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Lord James Abercrombie ~ 1706-81 ~ Banffshire-born, he assumed command of all British forces in North America. It has been written that he was held in universal contempt.1

George Abernethy ~ 1807-77 ~ territorial Governor of Oregon (1845-49), was born in New York City of Scottish parentage. "As a governor he was patriotic, efficient, and unselfish".17

M. Robert Ackhane ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

John Johnstone Adair b. 1807 ~ graduate of Glasgow University, settled in Michigan, filled several important positions and became State Treasurer, State Senator, and Auditor General.17

John Adair ~ 1797-1840 ~ eighth Governor of Kentucky (1820-24), was of Scottish parentage. "His term was marked by great legislative activity for the promotion of education in the state, and by the abolition of imprisonment for debt." The state library was founded under his auspices. Adair county was so named in his honor.17

John Adair ~ b. 1758 Ancestor of Mary Adair and Robert Adair. Married a Cherokee girl called Gahoga Mary Adair's great-great-great grandparents).1

William Adair ~ born near Glasgow in 1815, developed a profitable business as gardener and horticulturist in Michigan, and served as State Senator from 1861 to 1865, 1869-70.17

Alexander Bruce Adam ~ b. 1839 ~ merchant, b. Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland, July 2, 1839; s. Alexander and Bruce (Wilson) Adam; ed. schools of Dunfermline, Scotland; m. Boston, Mass., July 16, 1868, Alice Nash; one daughter: Elizabeth Bruce. Began business life as dry goods clerk, serving apprenticeship of five years in Dunfermline, followed by two years in retail store in Glasgow; came to Boston in 1859 from Scotland and entered the dry goods firm of Hogge, Brown & Taylor; came to Chicago in 1864 and entered the employ of Keith, Faxon & Co., wholesale millinery, which dissolved in 1867; then with O. R. Keith & Co., in the same line, until 1879, being a partner in that firm from 1870 until, in 1884, the firm of Edson Keith & Co., wholesale millinery, was founded, in which he was a partner until 1896; and since the present corporation of Edson Keith & Co. was organized, Jan. 1, 1897, has been its pres. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Calumet, Washington Park. Office: 132-134 Michigan Av. Residence: 2249 Calumet Av.20

William Adam ~ 1689-1748 ~ Father of Robert Adam and a famous architect of his time.14

Cornelius Bull Adams ~ Father of Cornelius Rollin Adams, husband of Martha B. Loomis of Fairfield CT.11

Cornelius Rollin Adams ~ b. 1856 ~ Lawyer b. Washington D.C. Son of Cornelius Bull Adams of Fairfield, CT and Martha B. Loomis Adams, daughter of Gen. Lewis Loomis of Colebrook NH. He graduated Dr. Hanson's classical institute, Waterville, ME in 1877. Married in Colebrook, NH in 1883 Myrtle Heath. On leaving school in 1879, he spent one year in office of H. S. and F. S. Osborn and then moved to Oshkosh, WI where he was admitted to the Wisconsin bar; returned to Chicago in 1881 and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1882 and has since been engaged in general practice of law in Chicago. Republican, Mason, K.T. Residence 1911 Maywood, IL; office 154 W. Randolph St.11

Cyrus Hall Adams ~ b. 1849 ~ Retired Board of Trade Merchant in 1911. Born Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge Co., VA, the son of Hugh and Amanda (McCormick) Adams, mother was daughter of Robert McCormack, ed. Chicago Public Schools and old Univ. of Chicago; married Chicago 9/26/1878 Emma J., daughter of Lyman Blair; one son, Cyrus H., Jr. Entered employ of Cyrus H. McCormick & Co., 1867; became member of the firm of McCormick, Adams and Co. in 1871 and head of the firm of Cyrus H. Adams & Co., 1883; retired from business due to ill health in 1889. During 1871-89 was member of the Arbitration committee; member of the Appeals com. and a dir. of the board of Trade. Was dir. Nat. Bank of America. Independent Democrat, Presbyterian, Trustee, McCormick Theological Seminary; member Board of Governors, Presbyterian Hospital for a number of years; governing member Art Institute of Chicago; Member Union League, Onwentsia, Saddle & Cycle. Residence: 711 Rush Street. Office: 313 Postal Telegraph Bldg.11

Cyrus Hall Adams, Jr. ~ b. 1881 ~ Son Cyrus Hall/Emma J. Blair . A.B. Princeton Univ. 1903; LLB Northwestern Univ. School of Law, 1906; married Mary S. Shumway of Chicago in 1906. Admitted to the IL bar 1906 and since actively engaged in practice at Chicago. Republican. Presbyterian. Member. Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Saddle and cycle. Residence: 121 E. Huron St. Office: First Nat'l Bank bldg.11

Ethel Adams ~ Child David/Margaret Hogg. Married to L. R. Adams of Chicago.11

Hugh Adams ~ Father of Cyrus Hall Adams. Married to Amanda McCormick, daughter of Robert McCormick.11

James Adams~  Delaware's first printer (1761), was an Ulster Scot who learned the art of printing in Londonderry and founded the Wilmington Courant in 1762.17

Adams, NFN ~ Mother of Della M. MacMullen. Belonged to the old Massachusetts family from which John Adams, the second president of the U.S. came.12

David P. Adamson ~ From Dunfermline. Mormon who pushed a hand-cart for 1,300 miles to reach his new home in Salt Lake City, UT.1

George Adamson ~ 1906-1989 ~ He was born in India of Scottish ancestry. He protected animals, particularly lions and their environment, in Africa. He and his wife Joy created the legend of Elsa, a lion cub they raised, and which became famous in the book and film Born Free.14

John Adamson ~ He published the Boston Scotsman from 1906 to 1914. The Caledonia, which appeared between 1901 and 1923.1

Robert Adamson ~ of Edinburgh, was first to recognize the artistic potential of photography (with David Octavius Hill).14

Thomas Adamson ~ Indentured Servant Maryland 1775. He was 21, a tanner indented 4 years, and arrived on the Fortune.10

Alexander Addison ~ 1759-1807 ~ Born in Scotland, became President Judge of the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania under the Constitution of 1770.1, 17

Edgar Douglas Adrian ~ First baron Adrian of Cambridge. An Englishman of Scottish descent, he won the 1932 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine for his studies on the physiology of the nervous system, especially the function of neurons.14

George Affleck ~ Died October 18, 1897; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago IL, Sec. E.

Dr. David Hayes Agnew ~ 1818-92 ~ was of Scottish descent. In his work "he attained a degree of eminence which has rarely, if ever, been equaled, and to which our own times and generation furnish no parallel."17

Harold M. Agnew ~ American physicist and son of a Scotch-Irish stonecutter, he helped build the first nuclear reactor in a Chicago squash court in 1942 and then went to Los Alamos to help build the atomic bomb. On May 6, 1945, he autographed the first atomic bomb and few in the Hiroshima mission as an observer. Although he was only 24 years old, he was the only person to witness the entire procedure, from the pile in Chicago, to the building of the bomb, to the bombing of Hiroshima.14

Howard H. Aiken ~ Presumed to be Scottish by his surname, is credited with producing the world's first automatic sequence computer in 1939. He was assisted by Grace Murray Hopper.14

James Aikin ~ Settled in NY 1774. Millwright, who at 41 sailed on the Golden Rule.10

Hew Ainslie ~ d. 1878 ~ From Bargeny Mains, Aryshire, he was considered Kentucky's most influential poet of the 19th century. He set off in 1822 to America after marrying his cousin, Janet. He tried farming before joining Robert Owen's colony at New Harmony, IN. He moved into the brewing business and began constructing breweries and distilleries. He is best known for his 'Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns' published in 1822. He settled in Louisville, KY.1, 17

Maggie Aird ~ Died April 22, 1900; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Section E.

Earl of Airlie ~ The younger son (no name mentioned) raised cattle and horses on Colorado land given him by his father.1

Robert Aitchison  ~ Member of South Chicago Caledonian Club and Member of the Robert Burns Memorial and Monument Committee. Director of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1891.

Jane Aitken ~ Daughter of Robert.1

Robert Aitken ~ 1734-1802 ~ Dalkeith-born printer and publisher set himself up in Philadelphia in 1769 as a bookseller. A few years later he was publishing the Pennsylvania Magazine from January 1775 to June 1776, the first magazine in Philadelphia containing illustrations, most of which were engraved by Aitken himself. Tom Paine contributed to this magazine. He also produced the first engravings of the Revolutionary War. He printed the 'Aitken Bible', the first complete English Bible printed in America when imports were halted from Britain. He was succeeded in business by his daughter, Jane.1,14,17

Robert Ingersoll Aitken ~ born in San Francisco of Scottish parents, he designed the monuments to President McKinley at St. Helena, Berkeley and in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. He also designed the monument to the American Navy in Union Square, SF. In 1906 he moved to New York and has executed busts of some of the most prominent Americans of the day. Notable of his ideal sculptures are "Bacchante" (1908), "The Flame" (1909) and "Fragment" (1909).17

William Maxwell Aitken ~ 1879-1964 ~ Lord Beaverbrook. Son of a Presbyterian minister who had emigrated from Scotland to New Brunswick. Aitken became a millionaire stockbroker in Montreal at age 29 and moved to England, where he was elected to Parliament. In 1916 he bought control of the London Daily Express and two years later founded the Sunday Express. He bought the Evening Standard in 1923. Aitken greatly increased the circulation of his papers and made another fortune. He held the rank of British cabinet minister in both world wars.14

J. A. Aitkenside ~ Minnesota's first printer.14

Robert Aitkins ~ On the frigate Trumbull during the Revolutionary War.1

Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin ~ Astronaut and second man on the moon. Ross clan.14

Abraham Alexander ~ 1717-86 ~ He was an Ulster-Scot. He chaired a meeting 5/19/75 in Charlotte NC regarding the British treatment of Patriots after the Boston Tea Party. The Mecklenburg Declaration was the result. It dissolved the political bonds connecting them with Britain and all 'associations with that nation who have want only trampled on our rights and liberties and inhumanely shed the innocent blood of American Patriots at Lexington'. The Highlanders declared themselves free and independent. This was the second declaration by Scots in America, the first being at Fincastle County VA as early as January, 1775.1

Archibald Alexander ~ 1772-1851 ~ fourth President of Hampden-Sidney College, Virginia (1796-1806), and Professor in Princeton Theological Seminary (1812-51), was of Scottish parentage.

Cosmo Alexander ~ a skilled portrait painter, born in Scotland, was Gilbert Charles Stuart's teacher for a time.17

Gilbert Alexander ~ b. 1874 ~ Born in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 29, 1874. He was educated in the public schools of Glasgow and came to the United States in 1894. He married Elizabeth W. Livingston on August 5, 1908. One daughter was born, Betty Agnes (Mrs. Frank E. Novak). Mr. Alexander held various positions with Sears, Roebuck and Company from 1900-1935. He became President of Allstate Insurance Company in 1938. He was also Board Chairman of the Suburban Trust and Savings Bank and a Vice-President of Creed and Stewart in Aurora. He was a Republican, a Presbyterian, and a Mason. He was a member of the Oak Park Country Club and the Chicago Athletic Club. His home was at 205 N. Lombard Avenue in Oak Park, and his office was at 20 N. Wacker Dr. in Chicago. He was President of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in 1932 and 1933.2

Grover Alexander ~ One of the three winningest pitchers in baseball was of partly-Scottish descent. He won 374 games.14

H. R. L. G. Alexander ~ Earl Alexander of Tunis. Field Marshall Alexander has been called by authorities "unquestionably the greatest British field commander of the second world war." He commanded the rear guard at Dunkirk, then coordinated the Allied advances in North Africa, which led to the German surrender at Tunis in 1943. He also commanded the forces of many nations that drove the Germans from Sicily, forcing the Italian army to surrender, and eventually liberated all of Italy. Of Ulster-Scottish stock, he had probably directly descended from Scotland's Royal House of the Isles.14

James Alexander ~ 1690-1756 ~ Left Edinburgh in 1695 and rose to become attorney-general of Pennsylvania. In 1735 he defended a printer named Zenger on charges of libel against the royal governor. Zenger had accused the governor of rigging elections and this was considered a libel against the King himself. He persuaded the jury on an acquittal, thus pioneering freedom of the press and free speech. He was disbarred for defending Zenger. Along with Benjamin Franklin, he was one of the founders of the American Philosophical Society.1,17

John Alexander ~ 1808-1872. ~ Born in Mauchline in Ayrshire, he was a member of the Charist Movement. He went to Texas but failed to get the Cabot community off the ground. There was more success for the village of Glasgow, Wisconsin, with immigrants coming mid-century from west-central Scotland.1

James Waddell Alexander ~ 1804-59 ~ Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres at Princeton (1833-44) and of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government in Princeton Theological Seminary (1844-51) was the son of Archibald Alexander b. 1772.17

James Waddell Alexander ~ 1839-1915 ~ Son of William C. Alexander b. 1806 was also President of the same Company.17

John White Alexander ~ b. 1856 American artist of Scottish descent.17

Joseph Addison Alexander ~ 1809-60 ~ Orientalist and Biblical critic, was another son of Archibald Alexander.17

Joseph Alexander ~ In 1768, he opened the first classical school in North Carolina, It eventually became the University of North Carolina, America's first state university.14

Stuart Robb Alexander ~ b. 1847 ~ Importer, born Glasgow, Scotland. Son of John Stuart and Marian Robb Alexander; ed King's Coll, London, class of 1868; married Elizabeth daughter of John Forsyth of Chicago 1885; 3 children: Stuart Hall, John Forsythe and Marion. Began business at London, England in 1870, remaining there until 1871 when went to Brazil and spent 6 years; returned to London in 1877 and resumed business until 1887, when came to America; established coffee importing business in which he continued until 1903; then changed to roasted coffee business at which he is at present engaged. Brazilian consul at Chicago since 1892. Mem. Honorable Artillery of London; Mason (mem Grand Lodge of Scotland), Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Golf. Residence: Wheaton, IL. Office 208 N. Wabash Av.11

Nathaniel Alexander ~ 1756-1808 ~ thirteenth Governor of North Carolina (1805-07), was of Scottish descent.17

Stephen Alexander ~ 1806-83 ~ son of a native of Scotland, wrote much on astronomy, and was chief of the expedition to the coast of Labrador to observe the solar eclipse in August, 1869.17

William Alexander ~ 1726-83 ~ From New Jersey, one of Washington's major-generals. Claimed to be the Earl of Stirling and was one of Washington's most trusted aides. He commanded a Brigade at the Battle of Long Island, and also served at Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. is family came from Albany in SW Scotland. He took charge of the British surrender at Yorktown. He was an astronomer & mathematician.1 He was among the founders of Columbia University, first called Kings College; also President of the St. Andrew's Society in New York.14, 17

William Alexander ~ Died Sept. 18, 1887; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago IL, Section E.

William Alexander ~ In 1621, King James granted a huge tract of land to his fellow Scot Sir William Alexander, whose charter included not only what is still called Nova Scotia but also much of what was to become Canada and the United States not already occupied by English settlers. This grandiose scheme resulted in two settlements being established, but after only 11 years a treaty gave the Nova Scotia peninsula to the French and the Scots, mere pawns in a game of international diplomacy, had to leave.14

William C. Alexander ~ 1806-74 ~ President of the Equitable Life Insurance Company, was second son of Dr. Archibald Alexander of Princeton.17

Francis Alison ~ 1705-99 ~ He was a Glasgow University-educated Ulster Scot and minister, who co-founded (with William Smith) the the College of Philadelphia, now the University of Pennsylvania.1,17

James Alison ~ Lived in Industry Township, IL in the 1840's.6

William Allason ~ Operated a retail chain of stores at Falmouth, Virginia, around the time of the Revolution.14

James Allen ~ Died July 9, 1898; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Section E.

James Allen ~ Died April 13, 1884; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Section E.

John Allen ~ Died May 4, 1871; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society Plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Sec. D

Samuel Allerdice ~ He engraved a large number of plates on Dobson's edition of Rees's Cyclopaedia, 1794-1803.17

Benjamin C. Allin, Jr. ~ b. 1886 ~ Son of Benjamin Casey Allin. Educated at the Univ. of Chicago, he engaged in railroad engineering work until early in 1907 when he went to the Philippine Islands as surveyor for the U.S. government. During the subsequent four years, he traveled extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe, twice circumnavigating the globe. While in the Philippines he compiled and copyrighted a dictionary of the most widely spoken dialects of those islands. It was published in 1910 under the name of Allin's Standard English-Visayan Dictionary. Member: Columbia Club of Manila, Masonic fraternity, National Geographic Society, the Geographic Society of Chicago and Sons of the American Revolution.12

Benjamin Casey Allin ~ 1846-1902 ~ His family immigrated from Scotland in the 17th Century and settled in Virginia. Born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, he was the son of Philip Trapnall and Mary Sophey Elizabeth (Hart) Allin. He pursued an education in private schools and was drawn to Chicago in 1876 where he established a successful real-estate and insurance agency. Married 1875 Josephine A. Turner, daughter of Judge Henry Fielding and Lucinda (Slavens) Turner of Henderson KY. Children: Mary Louise (deceased in 1912), Josephine Turner Allin (teacher of French), Benjamin C. Allin. He was also a builder of office buildings, business blocks and club houses.2,12

Josephine Turner Allin ~ Daughter of Benjamin C. Allin. Graduate of Univ of Chicago, and after receiving her degree continued there one year in post-graduate work and later spent another year in Paris in the study of French and Spanish at the Sorbonne and other institutions. Since returning, she has for some time been a teacher of French in the public high schools of Chicago. Active worker in the Chicago College Club and in various social and university organizations.12

Philip Trapnall Allin ~ Father of Benjamin C. Allin. Son of Thomas and Mary (Jouett) Allin, was for many years county clerk and prominently identified with the annals of Mercer Co. Save for a short interval during the Civil war, there has not been a time since the appointment of Thomas Allin in 1786 that at least one member of the Allin family has not held some one of the county offices. He married Mary Sophey Elizabeth Hart.12

Thomas Allin ~ d. 1833 ~ Great grandfather Benjamin C. Allin. son of William Allin, of Hanover County, Virginia, served as quartermaster in the army of the Revolution. He was on the staff of General Greene, participating in the retreat from SC to Virginia which culminated in the battle of Guilford Court House and remained with him until the close of the war. He also served as captain and major of light horse under General Charles Scott at the battle of Tippecanoe. In 1781 he emigrated to Lincoln Co., KY where he was appointed deputy sheriff. There he opened the court which was one of the first in the state and when Mercer County was organized in 1786, he was the first to hold the office of county clerk and clerk of the circuit or quarterly sessions court, both of which he filled jointly until his death. He also laid out the towns of Harrodsburg and Lexington and was a member of the convention to Virginia which ratified the present constitution of the U.S. He married Mary Jouett, daughter of Capt. John Jouett, of Revolutionary fame, as having saved the Virginia legislature from capture by the British under Colonel Tarleton in his raid upon Charlottesville. Mary Jouett was an aunt of Matthew Jouett, the well-known portrait painter of Kentucky.12

Allison, Francis ~ 1705-1779 ~ Founder with William Smith of University of Pennsylvania. Allison came from Ulster but had been educated in Glasgow and Edinburgh.14

John Alpin ~ Also known as Johannes Machabaeus, he was rector of the University of Copenhagen in 1544 and a member of the committee to draft the first complete Bible in Danish.14

John Alron ~ Sailed on the Succes of Glasgow in April 1712. Trader.10

John Alston ~ 1821-1899 ~ He was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and died in Chicago. In the fire of 1871, John Alston lost his glass and paint factory at 172 Randolph Street valued at $200,000. He served as an alderman from 1859-1860 and was chosen to be on the sub-committee for the design of the Burns Memorial. John Alston was a charter member of the Society and served as president in 1855, 1856, 1891, and 1892. He was among the 100 citizens chosen to represent Chicago at Lincoln's funeral in Springfield.1

Don Ameche ~ Actor. The invention of the telephone by Graham Bell was portrayed in 1941 by Ameche. He was of partly Scotch-Irish ancestry. Forty-four years later he received an Oscar as best supporting actor in Cocoon.14

Elizabeth Bacon Ames ~ Wife of James S. Dobbin.4

John Amsley ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1774. He was 46, a sail cloth weaver, and sailed on the Mermaid.10

John Ancell ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Glasgow, Scotland

Alester Anderson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Alexander Anderson ~ d. 1862 ~ Son of George Anderson, Chicago, IL, was killed in battle during the Civil War on June 28, 1862, at the age of twenty-four.

Dr. Alexander Anderson ~ 1775-1870 The "Berwick of America," he was born in New York of Scots parentage, at the age of ninety-three he engraved some illustrations for Barbour's "Historical Collections of New Jersey."17

Andrew Anderson ~ Died May 28, 1884; buried in Illinois St. Andrew Society plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Section E.

Ann Anderson ~ b. 1821 ~ Wife of Robert H. Harper. She was born near Perth, Canada and had come with her parents to IL Robert and Janet Brown in 1850. Children: Alice M. Harper, Anne M. Harper, Malcolm C. Harper, Robert B. Harper.4

Arthur Anderson ~ P&O Shipping, a company headed by this man, made the first technical study in 1841 of the possibility of a canal at Suez. It confirmed F.R. Chesney's work and made a strong impression on world opinion. But the British did nothing. (See Walter Neilson).14

Charles Anderson ~ Missionary, probably a graduate of Aberdeen, he served in Virginia from 1700 to 1719 and was a supporter of Blair.17

Charles Anderson ~ Settled in NY 1774. He was 22, listed as a gentleman, who sailed on the Earl Dunmore.10

David Anderson ~ Member Illinois St. Andrew Society, 1893. Born Glasgow, Scotland.

David Anderson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Flora Anderson ~ Indentured Serv. Georgia 1774. Sent to Georgia on the Mary. She was 25 and a singlewoman.10

George Anderson ~ 1813-1887 ~ Born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1813, he came to Chicago in 1841, and died October 30, 1887. He is buried in Oakwoods Cemetery on the South Side. He attended the very first Anniversary Dinner in 1845 of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society and was a charter and life member. Elected as Governor and the Chairman of the By Laws Committee to draft a constitution and bylaws. From his small home at 117 Clark Street, he also conducted his business. A committee of one hundred prominent citizens was selected to represent Chicago at the funeral of President Lincoln in Springfield. George Anderson was among them. He served as deputy under sheriff to L. L. Wilson in 1858 and was employed afterward in the Department of Public Works as superintendent of the 22nd and State Streets postal station. He was a Unitarian. Buried at Oak Wood Cemetery.

Hugh Anderson ~ A Scot who did good line and stipple work in Philadelphia in the first quarter of the 19th century.17

Hugh Johnston Anderson ~ 1801-81 ~ fourteenth Governor of Maine (1844-47), was of Ulster Scot descent.17

J. H. Anderson ~ b. 1841 Kincardineshire. Manufacturer of marble and stone work he was engaged in stone cutting and building in Scotland. In 1864, he came to Rosehill Cemetery, Lake View Township, in Cook County. He worked for a short time for Edward Walker who was a marble cutter. The same year he established his own business as the firm of Cooper & Anderson. Eighteen months later the firm was dissolved and he went into business for himself. Beginning in 1872, he held a lease for Rosehill to do all the work under the supervision of the cemetery authorities. In November, 1882, he formed the Wisconsin Granite Company and became a vice-president and managing director. He also held the office of Postmaster at Rosehill beginning in 1864. He is also a trustee of the Congregational Church. He was married to Miss Emma L. Reels, of Syracuse, NY, November 30, 1866. His wife died in March, 1862, leaving three children: Adelaide A., Isabel and Roy J.

James Anderson ~ (Montrose) Presbyterian Minister. see Francis Makemie.1

James & John Anderson ~ were accepted in membership of the Illinois St. Andrew Society 1/4/1940.

John Anderson ~ b. 1771 ~ Born in a village on the outskirts of Glasgow, he arrived in the New World with his parents, but his father was killed by Indians in New York during the Revolutionary War. John, with his mother and sisters, was taken captive in Montreal. In the 1790's Anderson came to Detroit where he succeeded as a trader. He was perhaps the first English-speaking settler in the area then called Frenchtown. In August, 1812, he was forced to flee. He left his trading post in the care of his wife, Elizabeth. The trading post was overrun and the Indians found Ms. Anderson, sitting on a chest containing the family savings with her son, Alexander Duncan Anderson, 3. She showed so much bravery that the Indians let her live.1

John Anderson ~ Governor of New Jersey in 1736.14

John Anderson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Mary Anderson ~ Became the first "foreign" woman in California.14

Rebecca Anderson ~ Mother James Hamilton Bell. Married to Nathaniel Davidson.11

William Anderson ~ Indentured Serv. Maryland 1775. He was 34, Husbandman, and sailed on the Maryland.10

William Anderson ~ Died March 5, 1909, Buried by the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in Rosehill, Section E.

William Anderson ~ Prisoner sent to MA in 1652.10

Jane Andrew ~ Wife of Samuel Dobbin.4

Margaret Andrew ~ b.1771 ~ Wife of William Dobbin.4

Samuel Andrew ~ Father of Margaret Andrew. Husband of Jane (Dobbin) Andrew.4

Timothy Andrews ~ Gunner on the sloop Guildford during the Revolutionary War.1

Annie Jean Anesi ~ born in Lander WY and whose parents came from Dyce in Aberdeenshire in the 1920's has many fond memories of the great days of the Scots shepherds.1

John Arbuckle ~ 1839-1912 ~ merchant and philanthropist, known in the trade as the "Coffee King," was born in Scotland.17

Alexander Arbuthnot ~ d. 1818 ~ He traded with Indians in the Bahamas and Florida in the early 1800's. Having written a series of letters requesting fairer treatment of the Creek Indians, he was soon captured by American marines and accused of assisting the enemy. On April 29, 1818, he was hanged from the yard-arm of his own schooner, The Chance.1

NFN Arbuthnott ~ POW sent to Maryland in 1747 on the ship Johnson of Liverpool.1

William Archer ~ One of the most influential critics in the history of British theater. He was also the translator of Ibsen.14

William B. Archer ~ Scottish Journalist who wrote about Chicago in the 1870's. Colonel Archer turned the first spade full of earth on the canal project. Also was one of the men who saved the lakefront in the 1850's.16

Rachel Armitage ~ 2nd Wife of William McClellan, Daughter of John Armitage of Cambridge, NY.4

George Armour ~ one of the "Grain Kings" of his time was a loyal and liberal Presbyterian.

John Armour ~ Died March 16, 1866. Buried by the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in Rosehill, Sec. D

Jonathan Ogden Armour ~ b. 1863 ~ Capitalist, Packer. Descended from James Armour, who came from Ulster c. 1750, he was born in Milwaukee, WS; son of the late Philip Danforth and Malvina Belle Armour; entered Yale, but did not complete his course of study, yielding to the request of his father that he should return to Chicago and relieve him of some of his business cares; married at NY, Lolita Sheldon; 1 daughter: Lolita. Now pres. Corpn. of ??? & Co., packers, Ft Worth Stock Yards Co.; dir. Armour Car lines, Armour Grain Co., C.,M.&St.P.Ry.Co., Continental Nat'l Bank, Nat. Packing co., Northwestern Nat. Ins. Co., I.C.Ry Co., Nat. City Bank (NY), Kansas City Ry & Light Co.; Am. trustee Prussian Nat'l Insurance Co. of Stettin. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Calumet. Author: "The Packers and the People", 1906. Residences: 3724 Michigan Av. and Lake Forest, IL. Office: Home Insurance Bldg.11,6,17

Malvina Belle Armour ~ Mother Jonathan Ogden Armour.11

Philip Danforth Armour ~ 1832-1901 ~ He built the largest meat packing company in the nation. He was born May 16, 1832, in Stockbridge, New York. The Armours for generations had lived in the area know as Argyllshire. The chief city being Campbelltown. The Armours arrived in the Colonies from Scotland during the middle of the eighteenth century before the American Revolution. Philip Armour was educated at Cazenovia Academy in New York and then worked on the family farm. He later set out across the country to participate in the gold fields of California. He moved from California to Wisconsin with a sizeable fortune and started a wholesale grocery business. In association with his brother, Herman, he became involved in grain commissions and meat packing plants. Out of these ventures came the firm of Armour and Company with headquarters in Chicago. It was destined to become the nation's largest meat packer with world-wide operations. He was an innovator of many of the modern livestock management techniques. He built low cost rental apartments for his workers and founded the Armour Institute of Technology which is now known as the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was said that, "He was one of the most generous supporters of the Scottish organization known as the Illinois Saint Andrew society." He died January 6, 1901, in Chicago. His son, J. Ogden Armour would carry on the benevolent ideals of the family.

Armour, Tommy ~ The last native Scot to win at golf in the British Open. He won in 1931.14

Armstrong ~ "The name of a famous border family which chiefly inhabited Liddersdale. According to tradition, the original surname was Fairburn, and belonged to the armour bearer of an ancient King of Scotland who, having his horse killed under him, was straightway remounted by Fairburn on his own horse. For this timely assistance, the King rewarded him with lands on the border and, in allusion to the manner in which so important a service was performed -- Fairburn having taken the King by the thigh, and set him at once in the saddle -- his royal master gave him the name of Armstrong. Amongst the clans on the Scottish side of the border the Armstrongs were formerly one of the most numerous. They possessed the greater part of Lidderdale, which forms the southern district of Roxburyshire and of the debatable land. All along the banks of the Liddle the ruins of their ancient fortress may still be traced. The habitual depredations of this border race had rendered them so active and daring and at the same time so cautious and circumspect, that they seldom failed either in their attacks or in securing their prey. Even when assailed by superior members they baffled every assault by abandoning their dwellings and retiring with their families into thick woods and deep morasses, accessible by paths known only to themselves." Anderson, "Scottish Nation".4

David Armstrong ~ 1770-1866 ~ Born in Scotland, he came to Washington County, NY in 1786. He was a resident there for 70 years and married Elizabeth. In 1856, at the age of 86, he moved to DeKalb County, Illinois, with his son, John, where he died near Sandwich, at 96 years.4

David James Armstrong ~ Married Anna Parmelia Robertson.4

George Buchanan Armstrong ~ Founder of the U.S. Mail Service. Rosehill, Section E.

George Armstrong ~ Husband of Elizabeth French.4

J. C. Armstrong ~ Minister of the well-known Armstrong family of LaSalle County IL. Superintendent of the Congregational City Missionary Society of Illinois to the First National Council of Congregational Churches in 1871.6

John Armstrong ~ b. 1838 ~ Son of David Armstrong, married first Mary Hough, then Caroline Antoinette Fraser. He served in Company H, 156th regiment of Illinois Volunteers in the Civil War.4

John Armstrong ~ 1725-95 ~ born in the North of Ireland of Scottish ancestry, served in the French and Indian War (1755-56), was Brigadier-General in the Continental Army (1776-77), and Delegate to the Continental Congress (1778-80, 1787-88).17

John A. Armstrong ~ Husband of Puella White.4

Neil Armstrong ~ On 7/20/1969, an American from Ohio first stepped on the moon. From the city of Langholm in the Scottish borders.14

Robert C. Armstrong ~ b. 1800 ~ Son of David Armstrong, married Rebecca Hall.4

Thomas Armstrong ~ Son of David. He married Joanna Terry and then Augusta Kent.4

William Armstrong ~ 1804-1880 ~ Son of David Armstrong, he died in Somonauk. Married to Phoebe McClellan.4

David Arnott ~ Settled in Georgia 1775. Sailed on the Georgia Packet seeking better employment opportunities. He was 20, a Smith.10

Jane Walker Arnott ~ of Glasgow, she founded the Tabeetha School in Jaffa, Israel. The school teaches Christian, Jewish and Muslim children and is run by the Church of Scotland.14

James West Arrott ~ Founded the Standard Sanitary Company (Now American Standard) also based on a process for binding porcelain to iron to make bathtubs. Great grandfather of William Arrott, 850 N. Dewitt Place, 13A, Chicago, IL. 60611.

Chester Alan Arthur ~ 1830-1886 ~ 21st President of the United States, born in Fairfield, Vt., was the son of Scottish parents, his father being pastor of Baptist churches in Vermont and New York. He chose law as a profession and practiced in New York. As a politician he became a leader in the Republican Party. During the Civil War he was energetic as quartermaster general of New York in getting troops raised and equipped. He was afterward collector of customs for the port of New York. In 1880 he was elected Vice President on the death of James A. Garfield in 1881. He died in New York City, Nov. 18, 1886.17

John Asher ~ Chosen to be on a committee for design of the Burns Memorial.

Henry Major Ashton ~ b. 1867 ~ Lawyer/member ISAS 1910. Born Arcadia, Wisconsin; son William and Elizabeth (Faulds) Ashton; attended the Univ of Wisconsin 1889-92; unmarried. Admitted to bar 1898, by the supreme court of IL and has since been continuously engaged in general law practice in Chicago. Contributor to newspapers and magazines on public questions. Member: Lawyers' Assn. Democrat. Mason. Club: Press. Residence: 3716 Lake Avenue Office: 54 W. Randolph St.11

William Ashton ~ Father Henry Major Ashton.11

Hugh Auchincloss ~ 1817-90 ~ and John Auchincloss, his brother, sons of Hugh Auchincloss of Paisley, were prominent merchants in New York City.17

Louis Auchincloss ~ Scottish-American lawyer who writes tightly structured novels about the American and particularly the New York upper class.14

C. J. E. Auchinleck ~ A decorated soldier in World War I, Field Marshal Auchinleck, an Ulster Scot on both sides of his ancestry, was appointed head of British forces in the Middle East in WWII. In Egypt he successfully ended Britain's string of reverses against Rommel but, protecting his men, who were in need of reinforcements, was fired by Churchill for refusing an order to counterattack immediately when Rommel stopped near Cairo.1

Robert Auchmuty ~ born in Scotland, died in Boston, 1750, and his sons were distinguished lawyers of Colonial times.

Samuel Auchmuty ~ 1722-77 ~ son of the eminent Scottish lawyer of Boston, was Rector of Trinity Church, New York City, and had charge of all the churches there.

Arlene Auld ~ b. abt 1947 ~ Crowned Heather Queen in 1965, age 18.

Gene Autry ~ Cowboy television star who was partly Scottish.14

David W. Averill, M.D. ~ 1840-1892 ~ He was a native of Canada, born of Scotch parentage. He was a self-educated doctor and dentist. Having prepared himself for College he entered Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia with an M.D. and D.D.S. degree. He was a classmate of the celebrated American Dentist, Dr. Evans, who became a leading practitioner in Paris, France where his success was such that he left an enormous fortune at his death. Practicing in Mineral Point, WI and Ottumwa, Iowa, he was a leader in both fields of medicine and dentistry. Married in Ottumwa, Iowa, Mrs. Thomas Doney, whose maiden name was Addie Morse. But seeking wider scope for his labors, he moved to Chicago and engaged in the successful manufacture of a medicine anti morbific. He is buried in Oakwoods. Episcopalian.2,12

Emily Augusta Ayres ~ Wife Alex. Dunlop Macgill.11

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