennsylvania's most noted circuit-riders, kept a detained journal into life on the backwoods tracks.1

Jane Duffy ~ Wife Robert Craig. m. 1872.11

Edward Dulen ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Robert Graham Dun ~ 1826-1900, mercantile credit expert, was grandson of Rev. James Dun, minister in Glasgow, who emigrated to Virginia, c. 1815.17

Faye Dunaway ~ b. 1941 ~ Actress who won the Academy Award for best actress in 1976 for her performance in Network.14

Wayne Dunaway ~ Author and American historian.1

David Dunbar ~ in Salt Lake City in 1858.1

Sir William Dunbar ~ 1740-1810 ~ Born in Morayshire. On his first Florida plantation, New Richmond, Dunbar (scientist and explorer) used slaves. In his journals for 1776, Dunbar records details of a slave uprising. He seemed oblivious to their suffering.1 A pioneer in Louisiana, he held important trusts under the Federal Government and was a correspondent of Thomas Jefferson.17

Thomas Dunbar ~ Father, Thomas Dunbar b. 1864.11

Thomas Dunbar ~ b. 1864 ~ Mgr. Mech. Dept. Pullman Co./ISAS member 1910 Born Scotland; Son Thomas and Elizabeth (Kennedy) Dunbar; ed. pub schools; married Jessie M. Rosie, Nov. 3 1887. Came to U.S. 1885 and settled at Chicago; identified with the Pullman Co since 1885, serving in the mech. Dept. of which became mgr in 1908. Member Chicago Plan Commn. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Pullman Recreation: Golf. Residence: 5330 East End Av. Office: 820 Pullman Bldg.11

Adam Duncan ~ (First Viscount Duncan) Between 1793 and 1799 Britain fought a war against Holland that featured the signal victory of Admiral Adam Duncan over the Dutch at Camperdown in 1797.14

Alexander Duncan ~ Died February 22, 1912; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Alexander E. Duncan ~ Founded commercial Credit in Baltimore, America's largest factoring firm, in 1912. He died in 1972 at the age of 93, leaving his business with $4 billion in assets.14

Rev. Henry Duncan ~ The world's first savings bank was founded in Scotland in 1810 by him, the parish minister of Ruthwell, a village in Dumfriesshire. All of his parishioners, no matter how poor, were encouraged to save.14

Isadora Duncan ~ 1878-1927 ~ Exotic dancer and Scot born in San Francisco. Ms. Duncan liberated dancing by her revolutionary methods and it was said of her, "she invented herself as an icon and gained immortality." She died when a scarf caught in a car wheel and choked her.1 See the April 1996 History Club Newsletter, page 1.

James Duncan ~ Asst. Secretary of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1885. Secretary of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1891. Member of the Committee to find a suitable location for the Burns Monument. Presented a resolution in 1892 for plans and specifications for a Burns Monument that was not to exceed $12,000. On November 17, 1905, Clan MacDuff and Clan Campbell held a grand ball at the Second Regiment Armory, which had been furnished without charge by the Colonel in regard to the Burns Memorial. He was elected Treasurer. On account of long and faithful service was elected Honorary Secretary.

James Duncan ~ born in Kincardine in 1857, is the well-known Labor Leader.17

Jesse Duncan ~ A historical marker near Johnson City, TN says "Near this site Jesse Duncan became the first white man killed and scalped by Indians in this vicinity, 1765."15

John Duncan ~ He designed Grant's Tomb and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.14

Joseph Duncan ~ b. 1774 ~ Born in Paris, KY, he was the 5th Governor of Illinois (1834-38). The Duncan Act of 1824 called for the establishment and support of free common schools in IL. It became law, but was repealed. The current system of common schools was passed in 1854-55, based on the Duncan Act. He was a trustee of Illinois College, Jacksonville, founded in 1829.6 See January 1996

Joseph W. Duncan ~ Died January 1, 1927; buried Rosehill, Sec. D, Chicago, IL, by the Illinois St. Andrew Society.

Lindsay Duncan ~ Scottish native who starred in Les Liasons Dangereuses in London and New York.14

Capt. Matthew Duncan ~ In 1814 brought first printing press to Illinois. He had just graduated from Yale and published the first newspaper in Kaskaskia. When the Capital moved to Vandalia, the paper moved. In 1817, he sold the paper to another Scot, Daniel P. Cook.

Tom, Bill, James & Gavin Duncan ~ from Maybole in Ayrsyrshire were sheep farmers in 1907 in "little Scotland" in Lander, Fremont county, WY.1

William Duncan ~ Indentured Servant Virginia 1774. He was 21, Clerk and Bookkeeper, and sailed on the Carolina.10

J. W. Dundas ~ Admiral during the Crimean War, he commanded the Black Sea fleet.14

Sir David Dundas ~ 1735-1820 ~ A military genius, author of Rules and Regulations for His Majesty's Forces and Rules and Regulations for the Cavalry, introduced the theory of strategy based on the Prussian tactics of the school of Frederick the Great, which achieved so much for Britain.14

Blasius Dundee ~ A rich Scottish borgemaestare (mayor) in Sweden who led the deputation to welcome the king and queen on their entry into Stockholm in 1593. The Blasieholmen, a broad peninsula facing the royal palace in Stockholm on which the National Museum and other public buildings stand, was named for him.14

James Dunlap ~ 1744-1818, of Scottish descent, was President of Jefferson College, Pennsylvania.17

John Dunlap ~ 1747-1812, an Ulster Scot born in Strabane, was Congressional Printer and first printed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In 1784, he made his Pennsylvania Packet America's first successful daily.17 Robert Dunlap ~ b. 1834 ~ of Ulster Scot origin, he was a hat manufacturer and founder of Dunlap Cable News company (1891).17

Robert Pinckney Dunlap ~ 1794-1859, eighth governor of Maine, was of Ulster Scot descent.17

William Dunlap ~ 1766-1839 ~ Artist and dramatist, founder and early Vice President of the National Academy of Design was Ulster-Scot in origin. His family name was originally Dunlop.17

Bill Dunlop ~ In 1982, this Scottish-American truck driver made a solo west-to-east crossing of he Atlantic in a sailboat only 9' l" long, a world record.14

John Boyd Dunlop ~ 1840-1921 ~ A native of Scotland living in Belfast, Ireland, he was the inventor and pioneer of the pneumatic rubber tire. He developed the air-tube tire patented by Robert Thomson. He fitted a tricycle with pneumatic instead of solid rubber tires which he patented in 1888. His invention revolutionized cycling and made possible the development of the motor road vehicle, as it greatly increased the speed and comfort of motor travel. He sold the patent to William Harvey du Cros in 1890, which ultimately led to the formation of the Dunlop Rubber Company. He was born on 5 February 1840; baptized Draghorn 18-Feb-1921.14,18

Rev. William Dunlop ~ Presbyterian Minister to the group who came after Bothwell Brig in 1679 and settled at Port Royal SC. Rev. Dunlop returned to Scotland to become Principal of the University of Glasgow.1

John Ward Dunsmore ~ b. 1856 ~ Director of the Detroit Museum of Arts and Founder of Detroit School of Arts in 1921.17

Mary Durham ~ Redemptioner to Baltimore 1775. She was 21, a housekeeper and sailed on the Baltimore.10

John Durie ~ Native of Edinburgh, he wrote The Reformed Librarie-Keeper in London in 1650. It was the first British treatise on library management.14

Anna McNaughton Dyer ~ Married Samuel Dobbin. Great-granddaughter of Alexander McNaughton.4

Henry Dyer ~ 1848-1918 ~ born in Bothwell, he greatly aided in the industrialization of Japan in the late nineteenth century when he became the first principal and professor of engineering at the (then) new Imperial College of engineering in Tokyo. When he left in 1882, what had come to be called Dyer's College, the emperor awarded him the Order of the Rising Sun.14

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