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George M. Dallas
1792 - 1864

Strong Backer of 'Manifest Destiny.'
Dallas, Texas Named for Him

George Mifflin Dallas was the distinguished son of a distinguished father. His father was Alexander J. Dallas, President Madison's secretary of the treasury and a foreigner who could have been U.S. president. ■ Son George M. Dallas was vice president in the James Knox Polk administration. Young Dallas was one of the authors of the "Doctrine of Manifest Destiny" which held that the U.S. should extend its influence and democratic system from ocean to ocean. ■ In recognition of his role in helping Texas gain admission to the Union, the people of the Dallas, Texas area decided to name their city for him. Dallas, Oregon, is also named for him. The family came originally from Dallas in northeast Scotland. ■ George was born July 10, 1792 in Philadelphia. He grew up with all the advantages of a wealthy family, was educated at Princeton, and spent some time in Europe with an American negotiating team. His father was born in Jamaica and educated in Scotland. His grandfather was a Scottish physician and owner of a sugar plantation in Jamaica ■ Young Dallas entered politics at an early age and was elected to the U.S. Senate and served as president of that body. He was also the political leader of Philadelphia and served as ambassador to the United Kingdom and Russia. ■ The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny meant the eventual annexation of Texas and California, land purchases from Mexico, and the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute with the U.K. Thanks to both men, the Polk administration accomplished more in four years than most administrations had accomplished in eight ■ Dallas retired to Philadelphia where he died December 29, 1864.

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